the logger within us can be supported to be an equal community participant..

the logger is within us all, + can help maintain the essence of each..

patches` + pockets` is what we are, divided left right brain with fragments of expression.

we can merge + do things together, all parties with synergy. what best system could we have if any needed, then to merge with our differences + truly define the message, the good + bad from each to support us all to harmonize, `boon with our existence.

Until we can change the reflection from this inefficient process presently in motion, we cannot isolate in groups + think this is our answer. We have to part time co-operatively work toward the reality of identifying our whole being potential. This in it self will give each of us the support to observe + responsibly leave no effects, that interfere in another life.
Reaching into the depths of our baggage is a long overdue friend that has been put on the back burner.  Fed here + there like no true farmer that cares for his animals as their needs are cared for daily.

 It has taken time to understand how cues present themselves daily. yet many have not had experiences reflecting with those that know simply how to acknowledge one self.

So sure interpersonal understandings have always been here, but why has it taken until now for us to part time focus so all can reflect with this natural process?

adorable lil bu + his mama show the zest of life as they early on ride bicycle with cart behind as they do their chores.

                       lil bu here loves to ride to his cooperative community back yard garden.

not all have been so fortunate to have parents early on to talk to us vs. at us. + work with us, side by side. Rather many have been with out or another has done for us, etc.

no matter what our experiences have been, yes it does individualize each of us. but we can self-observe, be honest + with good sensitive folks, reflect + self-develop with the right support in place. for all to become a local, global + beyond participant.

Why have we allowed so many to gain fuel from others being unable to do on their own? We are long over due to utilize good technology to perfect simple processes to be prioritized.

We can responsibly understand so as to not allow species to reproduce + become a pest, to move in, of all species + set up house.

We have sacrificed our temporary personal gain with the reality we are no island on our own. Rather months have passed with little notes accumulating in various piles in corners of my mindbody as well in material form.  As we continue to deal with issue at hand focusing to finish this project so together we can build a format to truly self-empower.

Not realizing, the part we played, in creating our own misuse + yet to deal with all that is needed. We as others continuing in this mode of slow resolution of own growth as we fragment hop from one crises to another. So long overdue, the logger has landed, even though come 2, patches + pockets, for we have work to do to get to being 1 with our existence. After years of flip flop exchanges + determined to make simple today’s reality.

Vs. continue to allow space for others to come in + cooperatively lessen the inefficient energy exchanges, resulting in uncomfortable feelings left to become diseased mindsets, that many have taken to their graves. Whereas we can prevent + the undeveloped child within that lacks this simple understanding, can regain control. So as to trust our own processes that have evolved into some very good tools. Cues in the moment to follow, to help us edit our perceptions for satisfied applications. Leaving us in harmony if we do. where we actually accept feedback vs. not let it in from our loved ones closest to us.

Reflect with these workshops by do_in + allow them to trigger you to interact with your self + others. to cooperatively empty the misinformation we have come to take as normal. Each of us can define how we compare to these folks having a really good time as together we continue to become whole.

 The logger within us all will identify with the logger your about to meet, as we gain insight into our own needs + offerings, center + ground ourselves, our relationships, so as to no longer prioritize others over our selves. In return we will see how are ability to remain centered, requires us to analyze our sensor`s cues to be correctly deciphered + responded to. Before we can truly receive other life`s realities around us + at the end of our focus.  As we choose our direction + `boon with all life in that path.

Vs. unconsciously destroying what sustains us or simply not perceiving other life`s energy from our dulled sensors from self-abused misuse. Where we put ourselves on the back burner or too busy knowing + got stuck with own limitations vs. allowing interrelating to bring out the reality of the moment.  Accept for those known emergency moments that jump at us clearly, we have lived a life that has not allowed our essence to develop.  By sharing what works for us we can go beyond crises mode + prevent by interrelating as we learn to deal with our baggage, along with staying in the now. Removing our stored energy in our past + future thoughts + bring it all to now.

             we truly can center our whole being, stopping our own misuse now, while working on baggage.

Redirecting this energy within our self + all life, as we allow the logger in this project to update us all, during the process of do_in, as well after eye-to-eye interchange. put together space as well go beyond a zen highlighted mode of easy how to reminders to carry in thought so as to refer to, at those trying times from non interrelating.  For the logger within stays on top of the whole plan` so as to keep it simple for us folks that know this works + are do_in it as we continue to adjust with centering energy. increasing our energy to ground ourselves, `boon with our environment, working to get to where we choose to be. No longer accepting dull sensors when we can maintain discipline of self-sensory observation vs. belief. Living within our human range. Which has no room for aggression.

