unless we understand rejoin`goodness, it stays in the ethers.. please apply + do your homework..

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
 locally we may be very fortunate to live in these patches` with great reflection as we are truthful with our self + feel the grounding energy.
        only then can we become a responsible local, global + beyond participant. for self - able + unable, to be equal..

there are many good folks do_in building community projects. yet it appears that many communities have folks that don`t fit in. have you been one.
                   we feel all can gain by plugging in bi`joy interests for self + others.. plug into what sustains you for immediate common denominator shared. see what already is locally + reflect with afar + bring home + adjust for you.
             is this old hat for you. or you see how we are restrictive then post + set us straight, give options. we invite feedback. if you are a happy camper with your choices being free to do as you choose. for we are with all our restrictions we working thru, which I`m sure still clouds us a bit. But know together this will be a good tool.

                  we appreciate efficiency in your exchange – creatively self-expressing.. in good health with loving friends, participating, sharing community..
                  we welcome you to post - sharing your bi`joy experience along your awakening to your self. for others to reflect, gain a few tools to light their path a bit, that they build, as they walk it. meanwhile you can explore with like subject as it fuels you..
                  we suggest make a pen pal, eye-to-eye best.. if not comfortable or can't get clear, then post for a pen pal to do this experience together + be specific. even if say i don't really know how to take a look or how to start being part of a local community, issues in the way. post SUPPORT QUEST on top.
            keep it simple here. we go beyond survival + want you to be happy with your choices in real time. plug into community before you need help. those in need will appreciate, as well fulfill an interest of your own. For the different community groups may not be addressing what sustains them + that is why they still may be in such needs or helping so many in need. or they already are coordinated efficiently.
           this is a good way to get to know your local community even if here for a short time. when we help others, we also can center + ground our self.
                           folks to feel good to give can be different modes, which need answering by you. we want you to do a walkabout + give to yourself 1st. then as you find that you can help make this a good tool. then we ask for support if can. for if you ignore your misuse then in return you are leaving negative effects on others + your self. we want this walkabout to reach out as a tool that works. Because you worked it + took part building it.
               whether chat with a local that is misusing or ill in need of support to help define needs, volunteer at a head start, or fortunate to have a dental van to help folks without insurance, in pain pull a tooth. which i`m over due with, unable to fit a schedule with a local dentist, so i`m trying to do a work exchange.

good time for us to go thru packed boxes of kitchen excess, to see what they can use now in food kitchen + pantry here in Coos Bay, Or. with the organic community garden, a lot of fresh food goes to the food kitchen. Plus exchange for folks to have a community plot + learn as you garden next to these very skilled folks. or help with folks knowing where to get medical help or energy assistant programs.

Madeline has been a good communicator knowing what in her area needs what help from ORCCA:

                      To be warm, have a good night sleep, food + out of pain, enabling one to think. This way with files updated with people`s offerings. Kim, a medical person now can do her job helping those in ER need. with dental van + medical issues within in the community. which has been able to keep up, + they continue to invite dentists to offer their resources. so local dentist offices open to help those work out payment..

      although i suggest for you to go online + do your homework + see the many good alternatives we have to the expense of regular western trained dentists;

        then check around for those dentists that give better deals then the insurance programs, if in need. so discuss this with your local dentist for even root canals, says some experienced after doing for many years, that they have discovered they are very toxic to our systems.

  when we have bad teeth we have bad health, yet many fail to undertand how it effects us negatively.
               we see easily how folks can be over whelmed with others needs. but if community work together it can be caught up + ecological sustainability still be prioritized, for without that no one is fueled to help the other. + we go beyond  an ER state + live with a community that harmonizes as together we build food forests.

     when priorities are kept in retrospect for each ecosystem/biome. this list of layer removal + supplying needs within natures limits easily creates a lot of self expression. Folks unfolding now become intuitively driven to fulfill their desires as they center + ground. So we don`t fragment our focus. Rather we simplify + become whole as we bring our self to calm.

                          some may say i`m unable to rejoin` my self, how possibly can i do when so much wrong. it is only humans that think they need to go to school to learn.
                          Volunteering, caring, pursuing your desire.. is so valuable to reflect with exchanges, supplying your needs. sorting out self. what works best within us, when we share with folks that are responsibly do_in part time, to build local community. give each other honest opinion, allowing us to go within + take a look at what we have failed to do as we allowed our stuff to preoccupy.
     get real with your self + why you are where you are. + what do _in truly fuels you to calm you. to stop misuse.

i had to reassess my schedule when i also thought I could fill out detail to volunteer, not realizing i already over doing. + my focus with a few have kept me busy as i finish this editing.
      this is not completed, we will simplify as more help comes about. but it don`t matter for we are not about consumption, putting excessive energy into a cosmetic proposal. we are about sharing what works. we think you can sort it out. further more if folks would be do_in more of this we would have been more free long ago.

      vs. enslaved in our self + helping our loved ones as they struggled thru life, hit + miss, up + down unsupported as community preoccupied with behaviors passed on, from a long line of issues that has occurred on this planet. + still does.

           check in for if you want some art this may not be for you. for true art comes from living it.

           check in if you want religion this may not be for you, for we don`t  sight the bible. Don`t speak that language nor are we interested.

Yes history is important. But what is more important is maintaining discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. belief. so we responsible leave only positive effects on self + all life along our path. That we build as we walk it into our opening.

             we do know when our energy is grounded + we are centered a natural prayer position forms.

             we do know our global consciousness is connected. it is this oneness boon` with our natural world, that fuels our path. energy is a common denominator we all share. + would prefer to have a language that we all can understand. take part + create 1 universal science for peace to be lived now.

        yet many in misuse/abuse have many mixed signals, as layers of dissassociated energy produced at one time or another from us all is still consuming as it steals energy, from those yet to know they can protect themself, rid their baggage + stay focused, not to mention remain in harmony as we efficently work at these negative issues locally + afar..
           when we stay only with a small circle, we have a tendency to stay limited to what we think we know. vs. co_evolving in the moment with what truly is harmony within this local ecosystem/biome.. As folks give feedback that boon` with it. we can be enriched by simple natural living, fueling us to be very creative in our self - expression.. as we become more efficient pursuing function, that fuels our explorations as we become aware to leave no footprint.
                when we calm our self, we then have feelings surface to work with. seek a sensitive person skilled to reflect with for a particular issue in mind, it is very helpful. share with friends + family that know you best + love you. this way others can get cues. to best help us understand, for sometimes another can express for us easier. sometimes we fail to feel, listen or perceive what a loved one is trying to tell us. now in this circle of communication we can become fortunate to better listen + share.

        a lot of times it opens us to what we failed to see in our self. such as remove misunderstandings that imbalance our energy or produce fears from it, etc..

                       many folks with local awareness, in a variety of options, get together with a pen pal of like subject, locally or afar. + accomplish tasks at hand. + can share in your discovery or exploration, once you join in eye-to-eye + post in log book + on forum.
            it can be easier as we unload some of our subject at our forefront, with another that has a shared interest, even if it is afar. to get us back to local  exchange with true self-fulfillment. As we focus on ecologically sustaining. This way we don’t stumble over our own baggage, rather we stay focused with what fuels us. as we redirect our energy that laid consuming our energy.
             this helps us regain mind-body balance.. if you got to us then you are already aware + want to share or seek out what other`s do_in. to get most efficiently, with what sustains you + understand this sense of priority:.
                      Our fuel to concentrate, how we got where we are away from participating for our self + those that don`t have - such as our fresh water, our fresh local grown natural, (doesn`t have to be organic, there is many issues  resisting with organic that need simplifying.) small farmed food, our wild places to remain wild to boon' with - for sustaining our community, restoring our energy, balancing so no pest, etc. our bio-waste disposal, recycling.. understanding what not to support that leaves ecological negative effects, as those folks get support in a `tapering transition, etc.. the links to share giving us natural options to rethink with, not just switch dependencies.
                   take a look perhaps that this is why we are where we are, for we perhaps where preoccupied with stuff that leaves negative effect, knowingly or not:.  
         Causing our health issues, interfering in our ability to restore mental clarity + physical strength. Or replace medication as we skillfully taper with natural means to enhance our inner tools, rather then burden. change destructive behaviors, etc. Can all be done by your self, when wanting to self-sustain. so gather with like mind, it makes it easier if we understand this as we rejoin` + when in the plan` do_in we not assert action. As we rid the many layers that keep us from grounding with our natural limits.
                     you may awaken to find that you whole family + even the whole community is leaving negative effects on themselves as like behavior is carried forward.. this exists in the US + around the planet in small communities, yet to boon` with the natural world. many in need of support to reflect with - so they can feel a way that works, + redirect as they self-develop.
              With all the business whores we support not knowingly, transporting goods around the planet, we are sure once this movement links, reaching out, this awareness will become available to all. making `tapering transition simpler, when we say no thanks, we have a `way. + welcome them. the folks detail on makumbo list will be ecological whores one moment + if smart, once they have space to work themselves, will become our best friend as they build our community together, going on addressing more serious issues now.
              we are not talking about do_in or doing it for anyone. rather supporting all to understand what is ecologically wrong + to regain own center + ground. with a good work flow.
are you fortunate to be in a progressive natural area that has stopped interfering, with nature`s limits. As together, people part time build community that harmonizes.

