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I share with you a letter emailed to our President + Legislators..
      Hello folks,

Barack is our president, whether completely right or not. this dysfuntional
entity can be restored if the respect for positions get regained. + in
order for yours to be also respected, we need to see you working together
with the president + the local community now.

we need to support his bill to bring folks together to better define how to
make it work.

it should not of even had to be put into a Bill, it should of been common
sense from everybody working together.

i don't like the ideals of having to be the best, nor the waste of
transporting local goods afar. unless locals share what works + then locals
around the world become self-reliant. now human family qualities are being
exchanged. to share this planet together.

ending the war mode economy as well living off of others misuse to keep
them in a sheep mode. rather gain by part time supporting self-developement
for all locals to build their community that becomes a local, global +
beyond participant.

with all that legislators do, + believe me they do a lot in the wrong place
at the wrong time. this is not good to not support our human family to try
+ correct this.

sadly it doesn`t reach us, why?
because none of us should allow another to ride on our wave. meaning if any
of these legislators, + i`ve been told many of them since they came into
office have made a lot of money from the government contracts/connections,
etc. so if this is true ask them?

ask them why should you have to tell them what to do if they are truely
doing the job of their position. i do believe the constitution was created
to co_evolve in real times. folks that created this volunteered + where
never paid what folks today are. i believe this is wrong. a legislator
should be a chosen spokesperson in an interchangeable role. this way they
can also be a human local participant co_evolving themself.

the energy that this dysfunctional government has created is beyond human
neural processing for a healthy individual.

more important it is wrong for any of us to go out of our way to tell them
what is needed, or they think they do for us able beings. only unable +
even then if done wrong 1 interferes in their ability to self-develop with
correct tools in place, such as students interchangeable role so they then
experience reality as they choose themself + their studies to be balanced
human beings. or help produces dysfunction when done wrong, etc.

their position as a human being, number 1, is to be a responsable local
community participant. we all know that we do not do any of this alone. yet
when we come together + work so all can be a local, global + beyond
participant, then we find a way that works. with a lot of fine tuning +
sensitivity as we follow thru, complete + go on to next task at hand. other
wise it is simply fragmented + short sighted.

these legislators should be our local community participants. they should
know already as a chosen spokesperson what is going on. did you choose them
or is delusional disassociated energy keeping them in a responcible
position? along with being payed a large fee.

this is what we must view. for i see Barack not responding to my ideals as
i suggested, do you? as well the legislators.

with another election in the horizon we need to start looking local right
now at how our local communities needs are not being fulfilled. with no
creative restoration we are being drained from the process. no good. this
is of our incorrect use, this we can change.

we have a lot of work to do on our self to remain positive with supports in
place, when we fall off. + see reality so as to be self-reliant as we
continue our exploration. not misuse or abuse + leave footprints. but have
our own space to rid baggage, be clear in the now + plug in consciously to
what is real to us as well have that fuel us to rid our baggage of future +
rid the inefficent energy out their. pull it in + use it now to revamp +
restore, so you can see clear + have physical energy also as you gain
understanding in good maintenance. not to mention jazzed by exploring

we have a lot of work to join in as a local. to reverse the ecological
whoring effect, our wild is interfered in by our communities the way they
where constructed/used + abused. our beings are unable to concentrate +
follow thru. with many chemically altered from misuse from self + medical
irresponsible people that have over medicated + under managed, leaving 1 to
misuse. leaving folks in ill state with unbalanced organs now contributing
to negative thinking. no energy to go figure.

invite folks into a `tapering transition, so as together locally folks can
gather + share true input:
i can do this, i`m ticked off at this,  but i have an answer + exchanges
appear, this needs to be done here, we need to define what is being
uncovered, what capacity was abused, what can be supported by whom until
the 1 that whored defines to make it better or shift gears.
come aboard to recreate a lost thought that went wrong, or realize that
person unable. what ever the reason. change your zoning.

         don't allow it but
still give support in their new direction as long as it fits into the
natural guidelines so as not to destroy what fuels life, etc.
yes reverse this negativity by not just awaiting anothers act responsibly,
rather create your own. into what can fuel you + your neighbors now to act
together to resolve, giving each self-satisfaction fueled by positive
assertion. a movement that builds vs. staying anxious from unknowing, etc.

as well it is easy to loose ourself + become distracted as we our self now
jump on the wave to try to get ahead + not realize the whoring carried
forward. things get cheaper to pull more folks in as we become codependent
or set up payment plans. stop folks + ask questions of the soundness of
fair trade. want to know where + who + don`t support the waste of resources
in packaging when you can simply pool quality + bulk + make it cheaper when
gotten right from local sources. make ways that work local.

