the path's we follow..

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Hi folks..

progress of - i come to talk story, is coming along, + i thank the good folks at Nabble to support our ups + downs.

we as the human species observe, think we understand + then once doing hands on get a more truer perspective, of what reality is amongst us. whether 1 is chasing own delusion, ridding baggage or efficiency working cooperatively for the betterment of all, as an equal.

bringing up thought for clarification allows us to see what is triggered within. some can redirect + co_evolve with these opinions of others. while others cannot, as they stay enslaved by internal baggage, feeling embarrassed, attacked, controled, etc.

by confronting these inter-intrapersonal exchanges 1 can truly take better control of self + better define self worth + self-reliance, to move forward vs. the history of many repressing, etc. leaving negative effects on others.

it is here with this network we reflect what can work to get a grip of our own baggage + free ourself from this misuse. so as for all to co_evolve.

it is within our control to make our own path as we walk it..

peace is an option now if we share it..

exposed rock at low tide with nice calm sandy beach along the Oregon coast. have a bi`joy experience of your own, the coast offers much natural beauty that folks have worked hard to remain assessible to us all.