                            where folks celebrate along the `way, with music, fresh local natural food, share what is as they enjoy being boon` with their wild spaces.  we`ve shared our bi`joy experiences with each other + it works. now it is time to post so this walkabout reaches out.. our earth + beyond truly offers us a wealth that cannot be bought. what the ecological whores are doing will come to an end as you awaken to this + say no thanks, + exchange what you see is needed as they recycle or rid this waste + give support for them to rethink + come back as a local, global + beyond participant.
                       as this happens observe your self + these folks closely as we go back into the limits of our skin. take a look in the mirror, what do you see, what do you feel.. ask your loved ones what they see when they look into your eyes, your face, your body.. take a review + appreciate positive feedback in an equal exchange..

            too much time can go on + we create or carry behaviors, passed on, that can be destructive to our health as we accept them as normal.
          schedule mindbody understanding for self + part time for another, with those closet in need.. + part time connect with a cooperative community effort for self + another unable, so if more reach out then we can define ways for all. to get out of their own way. check in regularly with your self on your true feelings after you`ve reflected with folks. this fuels us to co_evolve, feel it, see the changes.
                  it is here we set our cloth/table stage for plugging in to our natural life.. work at this a bit + then take part in the do_ins`.. as we reflect with others, we naturally find our `way when sharing a bi' joy experience..

                                             boon` with the natural world..

post what has worked for you, allowing others to explore their exchange.. share in story, photo, music as you accomplished insight thru this `transition of becoming aware.. those comfortable - scan for the postings SUPPORT QUEST along with exchanging like thought that fuels your ongoing exploration. For our inner tools creates circuitry same as when we where a child. very good tools to open to our human potential to remain in joy + never want to leave that child like experience as we explore + truly be present + create our moment.
                   take a break along the `way + celebrate, use the tools in our plan` as our community tools become very active, as in pri`performance + appreciate what is or what can be figured out.. or the next` move, when yet so many without..

            reflect + act where feel most comfortable, best eye-to-eye or if not ready or convenient, post here or in another do_in that allows you to apply your inner self that is at your forefront. by addressing like thought shared with sensitive folks, we gain a sense of priority in how best to balance our whole being + ground locally..

         this comes before addressing together the excessive waste, so we get clear with our true needs; taxes, political issues, existing dysfunctional entities that best become efficient once we pool our aware thought, etc. people don`t realize when they think people leave the US because they have increased taxes, that lowering the taxes is the only issue, wrong. Rather these folks are chasing ecological whoring that has prevented them from boon` with our earth..  if any of us chase money, we are running for the wrong reasons. these folks cannot survive if we stop fueling them.

                             on the other hand if we don`t pool our thought + stop paying taxes for a war economy, they won`t quit. But there are many issues involved here, not just the price of the tax. Folks run unethically when something has been proven to be no good + they market it elsewhere without the awareness. we have seen this in our travels.
                            folks when you rejoin` yourself, you rejoin` the natural world. nothing is more important then maintaining that sensitivity/gaining that skill to live boon` with it. + not leave negative footprints. This is our earth, our community to share so all can become free to be a local, global + beyond participant.
       we can efficiently do better when we have coordinated effort with our organic instinct direction. with hands on interrelating + application. many of our threads are fragmented, worn + torn, needing editing to refresh, rehab + replace. Vs. assume what we know is right without checking in regularly thru out the day. preventing mixed signals from stored incomplete processed/misinformation. see the results + feel the goodness, work with all your feelings + edit. These are our tools within our human design. if we respond to our early signs, we know when to work what.
                rejoin` is a means to connect with our needs + feel the goodness to trigger our thought. + edit out what is helpful. So many can get easily pissed. easiest is when we start with what sustains us:.
        our wild to sustain ecologically. fresh water + our food – small natural farmers + commercial fisher folks + their markets. so we seasonally prepare our goods for the whole year.. along with sharing efficiency of storage for off season preparation + diversity of products. wild crafting + foraging our perennials. permaculture now` focus, along with agro-ecology..
               hands on application with our local + afar community.
                       ex: a helper - computer technical specialist in a variety of fields, James Ferris in North Bend, Or. tel cell; 541-294-4512, email; f3235735@charter.net is appreciated. James gives great love, yet we invite all to show him yet another `way as we can peacefully unite + resolve, if we can first bring ourself to calm. for we can efficienctly over come all this dysfunction in a peacful way.

   so was Danie Kitchell in Brookings, Or. tel; 541-922-8704  infotoo@gmail.com, which has been a while.
           if you need some computer work, i know James needs the work now. he stays focused as we all do, for he is a very loving person to give what is simple to local + afar community. check in with Danie`s schedule.
                        James has awakened me to tools to aid what we not clear on. Enabling us to put a sense of priority in order with our computer settings, repairs + issues in our forefront. so we gain a sense of what is needed + budget for it, before we have serious immediate issues in need.. i feel the computer is not perfected + some exploited it terribly + still doing. but no need to know all this by your self. pool your effort.

             Have folks like these in your back pocket as i state to James he is in mine. + be productive using this virtual tool. but don’t let it consume your life as it has many. rather use it part time only to live full time eye-to-eye building harmony in all relations. including your self.

                This is the time for peace as we sort out our offerings in this walkabout.
             it`s nice to be able to call on sensitive/skilled folks that help us sort out our priorities quickly. that we many times fail to see.

                               Vs. act on quick indecisive judgment. which is easy to do. Folks i apologize if i also doing the same. for in the building of this i`ve kept quite active along my path, that i did not create on own, rather got detoured a bit. family`s care, which i would love to do more if still had them. the financial crises few years already, + a few business/people whores along our way. along with many many beautiful folks. we have refused to let a handful of terrible experiences stop us. we co_evolve + prefer to work within our `tapering transition vs. going thru dysfunctional judicial system that many lawyers prey on, that we now avoid. Sure always a fe good folks that also helped have been effected along with us, but we hope with this walkabout reaching out, we can make it right to them.

                      we still work at gaining control with good exchanges along this path, as it fuels us to see our own path. as we build we walk farther with our exploration + along that path we share this walkabout. + welcome you all to do the same. + give us your heartfelt feelings to adjust this into a better tool.
           this way we weed out the early signs of self-misuse, that many continue to live with as normal behavior passed on. in attempts for our folks to simply survive the best they could.

