this is the time to see the early signs as we come together eye to eye in real discussion supporting all to bring their truth..

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Happy New Year to all as we invite it like a gentle breeze,

        it appears as negative issues rise with some having difficulty processing, i reach out for all to share with them when can. as i see many good happenings taking place to be fueled by;

      some are staying preoccupied in subject of calmness enjoying plants, while yet others are sharing goodness as we naturally build in respect to our water shed gauges, living local, Nick has announced a nice gathering in New Jersey with friends with live music for fund raising, for those still in need from hurricane sandy;

please support Dunn with this group focus in need now with Idle No More folks + hold Un accountable as they follow thru with what they are acknowledging. so together we can build a system that stays present consciously in act in the moment;!/groups/Idlenomore.official/

    we are daily playing live music sharing our good fortune, with the lil one here at the house, + welcome friends, as well to trek, + a variety of play in garden, sand, as we learn to share our toys. so those of you that enjoy exchanging with 2 year old, come schedule a visit, so we stay in tune with sharing our events.

       Jim will be building a natural sauna energy efficient, + is very good with cob building, etc. i had a nice discussion with jim about his permaculture tool kit he carries, as he continues his studies.

    we look forward to continuing this discussion in detail as we address some local issues. so this upcoming discussion on conscious trade is still gathering people, so let us know.

    please email me at;

    we welcome Jim as a newcomber to Port townsend with Leigh + lil one Winnie, whom has gotten so big + beautiful. they have moved back into the yurt where Leigh + Steve once lived.

  they have brought sheep with them for their goat milk + may have plenty so check in with them. also proud to say 1 is pregnant.

    jim`s concern was the mill being toxic as it covers the area with smell, so we will do a follow up + update with folks that are working at this locally.

it was such a welcome for us coming back into town with seeing annie + all. she should be voted the ambassador of humanity, with her welcoming smile as she locates us from afar. so thank you folks, it`s nice to be back.

    i can`t tell you how nice to beable to have access to the local farm growing season now. as well the recylcing bins for everything. + we had to check out adventurous under restoration as well the others in the boat yard being renovated. we are so fortunate to have such good skill to observe. it was so nice to watch you all at work as you share your lessons.

   don`t miss the large mast being cut, started yesterday as the form was laid over as a gauge, so go check it out. for the lumber is being shaped, as new ribs sistered.

     please note we are anxious to check in with many, so keep us posted of schedules.  

   we are presently coordinating a skit with live song along with motion, as the lil ones blow very large + small bubbles. as we send some chi gong energy around + out in a movement for solidarity. it may connect with Eves`s event on 2.14.2013 in celebration, so watch for dates. please confirm if want to join, email above or call; 360-45-3749. we are thinking rehearsal will be at unitarian church. so please check in to add your thought as we improvise.

  lastly in this post i would like to share Katies` post from Peace Action West, below, + we also will be gathering locally within the next few months on this discussion as well. so stay in touch if interested or share thought here + we will add it too the live discussion.

  thank you for your review;

        No matter what happens with the "fiscal cliff" deal this year, we have a chance to make deeper cuts to Pentagon spending in 2013. But if we don't push Congress to make those cuts, they won't do it.

And that could leave regular Americans on the hook for the costliest, most wasteful weapon system in military history: the F-35 stealth fighter jet. [1]

That's why we've got to fight back.

For twelve years, the F-35 has faced delays and setbacks because of fundamental design flaws. And if allowed to proceed to its new target date of 2030, it will carry a pricetag of nearly $400 billion. That's two-thirds of the cost of 11 years of war in Afghanistan. The long-term cost of actually flying these planes is projected to run another $1.1 trillion.

What would you rather do with all that money? As you can imagine, the weapons industry is putting everything into keeping this cash cow alive. And when it comes to Pentagon waste, the F-35 is just the tip of the iceberg.

The good news is that in the past, political support for wasteful Pentagon programs has crumbled under the weight of persistent disapproval from outspoken constituents. So lawmakers need to hear that if they want our votes, they must cut more Pentagon bloat.
Please click here to give what you can. And if you give $40 or more before midnight on New Year's Eve, we'll send you a tote bag in the design of your choice.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Katie Heald

     Kara J Lincoln

     i would like to share in solidarity compassion for this struggle of all. please make note that we all have conscious act, it is just that some are not in real time + we need to support this healing. so please welcome those that you resist, so together eye to eye in discussion you can build these new neuro networks for all to see updated information, so all simply understand.

    + give space for tapering transitions with real conscious exchange. for the indigenous have many good lessons that many put into good science acts in patches` but sadly in pockets` many yet to understand, so we must link this calmly so as not to support more suffering.

thank you for this review of our forum that may reflect some input if you come share your needs + help us build an archive to share these transitions as we build ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize.

      if i can help, come talk;


 may peace be in your good judgments..

      our combined` effects make a difference when we share such good fortune we have for harmony now, peace be with you all, kara