the fillibuster must not be allowed to stand in our way, please act now..

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i share what i submitted to the Senate..

Please note, we invite you to a review;

this is unexecusable + we as people plan to make changes, for you people get paid too much to be so unskilled as you waste your energy + ours in having to respond.

plus as local communities work together, we cannot just ignore your interference + waste of our recources, for you are not clear + we have great reflections to show us the way.

we feel you people have dulled your sensors, due to not locally living responsibly as you each unite with your local community.

then you would have 1st hand experience of how best to restore your local community with your local participants.

so we may all then link our natural enhanced limits within each communities potential.

many are left with layers of incomplete information. that is in need of clarity. we feel it takes ungoing equality for these discussions so together no one is left without. please note we have many solutions, yet you people are still lost in the fog.

please take a look at what we are building;

i am more then happy to share with you all in a tapering transition, to rid the fog, so all can responsibly act now;

       The filibuster is an antiquated provision in Senate procedure that has given a minority of right-wing senators the ability to paralyze the Senate.
It's the reason there was no public option in health care reform, financial reform didn't end "too big to fail," and the DREAM Act never made it to the Senate floor.
Every two years, at the beginning of a new Congress, there's an opportunity to fix the filibuster.
Two year ago, there was movement to do so. But then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cut a bad deal with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
We need to speak out and make sure that the Senate doesn't take a pass on reform like they did last time.
I just signed a petition telling the Senate to fix the filibuster. I hope you do, too.
You can find out more information and easily sign the petition at the website below: 

sincerely, we can rid this inefficiency that truly leaves negative effects on many still suffering, kara j lincoln