     Which they bring to us much goodness in what they did perfect in so much resistance as with fighting global wars, economic depressions, poverty, natural disasters, ill states + ongoing mixed signals as folks yet to cooperatively gain the best from each other from lack of their own self-development as they where yet to get out of their way, that resulted from behaviors carried forward from their parents dysfunction, unable to get totally free of. + that list carries heavy baggage.. When many entities dysfunctional + have remained fragmented. As many do in patches` on this planet.
               we feel we can make a tool to stop + get a grip of this + stop throwing forward as it steals our moment. check in how are you misusing.. what fuels you truly, be honest + go deep, now look at the fair trade or not.
       good example is asking James his preference for reaching out sharing story, he suggested his friend Jim Bice radio show kwro at 630 am in Coos Bay, Or US. Specifically my concern is the present issue on ODFW + commercial fisher folks not having the same understandings in some areas.
                i`ve reached out to J. B. that has the Charleston Crab Shack whom is involved with many.  i`ve asked him to think in detail - issues so we may better define whom to address them with + try to have a discussion. due to many not being able to get in synch, over several years on some of these issues. as many commercial fisher folks have asked.
                Cristen from ODFW has been collecting input from folks for the proposed marine reserve on the Oregon coast, + feels there are many programs with commercial fisher folks on advisory boards. he has offered to help seek out necessary folks to address issues.
                     i sent copy to Joe Biden + Barack Obama, stating folks are not with 1 universal science of common sense. Many entities are repeating or interfering, when yet others are dysfunctional + also interfere. as in some of the existing programs at ODFW. Along with the Or`s governors desire for marine reserves + wave energy in Or. These need to be efficiently assessed along with co_evolving with all the hard working fisher folks that are very clear about various programs. from subsistence single hook or with spear gun + breath hold, sports to commercial;

               they state the same amount of fish exists in these proposed waters for a marine reserve, + no need for one. i say funds + resources could be better used elsewhere, after assessment made. many spoke at the last Cape Arego/International Port of Coos Bay meeting in 2010 + folks in Brookings few years ago said same. natural reserves already exist along the Oregon coast + felt the proposals where a waste.
          perhaps not clear on all, but with my input i have seen a process of people truly stating what they perceive the people to want. + stating what truly is + what can be, in support for the local folks to make decision. in this collection to give to the governor.
             My participation is to see the detail get answered as the correct people connect + move on, so no one is left distressed due to this misunderstanding. I agree our own misuse is another issue, but we can do a layer at a time, if we commit to sharing with folks, not just ignore their struggles. This at times is not easy as folks can get pissed when you trigger a sore spot, so caution. But I still think it is a positive move to show love along the `way. not just respond to SUPPORT QUEST.

      But what i`m coming to conclusion is the verbage of scientists vs. fisher folks. being on the same page with sustainability so folks that fish it are also creating science to be applied in real time in local communities. hand + hand. As I state below in my quest to talk to Roger Pryce, an old timer that works local + lives it.
                     as i collectively inquire + share, due to not being a fisher folk myself. i ask what can be done to stop the fisher folks from working so hard in the elements yet ODFW doesn’t give sensitivity with their ability to judge + define ex; follow up dates for salmon closures. this will be added to our list. See the plan` do_in the ocean we share.. what is wrong with an entity that has no sensitivity to the weather or are the fisher folks not perceiving their definition.. yet feeling negative results thinking they not paying attention to them. Folks have you been at seas repeatedly, i have + to work in some of these conditions as they do, collecting our food is something not to take lightly. + should be highly respected.
                     i ask for help from the port to support the ecological sustainability as well Barack, to stop the ecological whores + support all to rethink in our `tapering transition. you don`t stay emotionally rejected, suppressed over time, rather you part time cooperatively build your local + afar community. so we all become aware as a local, global + beyond participant. with a comfortable sense of self.
let me be clear when i said no to trawlers anywhere. J.D. says i`m wrong + i appreciated his detail to set me straight in my wording. For we agree the international waters are being abused by many + there are no regulatory policy enforced for our ocean`s sustainability. the trawling factories along with others are wastefully consuming. why. this will be on our list to.

           folks that fish farther out i felt should take responsibility for enforcement, even though they may not be compensated for their effort. But together we need to collaborate for this with NOAH, OPAC, CG, PORTS, DF+W + all the commercial/sports fisher folks speak 1 universal science. not to mention same with our land use. Not just settle for governors choice + DF+W, if that is the case.

                      1 language. enforced cooperatively on this planet + beyond. not thru 1 world order which presently includes business ecological whores knowingly or not. But people, once they come to common sense with others in a `tapering transition, as we welcome them back into our local communities. so we all become a local, global + beyond participant. living within sustainable natural boundaries. co_evolving in real time.
                       this is not happening, rather environmental science with theory is incomplete + can become complete as we all rejoin` our self + our local community, sharing with those locally + afar. not the goods transported afar as Miguel Altieri clearly gives input on the food crisis we have now on this planet. But truly sharing our local community + then see what surfaces to be considered science so as to repeat in a co_evolving mode that is applied in real time. this is like an etak, a polydimensional measurement of time + space that is not being equated + should be + can be simply by booning` within the natural worlds` limits. Not just throw out theory. But live it.
            this is not easy as in the difficulty of making this a in time tool, keeping us in the moment, yet real to co_evolve + create. being present in our moment, while yet making space for our baggage removal. So we are not just telling you to do it. we are do_in it with you. as we choose to walk our path into our opening as we build it. so compare this now to what you think you are do_in/doing.

mishi is good at over sight with living simple. He thinks this is crazy to try to tell you folks all this. He is not about to hand hold anyone accept himself. With his own issues.. but it is his goodness that he does offer that has contributed to this forum. sharing his fortune from living in a Russian village with aunt during summers as they where very productive with human exchange, wildcrafting, cooperative milling, pooling resources, each growing what land could do best + then sharing, etc.

               we have had this experience in different ways. finally the government decided the farm should be taken + did. so he has no pity for any one that self-induces wasteful consumption.  Or supports dysfunction for you will pay your own price the hard way.

he has taught me much + others with his good insight on hybriding energy efficiently. Which we plan to continue this walkabout in support of collective community building self-reliance.
 With our natural resources: fresh water, air, earth, + most efficient means to recycle the negative effects with the ecological whores, making it right.. with all our interruptions from folks being negative, we have no desire to hold a grudge. Life is too precious + every moment we appreciate + create with. not rehash garbage.

         Rather we welcome all to come aboard, do your homework + remove baggage as we can gain a life that harmonizes + part time pool resources reaching out in the next` move do_in.. as well to our self + our next door neighbor.

                        as well the fish horrors of foreign folks fishing without sustainable practice, James says a local fisher folk stated.. feeling it a joke that Americans will be buying their local fish from them soon. as well the markets sent afar could be further developed here. Yes with a sustainable abundance we can exchange with our neighbors. but not take from locals from unsustainable practices. 1st stop the waste + consumption from EU + US as food is shipped back + forth a few times. Know your history of what you consume.
People become aware of this + stop supporting it locally + hold these folks accountable locally + afar. each of us have power - so collectively nothing else will rule accept nature if we hold our self accountable.
           You say locals don`t eat this, etc. but only because we don’t understand. Japanese + Chinese/Asian world has great insight to share with us, as far as recipes with food prep + for energy, maintaining good health from the natural world. folks have a lot of skill here that needs to be researched
          listening to Jim Bice show, i was unable to connect + respond, i will attempt to share this with him.

             i do not have the history or skill of the political system, but i have human feelings that i apply everyday.  i do best when i correct myself once someone takes the time for me, to show me another way. i feel Jim + many if you are so sincere, then please allow these collective feelings to be on your list..
                 we do best with names + detail of issue, micro-moments it takes to help us get clear.  So we rejoin` our self, allow it to trigger our review, edit + apply. Not them vs. us. not they think they know better then us. but give an example in real time or ex; to relate to in past experience for clarification. A real tool to work with, when we have people`s name, product or service + story of ecological whoring.

                  we feel the energy that arises within you + your intent to want to make things better. but by calmly stating detail, we then can open to our community, listen carefully + then each can define best. then when sensitive old timers + new - working together, we prioritize our focus. So we continue the good habits as many living as indigenous have developed + maintained, + make space to address local issues..

                    these folks living boon` with our natural biome/ecosystems have created the unique cultural exchanges around the world. that Miguel Altieri works with creating his agro-ecology curriculum. he is fortunate to experience half the year with them out in the world + the other time teaching at Berkeley, Ca.
            i hope to continue my exploration of their offerings of wild crafting + ways conserving wild with wilderness awareness.