                                     build that community tool shed.

let nature be your guide + if not lucky to have wildness around you such as
the beautiful foraging spots of fish + perrenials, etc. then make it. go
take a look at the locations that have it + see how you can recreate what
would work for your local community. i don't mean make a fish farm, i mean
get to root of what happened + reverse it.

                                          take it back into your hands
when as ex; being part of local nursery management worked before F+W took
control. work with them + show them what worked as new ideals merge to
resolve. these folks are unaware of the interpersonal negativity many have
experienced in result of them. talk to them , tell them your feelings +
listen to their side. i think you will find each side pulled apart in own
direction. look at the jobs that present themself + choose selectively as
each in community fulfill themselves, maybe not long term but it can be
worked into.

believe me if you stay real with your self, stop dish-ragging out you will
find a way to interpersonally join in with others do_in the same for
communal self-reliance. sharing sensitivity caring for each other as each
work on self.. as well share your thoughts + believe me work is abundant
when we care about local infrastructure that ecologically has been ruined
due to anothers mishap or financial gain chasing.

especially when now others do_in have triggere thought to now rethink what
we can do now together.

care about maintaining your own stress limits + don't allow deviation to
throw you in the wrong direction. take a stance + make space for you to
regroup your energies. take a look at how pissed you got or lack of calm
for how long + don't allow it. if not calm no clarity comes, just end up
staying confused + anxious, etc.

now all of a sudden with like thought creative energy comes aboard + fuels.
as folks now become aware of energy needs vs. thinking they need quick
cash. + in an exchange tools that are valuable within our self surface. as
we shift ridding our baggage of misuse.

i personally have an ideal for the ecosystem of choice to work toward. in
that our participating in local fresh clean water, fresh natural food grown
with grandmas seeds, not to mention hers, are a true fueling factor for

now get some food in your belly that is whole + woolah we start thinking
over view as in go to the plan subcatagorie. no longer are we detoured with
our own preocccupation of being stuck looking for another to give work.

i stated  the gest of this comment recently in email to Barack Obama +
World Bank.

we don't just want roads rebuilt to go in circles, we want common sense to
be real so now our local life gives us opportunity to interpersonally
develop + explore. not just enslave ourself with a job because we carry
baggage + can`t see beyond it or get out of our own way.

folks, take a breath of fresh air + with the upcoming election, lets take a
look at our self, our needs + our neighbors + how we can not commit long
term, but be real with what we can do, + do it now. those of us seeking to
relocate or in transit, still live as a local + ground. this helps us fuel
our travels.

clarity is very valuble in each of us, so if we all work to keep wild wild,
it always gives us a space to rejuvenate + rethink.

                        i don`t know about you, but i tried to give to legislators + they don`t
have the medium of exchange, they just have added layers that i refuse to
be part of. ex; a town meeting where a few minutes of some peoples
discussion is not what i call communicating. or a web page forum where your
not answered directly about subject at hand + or by the time you are,
another is more important, this is inefficient.

i personally have spent months back + forth to work out issues with folks
local + afar.

we each have a choice to become efficient with our own energy. it pays off
to self-reflect so as not to take it out on another, but truely make time
for self to make these changes. when it is real to you, don't just start +
then drop it because something else came along. this will dish-rag your
whole being. make time to edit yourself + truely know why you are changing
direction + make corrections needed..

take a look at some of the local spots where folks play music while they
build community. eat live local grown natural food that has no toxic
growing aids. see the old ways still being lived along with space for
sensitivity for new. as old ways that don't work are being tapered into
transition with new thought, new policy, new zoning that can't be
manipulated by unethical ecological whoring.

this alone puts many jobs on the table.