But how do we know? as we edit. That we don`t continue with same harmful unnoticed mode presented from the long process of attempting to remove layers, that left damage. From our past attempt to survive as we stole from our systems energy needed within.  As we put it into the tunnel vision of that moment? How do we know now to edit with this + still not run away, forgetting the moment, as we continue to stock pile some, yet perceive + prevent very damaging effects. If continually steal this powerful energy from the organs, as they attempt to survive + steal from the other organs. Leaving us with yet another real reality to chase.???

In these workshops by do_in folks join in + bring this to simplification. I personally have enjoyed + better survived with self when so many loved ones in need of direction, from the work of :.
               Leon hammer,  K.K. lau, Yun Wang, Masonobo Fukuoka, Mitch Friedman, Jenny Pell, Miguel Altieri, Mirosita`s work of past representing much good work yet to be applied, along with the many folks sharing a variety of experiences that work. We or followers of, have come together sharing, interrelating what can help us listen + rid the confused signals that our sensors speak, as we can learn to do internal check on any situation.

Part time our focus together, networking for those yet to understand how to harmonize, is very rewarding. By each reflecting with our prioritized focus we make the necessary changes to see within, as well simplify so as to self-empower + join in with personal exploration. Interpersonally developing as we continue to self- register our needs + offerings. Our network linking with the many life right movements continue to grow. As well the perpetual empowerment from cooperatively creating a format that allows us to reflect with + choose our needs + offerings, while we bring our self to the moment with self-satisfaction as we leave no footprint. all that come aboard have built it to this stage, agreeing we need to simply market this common sense so many of us have yet to experience.

Having the various common, what works marketing tools, already familiar, efficiently working with good folks now + from the past from those simply doing. Not based on computer technology where they fail to introduce with simple index + table of content mode for 1st timers, so as to pass over into computer vocabulary. Rather keep it eye-to-eye mode for us simple folks. Working within human range not machine.

Networking with good tools we carry within, as we maintain sharp sensors with sensitivity applied in perspective, not forgetting our focus to stay centered + grounded vs. fragments from adrenalizing, etc.. Rather function pursued energy efficiently with bases for good science to repeat it that co_evolves with it.
For no science is good if it just repeats a segment, when we know life is in constant motion + all the variables must be adjusted with early signs + updated with time + circumstances.

In saying this we do use the virtual computer world as a tool. with a forum from Nabble. kompoZer was useful in editing, email hosted by Gaia web/email host. To reach out this walkabout as all come aboard to help all become a local, global + beyond participant. for folks to gain harmony thru sharing what works. fueling us to part time come together in the next` move do_in for those unable to do themselves until it is clear of what is resisting, whom misusing, etc.

                Welcome new friends + join us as we continue to see within a little deeper, local + beyond. Variety of skilled, sharing our inner growth;
          Defining function, energy efficiently fueling self-expression with artists of music, mime, motion, sketches to yet expose another alternative means for us to assimilate + apply in real time, technology, adjusting with circumstances as we understand our cues to follow. As in the pri`performance do_in to further define solution to issues + or to simply celebrate our joys along the `way. This is what we cooperatively can do now by living with a process that fuels understanding, simply sharing our needs + offerings, allowing others to do same.

As each comes aboard + improvises their known reality + allowing self to reflect with the logger within we all share. for us each to get to know our true abilities. To develop our own character. Choosing our needs + offerings, updating as we discover + build a self. No long term commitments, only commit resolving an understanding that releases the blockages that our feelings best gauge + fuels when redirected. Vs. time distortion of a out of time reality of future or past perception still held on to. Acknowledge it + bring it to now with all you got, don`t leave it in the distant. What a treat we get when our once thought future becomes our now.

It is wrong to carry misinformation that allows us to misuse. It is wrong for folks to deviate due to lack of skill or short sighted or to busy looking for themselves + fuel off of our ability to stay misinformed. Leaving negative results which they feel is their gain.

Sit down + light a fire + burn all your assumptions + remain empty + open. Existence is for all now to flow with our abundant energy we can self- perpetuate. Once we become aware of this understanding, it is only us that can stop dulling our sensors that restrict us from experiencing this evolving human organism we live in, to the fullest.  We are very fortunate to coexist with other life that supports our sustainability as long as we listen to our true self with sharp sensors + not allow dull to confuse our signals that allow us to easily be influenced or misuse, etc.