            i hope Jim Bice. you also continue your self-satisfaction + explore. But i suggest you setting me straight why you fail to mention that these businesses that leave US due to being over taxed, are also ecological whores. Due to being new to your show, maybe you have already brought this issue up. so no need to repeat. if haven`t  i`d like you to.
               leaving a country because you are charged to much taxes, i feel is folks that are not centered or grounded to make it work. unless they are not supporting the war economy + taxes for that, that is different. + we want to welcome them into a `tapering transition, to once again become a local, global + beyond participant + confront these issues.
                    we don`t want folks to run when they legally cannot perform in US. rather as a planetary citizen they should be held accountable afar as well.
                    many folks are focusing on the wrong set of priorities. This is why they become ill + suffer. You cannot put a price on booning` with your natural world. it cannot be bought, it has to come from within your control for your self.
          this is a big difference in working for good policy collectively vs. hands up to the dysfunction + running elsewhere with so called potential jobs leaving folks without. 1st of all we want to stop the ecological whores.
                     we want to self-sustain + rejoin` with our potential not leave our self-misusing as we ride on other`s wave. codependent as we unknowingly + now know, that we have built these ecological whores to be successful. + we also can stop it.

             it is wrong to want to be right + have cheap taxes, without the thought + act of ecologically sustaining with priority, as we collectively part time build + rejoin` our local communities. ridding our waste + consumption vs. a national grid system to take from those efficient to give to those not. Rather we want to be fueled for self-reliance. + prioritize our natural resources. but the waste + consumption is interfering from the fragmentation, + no universal science, etc. + also the war economy.
               we each have to set precedence to rejoin` our self. maintain a calm sense with sharp sensors. this supports us to be free of any codependency accept the natural world we boon` with for our true energy exchange. this is our common denominator all humans can share.
                              reflect + experience options. Please don`t just accept. Once you feel true harmony you will settle for nothing less:.
        not ride on other`s wave, copy, judge without complete thought, don`t just follow or accept. really understand we can gain self-control + follow our self. building our path into our opening as we walk it.                
               we don`t want to build on followers, we want to interconnect + rejoin` our self + our responsible roles within our local community eye-to-eye.  then part time collectively support the reaching out with a walkabout for real community rehab/restoration. so we stop interfering in our + others - natural ecosystems/biome to be sustainable.

                       Rather as Miguel Altieri knows after much testing with the indigenous ways, that we can strengthen our ecological systems with our intervention.
              we can take control + edit these incoming internal perceptions + with early signs. know how we can produce or interfere in them..                
              we can do daily Do – In self massage for early cues checking in to define our energy level. Learning to identify when to do what + what not. stopping before the heat fills the air.. so to speak, stay calm within our skin.
         when we rid our baggage, bring future to now, + take part in creating our moment, we now awaken to how we can find space for all these simultaneously as we co_evolve + adjust. embrace vs. displace our surrounding energy.

         when we self-satisfy, without leaving a footprint. we are no longer leaving our negativity on other life, rather we are taking responsibility to rid it.
             we can gain a center that makes us more sensitive to our self, to other life. This behavior fuels us to go beyond addictions. as we address the energy with early cues. with the desire + bring it to calm + no more will the desire be as strong + by being present in the moment + creating, we then get fuel by exploration + accomplishing our task. moving on. a life of impermanence changes our perspectives.
                          For this is our human design as a living organism + how we function most efficiently.
         we are dependent only on our natural world, for us to self- sustain.            
         we realize our interdependence on each to be self-reliant, then now woolah for the harmony + synergy that then comes.
            energy efficiency prioritized for our community function, so as to get aid when we fall off. so as to pick up with support + continue on, creating as we boon` with our natural world daily. with our choice as our eyes open to a natural recognition of a true common sense, as we become efficient with what sustains us. + enjoy - celebrate as we stop + be thankful along the way.
                           when we ignore our early signs that are indicators for us to conform to our healthy balance. we end up with low energy, mental clutter, physical weakness + now anything looks good, as our judgment is off. leaving us enslaved by desires. Old habits appear, our gentle bells with early cues become hammers as we are dull + look for more stimulus, thinking it is normal. Crazy the range our design gives us. it is up to us to remain centered + ground, not waver within our deranged flesh`s ability to alter.
              we develop disconnects in our own neuro pathway. Unable to build our own sense, keeping us away from our self. unable to have time to address + rid what is right in front of us all.
             we are an open book. it is never too late to address what we feel or see or envision + manifest as we collect the nuts + bolts, not just dream. bring it to harmony for us now. for fuel to walk into the future. yes we deserve those moments for us.
             we build a vast circuitry continually to explore, not just as a child.
        Only then once we define + i, or get on our path building + i, as we walk it. will we ever have a we - that is truly enjoyable to walk with + self-develop our reality with each other. But without us together building community, we can’t make an i. that becomes a local, global + beyond participant. so self-observe for if thinking of just your own backyard, you have yet to awaken to your true potential.
         what we sense - can become disconnected if we ignore + it will remain in us draining our fuel. we have the power to self-empower by bringing common sense to our misunderstandings + support them to become clear + edit responsibly, as we redirect this energy + use it to act.
          this way we don`t get lost in deficiencies left unnoticed. as we went thru periods seeming as if we could never seem to reach what we think we want. but some of us where fortunate + did. we want to continue this walkabout so all can have bi`joy experiences. if we don`t give up or don’t give in + waste energy getting upset or settling for second best + remain calm, we gain the fuel to continue to work + get what we want..
             we gain by reflecting with those living close to nature in respect to nature`s borders. This fills in our missing detail to sort out our self. to gain awareness + sensitivity to self-observe + redirect responsibly for our/others life rights..

              together we can learn + make space for part time cooperative sharing + help those understand that are being taken advantage when they pay high price for portions, when yet they could pool resources + buy bulk + split. As we saw at a high price - pampers sold 1 at a time, soap by scoops, bloated cans, this list goes on..

                    same with - planting choices, harvesting techniques, grain grinding fresh from local farmers, drying, preserving, smoking, recipe diversity as in marketing product to locals direct, efficiently from our homes + or in a carry out prepared mode as in a shared space that the community recycles for all.

             fill in the log book with your desire, your sensitivity, your ability to produce + when. This may appear a bit silly but folks we are here to help this energy that is unfamiliar become a known, as you gain control over it. it leaves amazing good energy on self + triggers others around you as well to become alive. Oh you may say a log book full of illusion. is this glass half empty or half full..

    please trust our knocks along the way - i reached to the max to perceive what is. as well supported from a few folks that did the same. so i worked this tool + took advantage as opportunistic with energy to research + apply, paying my dues. When i saw many unable to be fortunate to walk forward.
              Also fill in so as to still less use the tool you are good at, or have had experience. for it is this respect we can gain for each as we invite them to share with us, that which is needed yet we don’t prefer to do it. rather we can all do it together. truly given respect for the choice of one as we rethink. Vs. as many just have one do because they cheaper, etc. so here we open to the cost of our choice, our energy, our ability to stay real with our self + continue our exploration with this life of impermanence. Along with what is now considered to be a job of what you don`t want/forced into, etc..
                       gather as a volunteer to regain + rejoin` fuel to further your clarification. Explore the many folks that boon` with their natural world with amazing skills – Mongolian eagle hunters training for 8 years, a skill passed down for 1000 years. or the honey hunters in Tibet.. which both have had to relocate to carry forward. As in land owners wanting to collect more for honey collectors to work their trees, etc. nature is to be + can be worked correctly. it is wrong to think we have to stop while another researches.
       Rather people have a natural sense when they are boon` with the wild. Sadly this has not been recorded building our 1 universal science from enough folks. that is why we have ecological whores/people with own values ruling over good sound science built with indigenous as with Miguels Altieri`s work. google him. Take action now for your self only + share this walkabout.

  Roger Pryce is on my list, whom spoke at last Cape Arego proposed marine reserve with Port in Charleston. He states he has been commercial fishing since 1965 + today there is just as many fish as ever. Same with oldies i spoke to in Brookings. i think he can help define why this science is not clear now, vs. governor wanting reserves, with his ideology of their needs.

