update 8.3.2013 as we seek existing links to focus direct subject matter with abundant solutions, bringing our human family together focusing on what sustains us, + the great joys we can obtain..

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  this restructuring has been a challenge due to my co_evolving, I don`t know about yours??

  I see so much waste in everyone pulling their own way. if we efficiently unite to focus direct to obtain our goals, they actually will happen much easier.

  people have different neuro networks so all need to define what locally is reaching everyone + use it to link. no need to lay another path until existing ones are clarified + worn torn links restored. where students within us all can co_evolve the subject matter as all restore your natural enhanced working communities to harmonize, self-empower all in the process, as well co_evolve the curriculum so it continues to flow in real time with natural maintenance.

imagine if all the entities we all presently do/see merge, energy put into simple administrative duties, office space, networking for bettering our communities locally, as we share in exchange afar.  we can start + go online to bring everyone together eye to eye locally. + with interchangeable roles all take a turn to post the communities updates. so now all come to the cloth/table + prioritize the local `plan land freshwater flow to sea use review. to see how best to prioritize function + restore within nature`s enhanced potential. as we address what sustains us in each community.

yet each individualizes. supporting others with like ecosystem/biomes to be triggered to bring home what works for own solutions. yet we as humans share priorities we can all identify with as we focus on what sustains us locally. learning from the high risks already taking place negatively.

so how do we link globally such precision to be worked locally, with existing links already do_in, yet not all aboard? well I say add this to your global events, + let us focus direct together. for it is becoming more aware to me that it is this subject matter that has been lacking, for the networks appear to exist, just have to link them. the movement has long been uniting with great tools sharing live on location.

when we have this awareness shared, why do each of you not bring this data to your local potlucks, so as no more permits get issued, rather long before this stage people gather alternative solutions. as students network via like ecosystem/subject small to medium developments to satisfy the local sustainable means fitting in with agro_ecology ,respecting all life, so as to restore our local functions, starting with our natural food production, working into restoring all that sustains us locally..

please come tell me your efficient way, as we link all these networks in every community + network with tools specific to each, such as Wiser.org, LinkedIn, 350.org, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, OFA, Demand Action with Mayors against illegal guns, in this month of August`s many events to take advantage of focus directing together with legislators as we welcome them to come back + be a local participant to prioritize local issues as we rethink real time involvement. this list is lengthy. + we can utilize the many platforms that have very good ways, as we apply within our self, understanding to rid our baggage, channeling local priorities to address misuse + abuse, so people plug into the many solutions we have now + no more leave negative effects.

students can resolve, so we stop leaving such resistance + become aware to hold ourself accountable, + others locally + afar, as serious transparency is shared. as we suggest here. as many then can better do their homework with hands on support, given by students/community members to associate + apply real hands on do_in.

so no the many issues dissolve into simple common sense across the board.

when yet I think if each local person collectively co_evolves, then shares with community, we go within ourselves to rethink/repackage/downscale/prioritize as tallies reflect real time applications. starting with local natural food sovereignty, it will fuel how best to continue. so we all work toward responsible building of local, global + beyond communities.

no more get whiplashed with many modes of same science words. rather power is created with few words that all tongues can translate globally. + the structure we link will then hold us all accountable, so no one runs elsewhere + gets away with it. rather we all want to co_evolve + experience the beauty of `booning with our natural world, as we work with the local tapering transitions, as we gain facts to make wrongs right, rethink + choose directions to build our path as we walk it into our own openings. yet leave no footprints..

leaving us all to explore the beauty on this planet + beyond.

while understanding how we co_evolve creatively by working the wild sensitively, for respect of all life, is a true ethnic art + science that all can awaken too.

please note I yet to take another review of past proposals for I`ve gone beyond the rehab mode into the best way to heal + reflect by plugging into community self-reliance in the building. as we restore it together., for i`m reaching out awaiting feedback from some local school systems, to further get their opinions of what is already working to link subject matter with, before defining if we need to create new software for this platform.

when I look at Center for Biological Diversity web page, it blows me away to see all the skilled people + the many lawyers working for this change to simply preserve all endangered species to retain our genetic bio-diversity. if any of you have ever been in a lawsuit, you well know this can be very lengthy + expensive, not to mention a big gamble.

yet the love of life makes all want to do what is necessary to preserve it.

so to think that my ideas welcome people to want a tapering transition if understood, as we can organize a walkabout with our students + reach out with ecological clarity that unites the social + political systems, as Prof Miguel Altieri speaks of with his agro_ecology curriculum that he creates with indigenous still do_in without leaving negative effects..

as many have done over time, we can now bring the global community together in this exchange vs. many having to face these lawyers as they continue over the years. to now actually support the biological diversity in a maintenance mode of our non interference, vs. after the fact of interference/depletion/etc., is quite revolutionary.

no more do we want to just address the ER mode or the prevention mode, rather we want to simply be in harmony with the natural world + it is this reflection that has yet to reach all + can.

I think it is all in the wording + the organizing of real time energy at it`s finest, as we gather many people to do this walkabout for our mindbody. exponentially more if we put the students to work with us. this is what will change our global market place from present corruption of delusion from disassociated energy that we still all take part in creating unknowingly, yet to be harnessed, to simply become aware + harness it. so it no longer displaces our energy within as we redirect it + channel the energy into creative sustainable exchanges..

I appreciate your feedback below, especially from those of you already collaborating events.

our combined` effect will make an unbelievable imprint changing the ways we perceive + respond due to this association + application of this understanding with the support of students + all walking side by side. so all reflect + feel our own energy as baggage becomes clear. fueling tools to rid it. as we remain present in the moment. building new neuro networks to maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. belief, addressing our early signs.

to see mama Ellie + other mamas, with the very small children working with her Waldorf educational awareness, as they come together building community is truly beautiful, yet many undeveloped students in adult bodies do not presently have this reflection for many have allowed their sensors to dull. so this platform requires sensitivity + compassion for these stages of healing.

this mode of thought is for all now, for with out us doing this ASAP, our children now will not gain the tools needed to walk into the future to handle it, for they only will learn this as we are truthful + in our discovery + unfolding`s of so much dysfunction, they also will dig into their own baggage + define themselves. what better education can anyone have then these exchanges.

+ I say exchanges for when the human species has dulled their sensors, + then another gives hands on, when one resharpens their sensors or even first time awareness, amazing energy of gratitude + humbleness comes about, all wanting to do their part.

this is the beauty of the human species potential, that then can gain much more sensitivity to all life, + that is why I say we can become aware to work our wild space that I feel have been set aside wrongly for tourism, developments without proper ecological assessments that harmonize with our human needs. as we need this wild to live on + work, as the Amazonians did/do well in their seasonal migrations. as I state in the project osic subcategory, in a document added, of the many studies completed from scientists, showing then the damage from bad developments, that took place many years ago, yet still is interfering in their livelihood.

   we are all interdependent on our genetic bio-diversity linking, for mother earth to sustain us.

this awareness from `booning with the wild land, in respect for all life, including our own, can be maintained in every local community, globally. to link our ability to efficiently restore our natural balance, giving us yet more fuel to co_evolve the human species with a mindbody clarity + physical strength, many yet have experienced.

thank you all for do_in what you can to rethink + please share.
we await your feedback.
sincerely, kara j Lincoln
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