I know in our attempts to align + share, we at times miss our misunderstandings in our words or conceptual perspective + fail to see a simpler way. Which locks us into modes of tunnel vision. We want to share this organic evolving experience. Which allows us to remain open to the local we produce when we don`t interfere, rather support all natural processes to sustain itself. + make space for beyond offerings that comes to us every moment from our existence itself. For us to apply within, locally + beyond, after we get clear + sort it out, not just act..

We all will continue to develop, only if we all keep sharing that which is within us.  What it takes for us to interrelate. In the exchange of needs + offerings, responsibly, comfortably for all. For we are all interconnected.

This does not mean co-dependent. This means each responsibly removing self, or acknowledging what felt responsibly. To obtain space in which one can reflect + define to remove one self from a irresponsible position, etc. that may interfere in another life`s ability to align as well oneself. Simply to support folks to not be fed on unconsciously.

Take a break from oneself  + review with the logger we all have within if developed. patches` that helps us remember our self. to do a checklist + perhaps you can add or become aware of what has always been here for us to use, to become whole. For the laws of nature are to harmonize. Our whole being will do just that, once we make it whole.

No, we are not out to save anyone, for we each have to do it our self. Nor is this just psycho-babble. Yes I`m aware speech is a byproduct of waste internally. So folks feel we can figure a way to put words to good use, to draw your attention. We go beyond the present day ER triage which we continue to co_evolve with + prioritize. As this project reviews the needs + offerings list, which is where we`d like you to focus + self-register, once reviewing the prerequisites which we felt would be most simple to do.

We  explore our existence + truly enjoy life that we are fortunate to share this planet + beyond with.

Developing our logger within is what this takes. Hopefully patches` + pockets`, a few ficticious characters that lightened the load with humor. They reach deeper within to unite with consciousness of like minded to merge + seek resolution, where some of us, got stopped by our programming, our suffering, yet to truly experience what now living in the moment can bring.  Plus don’t want to listen to anyone. so consider them. They helped us thru some heavy times as we observed from within our own suffering from our own/family`s dysfunctions, incorrectly supported, where resolutions stayed in the files, others head, etc.. To our observations from afar from others suffering as the world did nothing in real time; Vietnam, China, Russia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Iraq, we can include the whole world as folks come aboard with their horror experiences of past + present aggression around the world.  yet others continue aggressive acts as in to date thinking it employs when we help. but we don’t support aggressive acts for no reason, beyond healthy ego.

We hope patches` + pockets` become your buddy as it has ours along our journey. They are where you want to get to without all the resistance, but hopefully as one, whereas they yet to barely make a whole + yet to survive on own + truly appreciate the discoveries along the way when folks put heads together, for each to gain self-reliance on a planet + beyond, we all are dependent on. They are the part of us we yet to know. Like the additional material you find out about in a book after not finding it inside the computer instructions.

Or for you folks with/with out a computer, that continually jump after something you think you want, + when you get realize you don`t have energy for it + now further burdened to rid it. They help us constantly defragment within + remove the many layers we have learned to accept as natural.

Those behaviors we`ve carried forward that produced suffering from our family`s misuse. yet without the clarity to go beyond fragmentation of joy + struggling. + continued to pass it on. unknowingly, the fact that it was baggage that could have been removed long ago. But it does take energy to sharpen our sensors once we dull them by misuse unknowingly. The search can be long as the many young/older folks now still experience such suffering. that we hope to address. as we together efficiently redirect our energy into our self + part time into networking these co_evolving ideals so others also can have the opportunity now to have a mindbody space to do the same.

Spend a few moments + take with you a breath of fresh air thru your nose deeply down into navel. Jerry can show you how beneficial after years of western medicine, yet to learn that to help him in ER issues.. Do an overview of what folks around the world, have found that works. After years of sharing, struggling, persevering non- aggressively, creating with tools that work at a very low cost. Then see what jumps at you to calm + interrelate. As well focus your attention in the rejoin` define of i, workshop by do_in + truly self-satisfy without leaving a footprint.
This will allow you to sharpen your sensors + stop overworking with what isn`t reality. Rather go within + get to know our inner tools that make us equal, fine tuning what we perceive + how tos, to edit it. mean while instant good feelings come from plugging in to one self, which links us to existence where we all interconnected with a common fuel source.