Folks we all can gather our good community folks that know best because they worked it for our food for us to be sustainable.                
               Experience what your community offers + what it can appreciate. As you open to the many wild crafting skills. Explore what once was + create with it.

along with simplifying what is/too expensive. ex; as in some cold/dry storage. + see how prices can become affordable for commercial fisher folks.. + create one locally if none. Stay mobile if can + pool resources. ports should offer good prices to build a functional cooperative. vs. exploit the fisher folks as some have. for it is very wrong when we no longer can have subsistence fish/hunt/gathering, etc.
     stay in real time with your self. this log book reflects your community. it will be a collection of new jobs awaiting. for folks to self-satisfy that which has yet to develop;

              prioritize biodiversity. figure out a way for transporting efficiently, locally + if others in need afar, within reasonable living local mode. then share how + supply for them to do. for them to boon` with their ecosystems + locally produce it. not be dependent on you. + now can do a neighborly exchange if in a disaster, etc.. so 1st year with new ideals may be from pooling resources + you may find you like sharing + con`t. so now that once permanent commitment of ownership of land/building may become a mobile cooperative refrig truck that can reach out a little farther to make life better for those that share subject.
                   we discover ways to go beyond prevention, emergency + live in true local harmony within 50 or so miles as we rejoin` our self. Now you will experience this new sense that has been reaching out, yet you could not figure out how to catch it, etc. wild to remain wild with policy locally understood, restores the torn, worn threads.. it truly is nice to now our local community offerings. as we take a bike in our van + then explore the country side.
      Do you see we don`t rejoin` alone. Yet it is most comfortable when we choose to do it our self.

take a review of how you + close to you have/are inner personally misusing + what actions can be taken now to correct + make it right from the heart. this will amazingly replace the waste of resources in the homeland security.

                  we can support these folks to redirect their goodness into a functional field as they self-observe, rethink + go back into their local communities.
                  we all can rethink as we bring families back together with common sense. + not fight a war that ecological whores produce. planet is coming together in this movement. those spots of war torn civil upheaval  that locals cannot make sense with, will unfold. As folks self-sustain. as true common sense gives us options that has no tolerance for us to continue our  misuse..
                     i respect story from all + respect your ability to choose your own on your bookshelf. But when you follow a story that takes you away from your own flesh, misusing, leaving negative misuse on others, then as a fellow human I feel we can invite you to rethink in our `tapering transition. Supporting you to reflect with ways that work when we do interrelate + rejoin` our self + part time build community.
                   yes I agree with you Jim, when you think others are just deciding for us, that it is wrong for any of us to interfere in other`s ability to self-regulate, unless unable medically. vs. giving us the option to self-observe with others` way, within a comfortable time for each + to be supported to reprogram self as we co-evolve in time. + reflect with a different sense of understanding our true existence.. working within our design as a living organism.
             life on this planet + beyond has been subjected to a lot of horror + our loved ones have suffered when their was another `way.. yet they had no means to reach it or feel it.. same as the many still struggling + dieing prematurely locally + afar. but we today have a `way with this virtual tool to reach out + do this walkabout.  you don't have to accept suffering to continue.. you can link with the many other good folks in this peace movement wanting to speak 1 universal science:.
      Peace Action West, has a lot of detail of what is + has been. i thank them for what they have taught me. as we continue to walk in peace, knowing it is real. although i asked for a photo for our promo from their current work with Afghanistan + they yet to respond. Same with Barack`s OFA – i`ve stated i need feedback + feel this project can better suit my self-expression, for i don`t like generalized formats, where i can`t have hands on eye- to- eye. + yes OFA does have occasional meetings in areas, which i did ad my input from afar.

My issue that i came to conclusion is that i feel we should respect the process, even though governments are dysfunctional. Barack deserves us to work together. where as many don`t, they pull according to parties on many issues. which is wrong. the town meetings don`t give ample time for detail for all. as with the tea party i see a lot of misinformation based on folks that are not centered with the natural world nor themselves, rather religious belief backed by ecological whores. which government should not allow. + many groups have a different agenda.

              we need to come together with reality + that is what we are do_in here.. So you have to connect with what you feel until you can correct it.

So as well I am not clear if my work supporting barrack thru OFA even got to the republicans/others against OFA or Barack.

                             i already created thought based on solutions for use - as a tool for the trans-boundary migration. proposed for elephants in Botswana, Africa with several surrounding countries.

So we invite you folks to reflect with what works for us + use info to fine tune + give info that works for you to your self 1st, then eye-to-eye, then come back + post the bi`joy trail. For your self or for your community. this is what can fuel communities to get clear to invite those sensitive/skilled from afar to gain insight on what they are missing, etc. true nuts + bolts to shift + get in a flow + rhythm with the natural world.

         some of you can`t get awareness easily, nor self-express. As well limited without tools to self-develop.. it is wrong for the business whores that ecologically deplete, to be allowed to do business anywhere. with their decisions not based from a democracy where folks are allowed to become aware + share, to support them in a `tapering transition..    
                    we want to stop this misuse by stopping how we indirectly support it - unknowingly. + share it so others do same.
            folks lets take our energy now as we notice our misuse. pool our effort + take another look at our effects left. let folks tell us more of how to help them rid their needs that we may of contributed to. be very sincere to make it right. rather then give them what we think which is less efficient.. let Al Quaida, Taliban, Afghan, Pakistan, India, ISI, the many folks pissed, etc. all be allowed in their own comfort. to self-express in a cloth/table platform.
                    we are a human family + can support healing vs. triggering wounds in those unable to heal, if we are not facing our own truth or hold our locals accountable locally + afar. + stop misuse that effects them.  
                    we pool together + give an exchange. reflect with folks to get free of chasing our head in attempts to survive + become whole. the international community we have crossed along our path wants the same. as we come together + responsibly act/live local + do a walkabout reaching out sharing awareness. to be ecologically self-reliant:.
       Folks have compassion for those close to you without full assistance, even though working on self.
               we don`t have to travel abroad to heal..
                   we have folks in need here in US. it is especially difficult with healing delayed illnesses, such as diabetes or when bed ridden or sitting a lot + not rotating weight. in the fog with their insulin shots. Many good folks have offerings if they could only get a grip of this metabolic balance. + so many do with good exercise + balanced nutrition to guide them back to themselves in good working order. when they have medical direction. but until they understand + many western doctors don’t work with patients to get clear of what they can do + aid support efficiently so folks are staggering around, without good balance.
          then if not on top of good personal hygiene, exaggerates issue. check in suggest simple soap + water, aid to remove + store stuff correctly. Let the fresh air + sun in, while getting out in it, take a walk + collect some fresh food/herbs, if lucky to have some community gardens. Or plant some. Be more supportive during bad weather, check in to define what is needed.
                     Or many still living nightmares of the past. yet to release baggage. Amazing how we have dulled our sensors + have accepted confused signals from having a sense of what is important that goes beyond our flesh. Not realizing the negative effects left on self + others for years. + many not even knowing we have the control to redirect + rid this draining effect on our self. by addressing + calming these long over due sufferings relived each day.

Mandala theater group in Port Townsend, Wa that performed at the `boiler room is very effective. Addressing the nazis symbols as folks exposed their suffering carried still from the concentration camps. As well some think we still have death camps controlled by some in US + around the world.
           Not to mention communities with large browsers that make havoc out of gardens, fields + damage to property. they are leaving folks fearful of their lives when they collect wood, cut grass, move from home, walk to school, etc. leaving negative attitudes, engage or demand retaliatory killings of elephants as in Botswana, leaving pressure on government. this did not always happen when they allowed the critters trans-boundary migration for their seasonal offerings.
                why + how this got out of hand is the same as how folks get restricted from areas on this planet. yet others have special privileges. unfair trade happens at the expense of us misusing. not knowing the true story of the manipulation from a few that leave negative footprints. we`ve consumed without asking the how - where + what;

        22million children trafficing across international borders, 11 million from SE Asia, child labor continues in mines as in the congo. along with women continually getting raped from the miners, that live near, as they collect their water. yet we continue to buy these products they mine in surgical tools, computers, etc., keeping minors employed, yet those abusing are not penalized. check out v.org as ex; as they promote this awareness thru theater + education. stay updated with products these miners produce + don’t support them, as we come up with other options. This can be 1 of the collective issue`s addressed in the next` move do_in.
                             women don`t just get raped they get a gun shot in the vagina + the local hospital has limited supplies, as they reach out for more. with numbers they don`t have space to keep them so they release, + women go home to have same happen again.

  celebrate with us each year, 2.14.2013 with vday.org as we exchange awareness + reachout, so as to go within + take note of our effects we leave on ourself + others.
      with good sensitive inner tools/skills we can eliminate our excessive waste + consumption. + hybrid our local energy systems.. + keep fuel local. rebuild/rehab/build natural communities that are boon` with nature guided by the simple folks that retained/built upon the ways from those subsistent.  not a national grid that fuels others consumption when yet we conserving low use of volts.