not to mention how if, as i proposed if you support school boards to
support students now. to come out of classroom + join in as they
individualize their growth with like, + then be made to be with unlike for
diversity to self-reflect with + the community members, now are like
private tutors both ways. students in all undeveloped are self-educating
with community student support.. giving them the opportunity to fill in
their fine detail to become clear, vice versa.

i can't tell you the wasted energy + community funds from ill folks unable
to get beyound their own misuse. as they suffer, + i have seen many die
alone, lying dead before another found them, + prior they struggled for
quite some time due to medical status incorrectly monitored, no student
community support, under budget where they even ate catfood, etc.

this is not what should be happening to seniors nor diasabled + it is. look
around you + see what you can do. it is dam hard to break this cycle when
they are codependent on a dysfunctional medical system as well government.
giving them just enough to string them along as they continue unable to get
out of their own way.

wow! look at all our energy laying dormant, the good minds of young + old
working together to over ride the old ways that got us where we are. the
many good folks ill or misusing - once gain some community support, can be
supported + now they are interacting some very helpful ways. in patches +
pockets on this planet their is true greatness as well as the pitz. so this
alone can keep us all busy whether we live local long term or whether we
enjoy traveling, exploring, exchanging. while part time the community
effort aids this process of folks in interchangeable roles by students as
they self- develop.

this is filling in the missing links + stopping the abuse that
irresponsibly allowed it.
we all should have the right to live as a simple local with same universal
1 science that allows us to co_evolve with nature. updating all
constitutions so as to respect all those before us do_in the same
goodness for our human potential to continue to unfold.

religion, as any subject. is available to all who want, for their own
personal choice, but should not be made manditory to get in the way of
self-responsibility. folks have you not seen enough of the war economys
built because of 1 wanting to control a story, etc.

i`m a free thinker + i don`t speak a religous verbage, so please folks if
want to talk that way don`t waste your time answering me, when their are
many good folks you can share same talk with.

if we each put nature`s ways as a guide we will not leave a footprint on
any life. + for the environmentalists that have a hard time supporting all
life to live, get a reality check for each local community. i did not
create this world + nor do i truely understand it`s origin, but all you
meat eaters out their can conserve a bit in over consuming. but at the same
time i believe all could resolve by defining root of issue. whether
relocate, stop the irresponsible act or open hunt in a natural way. to
restore a good local environmental science. so those species out of balance
can once again regain with your local help.

as much as i don`t know history, i`ve gained respect observing many old
folks that live it continually. as they don`t interfere yet they
experienced a balance in their life time + know it can work + still live
it. they find a way to be sensitive to show those that think all species
should be protected. this is not reality. for many harm people to do their
job to feed us, good example the sea lions boarding commercial fish boats,
catching their lines, etc. their are ways to go beyond hunt as well in each
location, it is best to define. for it comes back to irresponsible people
feeding them while others are shooting pellets for them to go back into
wild. this can be monitored to resolve.

folks, rethink for a lively local community that you live in or can live in
as you develop. this prioritizing of function, energy efficiently, added
with creative expression offers much growth for all. intellectually as well
naturally fueling non interference. so natural systems with our aid are
restored to better then ever..
with an abundance of life. which all being a living organism, truely are
dependent on.

it is within our control. especially if we share what works or bring in the
many good folks building permacultured communites. or agro-ecology as with
Miguel Altieri.

i don`t think `good money` is the only way of investing, but it is a way
that can work for some. i think natural living is real when we don`t have
to have so many layers of negotiating. this drains good human energy. even
these folks should work to regain simple soundness for all community to go
direct without these financial layers. actual more folks putting hands in
dirt or being part of rezoning land to provide food locally at a rate all
can afford.

folks get together locally + start with a`way + gather some thought as you
do an over view of your natural ecology. see the potential + what can work

believe me their will be so many jobs jumping + grab on to what makes sense
only for short term as a whole community + seriously make space to
interpersonally co_evolve. so as not to commit long term + then in your
growth have to back track, stay open, don`t commit accept to you. become
whole + in control of you. so now you are working into your plan of your
career. your studies, whether volunteer or not. your paid commitments will
then happen as all participate in this live support to build your community
that goes beyond just having good roads. now it has a healthy
infrastructure for life + wild remains wild to fuel us.

thank you for what you can do now.

we will be publishing soon.

patches pockets talk when we all do a walkabout...

thanks for the support!