We will tell you right now, if you come aboard just thinking your helping us folks, you`re not going to efficiently receive the logger within. Rather, want to reflect, sleep on it, juggle it, toss it around, understanding true interrelating of giving + taking in harmony + do it. Then we notice our own misuse as layers present themselves + now with new inner tools, we easily stop self-abuse + start noticing the results from it. The effect it leaves on other life, of all species by destroying them + the natural self- sustaining environment we all depend on for our own self-reliance.

Now come aboard + support this walkabout as together we get fueled by accepting nothing less than supporting organic values, building infrastructures intuitively to support natural living, not certified organic only. rather look deeper of values of where products from + who produced under what conditions, with what natural means without GMOS, pesticides, etc. that are unhealthy, contaminated pure seeds. So together we work at wrong policies supporting ecological whores. That many of us supported unknowingly. Have compassion + trust us this process works as we go beyond being pissed + balance this energy.

                   In a `tapering transition inviting these folks in with others with options as community supports this process for an individual that did wrong to rethink + recycle as they come back into our local, global + beyond community.

To empower ourselves + enrich cooperatively our local + beyond community for true harmony for all. Allowing us to explore + evolve with existence that is in constant motion from being boon with all life in balance. Focusing on prevention dealing with natural disasters beyond our control. Vs. lost in aggression produced from our own perpetual dysfunctions passed on, which can be developed. Yet they have been ignored + fed on leaving local + beyond continued waste, pollution, disease, + ongoing suffering that does effect our planet + beyond. Leaving no one free from harmful effects as it spreads easily with modern day transportation. Only illusions falsely fuel those that think they can stay local in mind.

It is now that we need to focus, not for future generations, develop this unskilled communication mode + bring future perceptions to now. One walks into the future by co_evolving with existence when sensors sharp, not dulled from our programming.

Yes support now, even to those that growl at us + make faces, or those that say they love us yet give everyone else a more attentive response, leaving little energy for those that have the understanding of cooperatively do_in. Yet when ask, don`t get feedback which makes it difficult to simply do with the thought of another, without getting overloaded.  

When we dull our sensors we can`t make good choices to free ourselves of this mindset that comes with it. we need support to sharpen. If too much damage hasn`t already been done. Even now better care can be made better providing support where needed for us to fulfill our part to being whole, continuing to supply + rid our needs + share our offerings.

Building independence, letting go of our need to do inappropriately, freeing codependence that interferes in ones ability to develop what can. when we misuse we end up with cues easily read from some, ex: paranoia, unease of all, never satisfied etc. negative acts of doing fill what can be positive confidence in acts of do_in.

There is plenty openings for our energy to be focused for appreciation. Why, because the undeveloped child yet to view whole picture, stuck with fragments, producing more as tensions stay bottled up in a way taken for granite to be he only way. Chasing that tunnel vision, adrenalizing.  Leaving mixed signals that we can learn to read if address early signs.

This subject matter shared especially eye to eye, but if uncomfortable explore with like mind + post in our virtual patches` forum. makes us more sensitive to feeling the resistance in the weight of our own baggage before we acknowledge another, even if we think we are helping. It gives us a gauge to know how far we can do for another + still come back to center in our self, before we do harm by interfering. Ones energy is in control when all goes good, but look out for explosive leak, which tensions build as they accumulate, as the energy is out of balance. So clarity is important when thinking we agree to do work together interrelating vs. doing for one yet to know how to interrelate by sharing the give + take process of harmony with full respect + each reaching into depths to express fully for self.

Vs. over give beyond present limitations or yet to know how to simply express the truth, in fear of hurting another from the long history of programming, where one thinks they should do for others. This is not how our human organism is designed. We reach out to share with those folks to come together + share the facts of what we do know in hopes to trigger clarity in research to define the missing links of human co_evolution. as well the priorities for us to continue to update with as our life journey continues.

By us centering + grounding it puts us in a space within one self so we have the energy to fine tune our own sensors. In return we open windows of flowing gentle rivers vs. having to jump in between rapids in a lot of rocks. when we just act without editing. This is the calm we can obtain now, by sharing a grounded focus, which will allow us to better receive each other. So that the subject matter that does interest us can fit in within a reasonable period of time.

Awareness is here now for us to understand, of the effects we leave on all other life, including our own when we fail to listen to our cues + act within natural limits, when should. Meanwhile we continue to remove baggage + stay in the present + remain open, with enjoying what nature offers daily. If we are so preoccupied we fail to have space for the moments connection to a natural life. then one detours to build an information life + can`t define issue..