     Barack + legislators, we welcome you as a local participant. we won’t supply consumption as in wave energy to the highest bidder. Rather we need to locally help folks become aware to become efficient + redirect resources for self-empowerment. + then reassess our land potential for hybrid energy. recycling the wires, building a sub-station, etc.  

folks the green movement Mirishita developed is the only one that works, where `our food becomes flesh. all other green revolutions have been proven wrong. They are ecological whores chasing delusion.

  please see our `plan, for their are many good folks working now with solutions passed on from Masonobu Fukuoka as well the myceliums that are cleaning up toxic dumps/wastes.

  so please take personal responsibility + stop purchasing what needs to be recycled. as together we support + pool our thought to clean up our mess locally + beyond, in space where their is so much debree we are becomeing a high risk on earth, in the ocean with toxic sludge from plastics, etc.  this is crazy how lack of consciousness can even create such stuff, not to mention leave effects on ourself or other life.                            
                folks we have much work to do..
                       many fisher folks have felt for many years abuse + disrespect from the DFW. it is time to come to an understanding so we hold people accountable for their insensitivity. Or get real we are being overly emotional our self + define what is taken place. Don’t just carry being pissed or feel like an under dog, while the other may be do_in their best, or doing + are insensitive + not respecting your good input.
                     we need to get real, recognizing the science the fisher folks are living. as they work together, equally bringing themselves to calm. gain their understanding as both co-evolve, creating 1 universal science.no to the marine reserves + wave energy that is being exploited, rather we need to prioritize working functional entities that are now in place. that are dysfunctional. The communication between F+W + fisher folks is one. no international sustainable regulatory boards for enforcement for our oceans is another. see our plan` do_in sharing the ocean..
            it is wrong to follow/support the `green revolution/movements who are ecological business whores. Navdanya`s diary states how science has proven them wrong.
            folks we can come together in 1 universal science, where nature rules + via like ecosystems it can be co_evolved. to correct science that is, from all that have sustained with it. not purchased or values over riding others that have natural fact. Not sold to the highest bidder, no more.
                   if we don`t do this, then the many ecological whores that irresponsibly do business around the planet will find means to take + control our goods that sustain us. + we will lose our rights as many are now in fighting Monsanto to save their own seed. See Navdanya`s  dairy.
                   it isn't going to happen until so called people realize we lead our self, when fueled by being `boon with our natural world. + stop following leaders, as in those that continue excessive waste. all meetings could be with local participants on location of issue at hand.. shared with the world + beyond for all to participate in a virtual part time reality that would be energy efficient leaving no footprint.. ex: the G summit's, UN, FAO, IPCC, etc. anyone dealing with other lives, could start with a `way + make a potluck.. + folks each community has a different issue, some share, some have other priorities in need to address. So I share what has been in mine + you address yours, inviting comment to support/for you to share yours.

                   most efficiently, we suggest an exchange in discussion with the following do_ins` as you continue in order: a plan`, pri`performance, + on to the `next move..
      our co_evolved ches+s game is being created as we shift old mode of thought, redistributing power back to the people.. if anyone knows chess + wants to participate check in + help us write the rules.
           we have gathered much thought but yet to be clear where best to place it. we are thinking for it to raise funds for this walkabout if we package it as a nice tool. So far eye-to-eye we have had some interesting interchange as folks very skilled in chess, yet carrying baggage from seriously being negatively affected from another, have hopefully lifted up a bit from the scars.

     So as to once again feel life as it trickles back in, when we rethink with others reflections, be honest, vent the hate from being pissed, when another takes advantage. + continue on, not living with a grudge, rather have compassion so we can then calm our self to work thru this + survive together.  vs. wanting to do something very bad to them. So they went from thinking the game was controlling – shifting to how the knights no longer blindly support the king.
             Rather together awareness rules. + an aware community can bring support when we need it to harmonize. Realizing all the past trust/communication was perhaps built by each with a bit of negativity as each truly where not independent rather the codependency contributes to the abusive acts. for no whore does it on their own. As well we can’t bite our elbows + stay pissed at our self. rather redirect the energy into calming a nice new exploration of self-reliance + truly gain a self. vs. just stay with those that want to say poor you + be stuck in emotions.
       rejoin` your self..
         reflect, self-observe, go eye-to-eye, take notes along the way before posting.. we don't have to reinvent the wheel, but we can't just live in the virtual world either.. if we co_evolve + create in real time together, we can make a difference for our self, our local + global community. by becoming a local, global + beyond participant..
                  as you visit with loved ones + experience now the much important simple living, that in past fell thru the cracks, signs left unnoticed.. signs left undressed.. share.  although we give many reflections, we do not want to fill in your fine tune threads that make you – you. that is for you to do. So don`t just hop on our wave, do your homework, allow it to trigger what is within + enjoy the discovery process. go apply it locally, with your self. go eye-to-eye + get real.

                   make this your tool + sort yourself out so you settle for nothing less than your ability to create your path as you walk it into your opening. Without leaving a footprint – no negative effect on any life. organize, so all the baggage is spaced out for editing, so you remain calm. While you no longer let it interfere in your self. to enable you to be present creating your moment. yes truly self-satisfying. In a bi`joy experience knowing you did your homework + no ecological whores involved.
            Easy for me you may say, but we are human made up with same material. if we can do it + still do, you can to. for it is the mindset of efficiency + our tools when used, fuels us to be present in our moment. only then do we gain true insight for our future. some of us had many walls to knock down, as we chiesled, without the good reflections offered here. So please do a review + follow our suggestions carefully for 1st time around. Then you are free to suggest to us.

      This is not new. Many good folks live it, it is now that we want to connect + share it reaching out to that which has been missing in our lives. this movement works when we all accept nothing less than living local. we need to confront these issues,  for as ex; it is wrong for UN + other international agencies, along with government support, to number 1 not be transparent with public working this governing body that is best done when locals do it locally. to reestablish this precedence so when locals get support, it is directed for their self-reliance to regain own awareness.

So when we address anything we need to grip this moment + reestablish our working perimeters, so those with own agendas or ruled by religious agenda become aware of government being a public entity, dependent on our natural functioning systems now. + need to boon` with the laws of nature. which co-evolves with each ecosystem in real time.
              the issue of land/water can be developed as a sound ecological sustainable plan` if you now put it high on your list to be involved in what sustains you. for ecology to sustain us as living organisms. i refer to an organic` solution, paper i wrote. where if we plot this dimensional cube in our minds, on paper + when ever any one goes to use this space, so no effects left, what needed is worked with to rid so nature is sustaining itself or enhanced, as Miguel does. as we come together with same values, getting to the detail that wavers + clear it up.. so no one moves forward until all shift with what is right.

         this way we rethink + define inner-personally our objective + not repeat if already a better solution, rather merge with like mind. + or remove what doing + clear so do_in. many folks are lost in their inner-interpersonal exchange + interfere in creating a workable universal science that exists presently. 1 universal science can be developed so this stops.
         Entities that are built have huge budgets + funds. Many don`t get to objectives, they get stuck or lost in repetitive modes, when yet our virtual world can eliminate these tasks. Ecological whores can instantly be on `tapering transitions list as we start to contact them in a collective respectful manor. With group thought for them to rethink.
                this frees us to use our human inner tools + network what works, which is the answer to all this negative aggression that has chased disassociated energy on this planet that we all take part in creating. now we can break up this illusionary force into energy efficiency, taking responsibility for our self, controlling no one. + cooperatively assisting modes in place allowing support for folks to become a local + beyond participant, when in need + or for long term disabilities.

