our combined` effect
our combined` effect
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no community is real without a bicycle coop that teaches, like Chancey's in pt + allows us to work on our own bikes.. 0 replies bi`joy gallery..
port townsends' dryland farm project, cooping an empty community lot for our local grown food.. 0 replies bi`joy gallery..
our ability to produce, prepare + enjoy our local grown food to eat + to share music + thought.. 0 replies bi`joy gallery..
2010 port townsend, wa `grange seed swap.. 0 replies bi`joy gallery..
108 year old capped spring gives us fresh water.. 0 replies bi`joy gallery..
wild salmon is the only salmon to support.. 0 replies `i come to talk story...
`transparency for awareness when folks need to rethink + make it right.. 0 replies `i come to talk story...
etak's saga takes all our energy, consumed by compartmentalized inefficent processess at people's expense.. 0 replies GMO/Nuclear see more.. The next` move do_in.. can be a very important move..
take a look at some of the world reflections to trigger local thought, yet remain organically instinctive... 0 topics
ports prioritized for commercial fishing - that fuels our food to eat + for thought, to lead our path on land + sea. 0 replies `sea life in balance:.
take responsibility for accepting nothing less than our potential, eat whole sprouted hemp seed + vote to get it locally planted by small farm natural practices.. 0 replies rejoin` a define of i do_in..
we need a local, global + beyond perspective for our understanding + direction to go in organically.. 0 replies `space to nurture life:.
seed saving gathering port townsend, wa 1.31.2010 0 replies `seeds, if ya don`t save them, you`re yet to be a true farmer..
check out compost toilet - humanurehandbook.com 0 replies `compost, the magic of critters being allowed to do their work:.
library - Practical Action Consulting - to consider.. 0 replies a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..
the constitution allows us to have transparency, open the doors to the congress + senate discussion now 1.08.2010, i share letter with them.. 0 replies bi`joy news:. `boon with natures offerings..
life right links to be built:. 1 topic
COP 15 climate conference blog, our post under `climate deadlock - 12.16.09.. 0 replies bi`joy news:. `boon with natures offerings..
mozambique seed fair 09:. 0 topics
sea lion/seals out of balance S of Heceta Head Lighthouse 11.09 0 replies bi`joy gallery..
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