 A reality check, a grip of how we can become a whole being now vs. continue being enslaved by fragmentation, lost in misinformation. Negatively affecting what sustains us from the microbes in the soil, which we fail to realize their part, as well leaving natural areas to boon to care for them, without our interference.  Removing flip flop mode, where belief chasing is damaging + goes beyond having ability to listen to physical cues.

Our sensors if sharp play the softest most gentle signal, preventing, bringing us to attention of stress when sensors overloaded, which interfere in our ability to center + ground. That keeps us all happy. When we are happy we like to enjoy life`s offerings. this is what inspired us to do the bio`planner so as to help us do just this. Make space for each daily offering that fuels our life + not miss our local + migratory friends as they simply live, as together we all build community..

This allows us to customize a self to reflect + share with. It`s the little things throughout the day where we want to incorporate these workshops by do_in. The little things like planting community fruit/gardens, misting our work area with fruits, lemon essential oil while working inside, open windows to a freshness to awaken with. A special nice energy with natural gifts along our daily experience with the natural world, whether chores `booning with or simply appreciating. Such as a rock, shell, seedpod, a horseshoe crab, seasonal offerings beam a gentle energy. Recycle without taking another`s home away.

Give self the fruits of life, dressings, salads to cleanse, give self a break from harder to digest foods for a few days. Allow the energy, which digests them to remove the toxins that have built up from the tensions accumulating unknowingly. As we together continue thru this discovery of correct use of living within our human organism.

Experience the joy of composting your scraps in a recycled blender + burying it in your garden + as well eventually use for potted plants. Every city home should have an outside space to do this. Excess limits can be frozen + enjoy the trip to our local small farms if lucky to have one close? + gift it, when you check in with their needs + offerings. It takes a cooperative community to set aside wild space, trans-boundary migration, rivers to be shared + flow to neighbors, the right land for organic small farms to supply our needs within the lands potential, etc.. Allowing us to maintain the sensitivity to feel nature`s limitations  + share how tos, so as all to continue to forage + produce what sustains the local community..

The logger`s role within is a interchangeable role that all do, some more then others, but all should stay current for it is a responsibility that keeps us centered. Either just personally, for self or your young children, those unable or for a group. So as to log the happenings for the folks unable + or cannot attend. To stay updated when needed.

The only prerequisite is to improvise in real time + only then will we all adjust. If you hold back it won`t be as effective for you to simply understand what part of this you will enjoy by sharing your needs + offerings. A rhythm that works for you so as to join in with the orchestra + feel the beautiful harmony as all life is respected.

Loggers role is to help us keep it simple so as to not forget to stay open to our self + only then can we perceive early signs for our self + other life. to what the moment brings in the natural world where life is constantly changing.

In the bio`planer, we customize for us + create with the natural world. this aids our clarity for posting locally + beyond, going eye to eye or the virtual patches forum + continue this walkabout.. review others postings - bio`planer to simplify the how tos, when needed or take the gest + make your own to use yourself, with family or community.

At the same time we as a part time coop, especially in the building of this where we traveled + plugged in as a local fragmentally to continue this. to share a focus to simply want to remain with no commitments accept to our self . To stay centered + grounded focusing in the moment responsibly. That takes prioritizing self`s interests to remain calm with energy flowing at a constant without allowing resistance to enter our focus. Communicating with our inner tools efficiently to process our perceptions that put us where we are consciously or not.

This is human reality when getting clear or committing to help others with life rights.

 With this realization that we are all interconnected + what we do does leave an effect on all around us, as well afar where we focus our energy. We have chosen to coop this effort so as to pool our resources, networking, exploring what the planet + beyond has to offer. In attempts to enjoy - safely. as well reflecting this harmony by simply sharing our needs + offerings in an exchange so as others can also do the same.

In this process we become sensitive to our self + all life equally. I don`t mean to drop everything your do_in to attempt to satisfy  a new next door neighbor when he`s freaking. do to a list of baggage he`s not dealing with + decides your opinion is useless.

We are talking about being guided by natures process to trigger some thought within. So you spend some quality time with yourself sorting out a few thoughts, so as to fine-tune what your needs + offerings are all about to efficiently center + ground. so as to be welcoming neighbor defining how together community can be built, as this walkabout offers to us all another way`.

After several of us have had our flip-flop modes, continually beating our heads against the wall, not realizing that we where living life thinking responsible but had no clue the interdependence we all have. As well the effects we created within our self as well on others. Not to mention how we allowed others to effect us. So we simply decided to ask questions + share.