                        we will define this list of folks that have interfered for too long, + make them aware that they no longer are supported by our misuse. + give them our reflection as we unite in this movement. to simply want to regain our personal awareness + make right our wrongs. no longer will we put blame on another when we can see it in our self.. post your awareness of self supporting these transitions in need in `tapering transition.

      please post those names + detail, contact info of the ecological whores - under title –  makumbo, as they walk into the wild + rethink. where we welcome positive feedback for recycling/rid/co-evolve supporting them to rethink as they become a local, global + beyond participant to create with.

                       remember jj + breanna how when we would discover how foolish we did something + another would say makumbo, as they could see clear yet we couldn`t. as we redirected the energy + corrected our selves. it is a bi`joy experience to feel it + want to shift.
                         do a walkabout, reach out + establish this like minded family connection, with folks simply living local. That share the same common denominator. holding locals accountable locally + at the end of our focus.
we suggest addressing these issues in a way` as we 1st meet + redirect the attention so each self-register in log book as well under `tapering transition subcategory + makumbo.
                         This is most effective to catch it early on, even if a new ideal approaching with early signs. this is most comfortable for those that have left negative effect, knowingly or not. + as they get clear with positive options to make it right, once they choose to rid , recycle or create upon. Then in a potluck they can now experience the application as they introduce to their community. as they become a local, global + beyond participant.
               As in ex; solution for local sustainable land/water use, it takes this imaginary plot via lat/long to truly see all the threads that are worn, rotting + broke, to connect + stop interfering in perhaps what should be our governing interrelated body`s effort. to use all resources for the whole + our neighbors. Not allow it to no longer be controlled or fragmented from those with personal agendas, rather awareness defines, not majority.
         But that does not mean policy gets created from a few as some does presently if no one shows. Rather now we hold interchangeable representatives to do their function + reach out in a walkabout so all become aware by making it work. as they are part of our local community they then are informed rather then presently as in having to contact them for every wrong thing in attempts to make it right, when they also cannot do. the system is dysfunctional. support people  to recycle it.
                 As we come together with clarity of what our community needs to rid, this aids the decision as folks create new interchange. Vs. loose associated business of no or negative value. which leaves us more connected + fuels our organic intuitive response.
         please do a walkabout, reach out + establish this like minded family connection, even if direct family won`t, with simple natural folks. yes at times we only carry the sweet memories of loved ones + realize how living together or visiting to be clear with each, is truly the only way to prevent so much dysfunction. Especially when we have natural community to reflect with. i can only say i`m sorry for those i`ve offended along my path. For when early on you have no emotional savy it truly hurts to loose a loved one. i`ve lost a few.
             when family does cross path enjoy + exchange, truly realizing how each can give so much. thanks Tammy, Craig, Breanna + JJ for making this project special with thoughts of you + thanks to your help.. along with Danny, Ritchie + Billy for their love + now, we thank Billy for helping us understand our 1st thoughts with the computer;
                   we hope this tool gives you just as much in return.
                   we suggest addressing these issues in a way` as we 1st meet at our potluck. + redirect the attention so each self-register in log book as well those in need under makumbo. For `tapering transition options..      
                                 this is most effective to catch it early on, even if a new ideal approaching with early signs. this is most comfortable for those that have left negative effect, knowingly or not. + as they get clear with positive options to make it right, once they choose to rid , recycle or create upon. Then in a potluck they can now experience the application as they introduce to their community. as they become a local, global + beyond participant. with organic intuitive response.
              it appears a lot of patches` on this planet have been enslaved. Yet to be aware that we can adjust our misuse. but also others use as a playground.  Leaving folks undeveloped to be in serve mode. which many are linking to give awareness to simply redirect + see human options to self-review + stop misuse. as dull sensors become sharpened to maintain our energy flow as we reflect with ways that work as we walk our path as we build it, exploring, do_in exchanges with like minds + accepting nothing less than harmony. even giving support as folks go thru this `transition.
                    Especially with those with memory disconnect. this
tilts what was once perhaps accepted as oh this is good. working thru issues, as more sneaks out. when we do dig deep to unload our perceptions. + or tilt the bucket, + more uncomfortable feelings rehashing how could of done it differently, etc. + then back to guilt.
                   By part time interrelating - building community, the positive results gives nurturing comfort.. supporting part time baggage review, as you can be present creating your moments..
         our body works much better when we remain calm. it actually allows our body to work + metabolize more efficiently + do all that it needs to keep us healthy:.
        partly because it doesn't overtax our nervous system, etc..  our minds and altered egos will keep us busy with lots of thinking about many things if we let it. but we have to stay focused + remember that to really experience the present we have to be in it.  doesn't mean we don't think at all - but on our time.
interrelate with your self + your representative to once again bring our governing bodies back to public transparency, where we make the decisions once aware. + decisions aren`t made until all informed + understand.
                     Folks this has fueled me to make some yummy meals. + for those that are appreciative + gather for a walkabout in support - i will share my recipe thought. so please contact me. it doesn’t include those moments even the birds would not eat. Do I need to say any more..

i`ve actually gotten to the point when shit happens I don`t even say f… anymore, i just redirect + not waste another breath. believe me it keeps coming. But these tools help us become more conservative with our energy. as well stay on our path. To focus on what sustains us:.
     plenty of good water + wholesome complex carbohydrates, while we naturally satisfy. + manage our large browsers with our plant succession; very old growth, old growth, 10 year growth, new ground + open, then let them lead our way`. as we do overview for land/water use + bring ways that work.
        Propose trans-boundary migration, with students do_in homework of needs + offerings as they join with the community. this can work as long as those government heads are also local participants, self-developing - side by side. together we incorporate locals in to a democratic system, where tribal becomes 1 voice with all;

        is this easy for you to go directly to your representatives to discuss these issues as community members. it has not been for us.
                          after hearing the Lane county city club on 11.23.09, it rather left a negative effect in me. for i disagree that one with issues mentally should have long term commitments as in housing. rather i think they should have temporary housing + more focus on their self-development for no one does this alone, rather plugging into like subject sharing natural living can help one unfold + sort things out. this co_evolving process can fuel us to get clear + redirect.

       so less commitments to shuffle make mobility easier. yes this process + housing availability should be stable. + those with empty rooms should reconsider as the Russians do. As each night they rotate those able as each communicate + share in an exchange so as to get clear + work into the where + what best + go on.

               Not permanently housed but permanently supported while healing, building a mindbody balance. + then once clear relocate if that the choice. to be housed + imprisoned by own brain is not the way. + students can do this support as they reflect + in an exchange self-develop + sort out their own chaos.
               Meaning if we as a cooperative define we are trying to live natural lives, then we need to get real with where each of us are at + how able we are to define how balanced. For our neuro –processing gives us a huge range + we can get preoccupied with over consumption to total enslavement from misuse, not realizing the negative effects we leave on our self + other life locally + at the end of our focus.
                      To do this simply is to invite like subject from outside + reflect with to ground our energy as in a makumba experience. now realizing how we became dependent on each other, not boon` with nature. energy that is grounded as when we stay within our own circle we can easily limit our self with what we think is. yet truly awakened to our natural world, building self-reliance as we share in synergy. Now fueling independence.
                  many folks are getting negative effects + are unprepared to shield themselves, so they are vulnerable..
                                 yet many more are truely loved + cared for..