We came up with a plan` created from the works of many local isolated folks + decided to see how best we can see others do the same, customized for their community. The bigger our working area becomes to institute this plan` + the more people do_in it, gives greater results.  if we each link this life right movement, we all gain.

For many of us the planet + beyond is our backyard to play in + we happen to enjoy what`s here now + realize how we also took part in the many endangered or extinct, deceased, etc., due to the many years of chasing our own delusion. We feel there is no reason for such self-inflicted suffering + excessive abuse + waste thru out, as we work at this together, to stop misuse in self + others..

Not to mention what load we`ve put on ourselves + others. As we still continue to work with the baggage as it presents itself as we peel away the layers unconsciously built. Plus we`d like to pool our resources + triage priority`s, utilizing all life that sustains us. With the sense of reality made available to us as more folks come aboard. If you`ve never been on a project with like-minded folks sharing in a focus, be prepared.  These ideals open up self exploration along with how to workshops to do it, as well many fields of subject matter to trigger interests for you to define how you want to interrelate + rid your needs + share your offerings, self develop + expand your playing field locally to the planet + beyond, exploring with each moment.

Our thoughts are being appreciated by all, at each stage, sharing realities, facing new self discoveries, removing unwanted layers enjoying what sharp sensors can perceive + apply in time with instinctive intuition. Based on an organic foundation. Versus the lengthy editing when one has baggage interfering in good judgment from mixed signals, not clearly understanding what they mean. So that`s why i, the logger within is here, based on cooperative support, for those moments, for you to listen to you + define what is real to build on or rid.. To help you regain the centered, grounded energy we all where fortunate to be born with.

This isn`t the type of bio`planer you fill in + then lose yourself if you lost it. Rather this simplify`s your life to the point that you carry your life with you. So as not to be codependent on stuff. Rather know exactly how the tools within provide all that’s needed + the maintenance how tos. The customizing in paper form can lay there if want to create upon in those times of self reflection or to recover from on going resistance if we failed to feel + respond to early cues.  

What better gift to give a loved one, then to share what worked for you + let them feel the energy, the power of words, art, feelings put into acts, whatever belief you had that also allowed you to intuitively listen to your instincts in time and you`re sensors allowed to absorb the enrichment that harmony offers when `boon with our self + our environment, wherever we choose to be.

As well we note the location of the seasons offerings, locally + beyond. What a treat to share the experience of a known behavior happening from a local resident – a cultural recipe or way` of do_in, + as the species migrate + visit.  Or mushrooms popping up, or seaweed ready or washed up as the sea palms appear on shore after a big storm, determines when to camp to harvest them, etc… That trail we participated in that allowed us to view the old nesting ground, or berry patch. The trip you have to come back to just visit the old + young of all species of interest + folks, in their old growth area. Unique skills interrelated, taken as a normal routine of chores daily. As we learn to further boon with our natural world locally + beyond.
                       with the abundance of diverse species + unique cultural exchanges that have efficiently maintained their ecosystems. Which has in return given great comfort to self develop in + simply enjoy just being in it cooperatively with folks that live in the now prioritizing function, energy efficiently with creative expression, respecting all life equally. It amazes me the wealth of life we all can have now in this learning + sharing experience.

Our lists go on + we share it in the needs + offerings of each do_in. whether a local post in the community log book, where we self-register for self or another unable. or in our personal bio`planner we carry in mobile mode. so together we define what to post to local folks for shared focus as we build community. then have a spokesperson post in virtual patches` + link in a walkabout as you share in other like subject postings. reaching out to those unable.

                    along with schedules do_ins  that you can participate now in, working within real people `s natural limitations, resolving by recycling space + creating a format to allow  alternative thought to help trigger resolution of real issues as early signs present themselves. Following thru with these early signs along with the neglected long over due signs:

                   From us when we ignore our body`s sensors screaming, chasing belief alone. Aggressively attacking own cells as they numb our sensors with the body`s natural built in mechanism to attempt to survive. Releasing chemicals normally used for emergency`s. meanwhile we easily can become addicted to this.

                    This is a unnatural state + many used to it as being normal. Their sensors numb, unable to perceive the life on the earth they stand. Creating own resistance as well to all species around their physical body as well space where mental focus applied. Defining their only tunnel vision, deluded resolution to be beyond human range resulting in mechanical aggressive technology. As they continue to feed their addiction with coffee + donuts.. as they think they are doing the right thing OR actually now aware but trapped + don`t know how to free themselves from this enslavement..

        meanwhile the aggressive technology continues to be made + used to justify their existence, position + their false sense of a healthy economy based on aggressive  orientated employment.. while inefficiently making other species of all types, including humans, suffer from it directly or indirectly.

Excuse me, no thanks, us folks can`t settle for that. There is a way thru starting with a nice potluck in an old growth area in a`way do_in. Where folks focused together living now with this plan` as a reality to a livelihood they prefer to keep around because it works. Sharing food for thought on personal levels + updates those unable to attend by coordinating treks + cycling out to those unable to attend, reaching out.
As well an abundance from the local planned harvests, where people communicate their needs + offerings.

                       share the decisions/planting/managing.. Networking sharing locally + beyond for those times of abundance as well crises, that couldn`t be prevented. As we co_evolve ways` that work with neighbors for ER, etc + share in celebration. Versus competition supplying out of control demands that leaves negative effects from the chain of many layers, as well the nutrients lost in the whole inefficient process.  as in GMO, traveling long distances, hiking prices up unaffordable for locals, etc.

                    We refuse to accept any thing less then the goodies eaten, the feelings shared, created from reflected with respect of the local lands offerings within its healthy limitations.. with space in thought + earth for the unexpected, left as a reserve. So as to walk gently again, ASAP, after the natural crises occurs. This is what we want to sustain. For this fuel is truly what sustains us to be whole + it`s perpetual if we stay centered, grounded + `boon with it.

We want to share how to be implemented in stages as well the rewards experienced from it. We feel if you review all first + give us your feedback by interrelating in the needs + offerings prerequisite, then network locally + beyond, all will be better from your participation. Remember those in our path that need support, give it only if responsibly can, + grip the moment in real time do_in, the best way for efficient comprehension. If not responsibly pass on name locally + beyond. Helping us simplify as we cooperatively harmonize. allowing each to be free of others unknown interference + give little bits along the way to digest + assimilate.

We take ourselves off our center. Many yet not aware how to center. We can instantly redirect responsibly + regain our center + ground. As we remove baggage, stay in the now. By deciphering + utilizing what messages present themselves as we observe early cues in ourselves + all around us. As well the effects left from our focus hopefully interrelating, locally + beyond.

We are very fortunate to have sensitive folks now to reflect with as they guide. So we can feel the energy. This way we don`t trigger reaction by that little bit of stressful energy coming from us being off our center, interfering in our ability to truly read. as well it effects our ability to receive our goodness. For the energy agitates the already layers of baggage left unacknowledged within us. Resulting in issues that present an uncomfortable overload. To those already suffering, a little bit is a lot. Where as some able to more easily bring themselves back to the centered energy they have surrounded themselves with. Where as when we yet in control, we easily can go back to imprisonment of chaos.

Especially amazing when so called degreed unskilled people leave such a gap in scheduling, allowing one to attempt to deal with all these issues alone. Logger within once understood, prevents this inefficiency. Until we become aware of this we gain comfort by allowing the local loggers to help guide us. Where as if interrelate from start, vs. fragmented input, then each time one has support setup to go to, as needed. So responsibly interrelate + keep it simple. Stay updated with your self + your postings.

1st contact, set up support how tos - by making one aware of resistance vs. comfort + review your focuses + surroundings. Add community reflection to prioritize your ability to stay centered as you develop your grounding energy. or if assisting another to do.

Going beyond focusing along a survival path, is a true awakening. For as the layers remove + you notice how empty + no self-support established, because you always put others first, leaving you stressed, in the delusion of they where in need. now finding out it is within harmony, that perception is better deciphered of what is truly needed. As sensors freed from self-induced resistance not attended to or even felt, from those so numb from stimulants, over drugged, etc. with fragmented misinformation.

So once we observe the focuses we have been hanging on to for survival or simple comfort, we take notice + utilize them to calm with true comfort of interrelating with self. As we continue to view. 1 at a time, each feeling that exposes itself. Building a comfortable space in mind so as to explore own needs + offerings, before any long term commitment is made. Taking what once was future desire + editing it for now, allowing sensors to be prioritized + listen + act appropriately with energy that was drained from future thought..

We can edit all accordingly as we simplify + remove words as we reflect with each other, improvising building a self + a focus. Sharing simple how tos, as we create 1 international good science with a language to apply building self + community. + reproduce what works, building resolution how tos on long overdue research needed. As we cooperatively network for all to interrelate in the planet + beyond now. Triaging ER status + going beyond with harmony in motion.