                                                         tao te ching..
`stand before it + there is no beginning.. `follow it + there is no end.. when in natural state our natural purpose emerges + unfolds with universe.
       we suggest the only long term commitment is for you to become aware of your human potential. + that requires balancing your energy, once you maintain a calm flow.. this comes from you self-satisfying while leaving no footprint, boon` with your natural world. hopefully these tools, + those yet to be posted by you + others will offer you the check list to do just this.
                      Choose harmony vs. derangements.. choose nothingness vs. blank.. addressing early signs + noticeable issues put to calm.. to ease in deeper hidden cues.. + regain intuitive instinct directed acts, based on known organic origins vs. fear based survival or another, that could still be deep within passed down from generations of behaviors taken as normal or not.. along with the easily self-created.. along with the vibrations, many sensitive to, from past + present..
                    if as in our plan` do_in as with all do_ins` we appreciate best – once understand rejoin`. as we along the way` still trigger each to take a review, with early signs as they surface. But if all do their homework, then our work flow goes along well. As we address 1 issue at a time + move on. reaping the benefit.
                     Especially with the nice local farmers that have a partnership with nature, that have priorities that include improving soil while protecting air, water + wildlife. At an expense + an exchange for all;
                               please refurbish personal, local, state + federal spending. produce efficiency for all to become aware + be 1 with the natural world.  it is here in rejoin` which is best, so then in the plan` we already do_in. using a way` as a resourceful tool not being without, as in rejoin` we stock our tool shed.
       we can turn each opportunity into our advantage when we cooperatively engage in this process. vs. just living for our own backyard.. sustainable is to have an abundant with a direct exchange with natural energy of grace resonating + we are fortunate to have many good folks do_in this, thankyou Jenny Pell;

              that allows us to act as a sponge to drip off of.. as Jenny from permaculture now` best says so well – as she lives it from her yearly visit with
the Bioneer`s..
                we don`t have to be a slave to our earth or our self..
                we can live local + work to explore + share this earth`s goodness + restore together what is needed until locals can take over.
                we can establish natural settings that are not dependent on us. rather allowing us to live as a local indigenous, where ever we choose to be if fortunate.. with interchangeable roles to sustain with each season, with permanent culture. preparing us for the next.
            this way is a way` that gives us permanence in yet an impermanent life. + can be as simple as starting with a way` community log book/patches` message board/tool shed. as we open doors of classrooms + bring children into our community to build with us, one that sustains all life. only then will they know how to walk into their future.
                    Starting with our inner tools maintained, allowed to heal + awareness exchanged to sharpen the dull, while those broken are supported to come back into community, as we all become aware to be a local, global + beyond participant.. as we co_evolve as a living organism dependent on natural systems functioning, + feel best when boon` with. as we all become subsistent with direct exchange rather then accumulate layers that stands between us. keeping us further from our self.
                        living responsibly leaves fuel to part time collectively do an ER triage for those unable locally + beyond until able. while we stop unhealthy aggressive acts + do an exchange in a `tapering transition.. we get support to rethink, recycle + together supply solution. where our dependency is no longer supporting negative ecological impact that is fragmenting. rather now we become part of the whole with positive acts in harmony. breaking dependencies that interrupted natures ability to sustain itself.

            as we quickly adjust to makumbo.. yes all, not just house those in need, with ill effects left. rather they feel our energy + have a desire to explore the wild locally with a wilderness awareness folk. Learn to get out of beta mind so as not to scare the animals away. Rather be there with them. awakening to what produced the misuse. working collectively to not interfere.
                  we can re-orientate our work for overall benefit of society + nature, while truly obtaining self-pleasure. exploring in an exchange with like subject. as we find a pen pal locally + or here. so we share a common denominator, speaking the same language. as we do an exchange to rid our needs. + in this process of bringing from the depths that which has yet to be explored, we now choose to do it with another. + build the best inter/intra relations + develop personal relationships exploring together.
           as we stop in along our way. explore like shared interest. that always seemed to be put on back burner. we now reflect together + have the best personal guide to explore this area of interest while we do an exchange, with our loved one. while each fine tune what works best for our ecosystems + co_evolve.

      experience ecologically sound individual /collective customized local bio-technology that is hybrid with old ways that work.. as locals create/refine cottage industry, as you live with them with hands on application.

       have you ever had a cloth passed on to you, or house. generations of simple living with tools that just are their in still working condition. that you instantly perceive  as those before you did + co_evolve. the beauty + complexity yet such a working tool. Japanese + Chinese pass down 300 year old houses from 1 family member to another. can you imagine not having to do what you have or many do to produce. The wasted energy chasing stuff, rather just continue on.. the world offers a wealth of natural living experiences. that we can apply now, as our children create/explore with themselves while side by side with us:.

                         tools to carry with us to act on, build upon. with those early signs, as we adjust. not awaiting another, not following on others wave. but together support each to be whole + independent.  together build community. many of us have not had this or we choose to not have it as we chased our delusion of what we thought was real, or perhaps more sensitive to what was, without feeling we could interrelate + make it better. In hindsight we then reflect + wonder why are we doing so much of those bad ways we where offended by when our parents did it to us. well your on the right track to rid free of this baggage vs. dajavu as we can pass it around.
            many folks where unable to take the time to rethink. So they carried it to their death. Where if you have this insight then work it + get free of it now.  especially notice those times when loved ones are trying to share + we stand our ground as if we think they can`t or they can’t teach us. they can if we respect them equally. For it is us in our children coming back at us to attempt to balance when we yet did.
                we have another chance - so don`t shut down to it, rather embrace + open with it. This then clears the air in us all. allowing our relations to grow yet deeper. it is this that produces our intent for misuse. When yet so many of us instantly jump to our nutrition or exercise as being the fault.
                we want these blockages to surface so we can remove them + all be totally satisfied with our creative expression as we take part in our moment.
                we don`t want to run from our self, stay in our head enslaved, as we put pressure on our flesh or stay homeless. we want to synch with our reality, bring our self to our moment. have our earth as our home where we never feel without as we `boon with the natural world. putting our whole being into ecosystem of choice, as we interrelate building the community to sustain all, within a human potential that harmonizes.
           this subject we share in an exchange awakens us thru these `transitions.
                 to share our energy, our resources. which is much more valuable to our sustainability then material objects. it is this support that allows us to choose our lessons, so wherever we land we live as a local;
                                   where water flows for all to drink + store to bathe + fields offer food for all to plant, harvest + to gleen. Where natural resources are chosen wisely for a good night sleep for all. this is lived by all that apply + this leaves no intent for aggression beyond a healthy ego.

Look at the ecological whores, their livelihood, what do they consume wastefully in how product/service is completed, it`s composition from where, how + what. Look at the unfair trade, the habitats destroyed/interfered with, along with where it travels. EU + US actually go back + forth a few times, as Miguel Altieri shows.
                        Now look at you + what are you thinking when you obtain it. the effect left on you from knowing or not. Amazing how naivety does keep us happy at times. But you didn’t find us because you wanted to continue supporting ecological whores. Did you..
                       Welcome it`s time to go to work please share this walkabout.

Our community we build is the best classroom, where doors are kept open + we only use buildings for tools/weather shelter. where the universe fuels our inner tools + gives us the energy that we can become aware to maintain.
           when there are homeless, look around + you will also see enslaved
housed folks that have yet to awaken to their natural world. yet the homeless has allowed themselves to be thrown off their natural path.. it is like a child/parent
where each can become aware by opening to each other.

For support for those afraid of each other the students can support this `tapering transition. fresh young minds yet to be polluted, along with air heads crying out for reflection as community can give it in exchange. folks are pooled by like subject matter that is comfortable. + rotated for reflection, while all students (whether from open classrooms or the undeveloped in child/adult bodies in the
community) work in an exchange for their food, own space, respect to heal/study.

               + also support to explore themselves while applying in like subject matter in different ecosystems, bringing to calm understanding;

        differentiating an interpersonal issue self-imposed knowingly or not – allowing misuse from another knowingly or not – ecological whoring effect dependent or creating knowingly or not. + become sensitive to earthly offerings from indigenous/wildlife, that are subsistent maintaining their bond with nature within it`s limits.. reflect + feel an energy balance + choose to rid own needs, while gaining sensitivity to live within nature's perimeters, an ecosystem of your choice.. + truly self-satisfy. only then can we feel another..
              know how you can produce or interfere, from the effects you leave. locally that effect local + or afar, as well your self.

             feel good from maintaining your discipline of self-sensory observation as you maintain a calm center, being present - creating your moment. so when you go beyond, you make space to adjust, correct + make it right to that which you interfered in. do it within your calm control as we address + have much confidence working with our early signs.

               this is fuel to peace, for you to work it.. for you to build your path as you walk it into your opening, don`t settle for false limitations, or others. when you can become aware + accept impermanence, where nature rules..            

check out the other rejoin` subcategories + see what you can best connect with to share some story. then we suggest go on to the plan` do_in..

                       thank you! our combined` effect makes a difference..