This fuels the next`move do_in, part time focus with us + help us simply understand known realities of your self + local community as we pool thought efficiently. from the good efforts from past + present thought, simply not made available to all.  To listen more gently to our natural processes within, conserving our energy. as we redirect within appropriate response to true status within. utilizing our energy expenditure within our human limitations defined from each genetic - past + present use/misuse of self + or define from whom. As we support a `tapering transition + post on makumbo.

So as to nourish, heal + adapt by communicating needs + offerings of our self if can + others we observe in our simple living. sharing chores + sharing our joys., As together we build a cooperative community supporting life rights locally + beyond to do same.

To avoid the outbursts + excessive waste of energy. we can communicate within + center + ground. Carrying total control wherever we choose to explore. Locally cooperatively do_in our part in an exchange as we self develop responsibly. Resolving real issues carried as baggage unconsciously. Stopping the misuse unaware of self + all surrounding.

Now understanding the difference of manipulating just to survive vs. good energy redirected. Into conscious understanding building organic foundation so intuitively we adjust without having to edit additional cues. rather our sensors relaying correct data + 1st instincts guiding us to physically respond appropriately. That in which keeps us centered within our limitations so as to clearly define function energy efficiently with creative resolution. leaving no footprint.

This is what the human species can do when centered + grounded. Amazing what we can do creatively vs. aggressively. Calmly discussing collecting ones true meaning vs. assuming with quick judgment from others misinformation. Yes we can remove layers incredibly fast, microseconds + instantly center. open allowing universal + beyond energy to come in as our internal workings are allowed to naturally feed + eliminate waste. while systems allowed to work as designed, energy efficiently.

Understanding our sensors as we read signals confused as we age, not to mention as we intervene + disrupt our physiological functions with self-abuse unknowingly. Chasing others energy vs. building our own, changing our chemical status that makes us male + female. Being stuck in misinformed past known behaviors behind incorrect titling. Some ending up with sexual abuse to self + others, as well sex changes. From simply not knowing how to read the mixed signals so as to balance + center.

 Or prevent them from happening.

We know human ranges of a healthy behavior, chemically as we read momentary changes of know fluctuations, normally + to stress. We can learn to read these early cues before altering ourselves into a unnatural state of health. As well put a little thought into not jumping to others being off, but rather help them notice it. So together true signal of need gets read. to calm + resolve so as to not create more baggage, but rather add nurturing utilizing + conserving energy to balance.

All of a sudden the once thought of fear from another, becomes an enjoyable exchange. + efficiency comes into interrelating to resolve. allow those to focus on others unable while we gain further joy from independence + cooperative interrelating sharing within the community.

we can all be .simple folks, best to come visit eye to eye vs. astral or ethereally, you expecting us to read your thoughts. We are not there yet or are we, to those sharp. A tele call still sharing thought can be very clarifying + soothing. Or eye to eye best, to build our energy perpetuating tools within as well energy efficiency in all needed.

 so as to regain a natural sense of each species working within own limitations for harmony.

Once we clear on issue resolved or discovered within our self or loved one, it is helpful to share with all loved ones + local support group. Each then can look within + reflect with this adjustment + by viewing another we notice our self. So as to simply be who we are, what we have made to become our reality of our joys that calm us, not stimulate or leave effects on other. But truly calming as we do our  joy, respecting our energy first. supporting others to do same as we interrelate.

We no longer do for others first unless ER unexpected moments, which for some can continue. Rather normally we look within + have plenty of time to schedule others appropriately. + ask for community help. so as to stay humbly in the now, acknowledging all life in our immediate presence. As well cooperatively have clear part time focus to support those efficiently. that can`t provide for themselves + or local species . so as to not interfere in their ability to rid their needs + share their offerings.

As we share the logger within, we have the opportunity to take each layer as it exposes itself + work with it. Appreciate the clarity as a window that pops up as in for those of you that know computer, in software program giving help. or for you folks not aware of computer, think of it as each feeling as energy + if we decipher it`s origin + edit it responsibly, it won`t keep acting as resistance. You can bring it to calm, answer what didin`t + clarify the understanding. Rather it will become a nice tool to carry anywhere free of charge. Freeing us from self-abuse.

         Building individuality.. personalize your bio`planner so all your loved ones get to know you.

                       thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference..



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