^^ walkabout overview - i come to talk story..

    please use this example in your bi`joy walkabout, or create your own, along with what you feel is important to connect with, that this project triggers within you..

                    i come to talk story                   
                                       a natural joy with life equals a bi`joy experience
this sets a cloth/table stage for us to reflect + interrelate with folks that have re-evaluated their human existence, within the growing international community. that want to come together + share awareness for us all to be a local, global + beyond participant.
                     actively being in real time;
living local, `boon with the natural world. implementing sensitivity, sharing locally + beyond.. to reestablish skills needed of non-interference, supporting + allowing nature to regain it`s ability to sustain itself..  restoring ecological soundness..
                     our human ability to gain + share awareness
 to restore our whole being..  maintaining discipline over our self- sensory observation vs. belief.. that fuels our ability to go within + reprogram as we responsibly calm the aggressive ill states, long carried forward + accepted as normal.. ridding  our baggage, part time co-oping our focus to prioritize all life`s needs + offerings on this planet + beyond now.. as we continue to live local + part time network. helping those in need that can self-empower to do the same.. while putting support systems in place for those/us when unable… so we all self-satisfy without leaving a footprint

                   our point is;
why would we accept what is, when it is a negative situation, when together we can redirect into positive resolution, fueling folks to restore harmony thru a `tapering transition

Stardust, nature, which we are composed of, has a fuel source when used correctly.. from the beginning of human existence, folks have observed..
been empowered.. died by ignoring nature`s signs. our fuel is our biology on this planet producing oxygen, this is high on our priority list.

humans have tapped into this self-perpetuating energy fuel source + we refuse to participate in the waste of it.

editing with old + new, co_evolving with what works - fuels young + old to examine the undeveloped child within + self-develop. ridding needs + sharing offerings that prioritize function, energy efficiently, producing human creativity to flow, redirecting disassociated energy into self-empowerment. where folks self-satisfy without leaving footprints on other life.

    where do you want to place yourself, where do you place yourself
with those misusing, yet unaware.. suffering… or those blind to how their own lack of interpersonal awareness puts them in sheep herd position, that blindly leave negative effects, producing the enemy fought, while destroying precious life + natural resources.
with those experiencing real time changes in themselves, that we can make now.. ridding our codependent, enslaved mode that produces fuel for our misuse. which allow those to abuse us + all life in their path + at the end of their focus.

                     part time pool resources
 networking, preventing, supporting those + us when unable, to continue to participate as a whole being, interrelating, exploring, co_evolving, obtaining harmony as we build community.. environmentally restoring + conforming to nature`s rules… appreciating what is, developing awareness to live `boon with, leaving us freedom to self-sustain with our natural environment. live in the now, live local where ever choose + enjoy the world + beyond offerings available.

where we all can gain awareness to preserve + co_evolve with our unique cultural potentials.. that have preserved diversification of species from the beginning of time.. as we use our natural tools `boon with our wild lands to set our path for trans-boundary migration for large browsers, rivers to flow, communities to be restored, for all to migrate with respect. sharing what works on this planet + beyond, as we continue our exploration. Yes with even those leaving negative effects that we call an ecological whore. we invite them to listen, rethink + allow us to join in with solutions as they choose to once again become a local, global + beyond participant. to our planetary family. experience a `tapering transition for all to rid the anxiety + calm with inner peace.

                            This is our life right.

So we may have the gentlest neighbor yet to know they can easily pick up an automatic + shoot those jumping over the Mexican border. Meanwhile this limited shallow perspective thinking they shoot our people so why not shoot them. leaves them to carry unbalanced energy within, interfering in obtaining a true sense of harmony.

Here we support no weapons accept for hunt for food/cloth, etc. we feel we can learn to become sensitive + live with respect within our natural borders. We feel we can define these threads that leave us programmed, struggling with unnatural behaviors passed on as our loved ones carried theirs. unable to rid due to their attempt to survive.

Now is the time for us all to remove layers of dysfunction + reflect with those simply living within the natural world as we share positive application as we focus on supporting our ecological sustainability that sustains our fuel. The biological life on this planet that gives us oxygen.

So ask yourself are you not tired of this ongoing cost inefficient war mode that is taking our life rights away. Literally biologically as the weapons deplete our air quality, interfere in calm mindbody work to rid this baggage. At a great energy + financial expense to all as funds are manipulated.

We refuse to let our children know that this is a normal way, rather it is delusional + psychotic.

together we gain support to go beyond ER state + settle for nothing less then harmony.

together we can appreciate, conserve energy + restore our natural ecosystem, along with our whole being. only then will we have the tools to sustain our self on this earth + explore beyond now.. giving the future generation our centered energy now, needed now to survive + ground. from the harmony reflected from living + working together responsibly. to fuel our ability to rid our weight, put upon them, if we fail to remove our baggage we have yet to clean up.

                    which contributes to our;
         programmed mindsets, passed on, to some taken as normal behavior, others aware of it`s damaging dysfunction if not removed. if they are exposed to us acknowledging our own self-induced baggage that leaves negative impact on our self + our environment, ill health, etc., it gives them inner tools to enable them to survive this generation + walk into the next.
                  via a series of gatherings on location, we call do_ins
 young + old working together is our survival, enabling us to resolve + efficiently redirect a lot of negativity, when we replace positive application within + locally. fueling us to part time share with those unable until able locally  + beyond. giving us more fuel for us all to work with. to simply market what should be common sense to all people, for all life in each ecosystem.

each do_in is applied in each moment, as we co_evolve with each do_in
as we make 1 universal natural science that supports our understanding to co_evolve all aspects of our life.

 democracy is true if it does just this It is wrong to think we need to continue aggression. when we can self-develop awareness stopping those from gaining financially as well a deluded power over any.

see our game ches+s where we co_evolve chess, building now communities that share sensitivity for self-sustainability + peace, where no one rules another able being.

           plan` to get together in a`way do_in. truly plan` so we can have space to plan`. do_in our overview so we not just looking at what is needed in our community. but we become sensitive to our intra-interpersonal exchange amongst each other. Simultaneously do_in an ER triage + going beyond with applying harmony as we build a community that works, living local. for us to restore our mindbody for mental clarity + physical energy. continuing our exploration in harmony.

bring together calm folks with music, motion, simple living within the natural world
          small farmers, permaculturists, agro-ecologists, forest foragers, community gardens for all to forage perennials, cleaning/preserving our soil, contributing to biology that fuels our oxygen on this planet, as we share our bi`joy experiences + have fun

           starting with a layout of our natural resources for our ecological sustainability. as we rehab what is needed to preserve our wild, build trans-boundary migration, managing out wildlife by plant succession. Water to flow to all. Sharing with all local + beyond building community via like ecosystems. gain the cultural awareness from indigenous ways carried forward with new + old creating means for all to explore + enjoy earth`s offerings.

we then have reflection to open our self. self-observe + realize how we have lost perspective of our own sensitivity. Rethink + gain what needed + plug into local, global + beyond responsible applications, while removing own baggage + bring self to now. build your mindbody while having compassion to make it right with those without

Ask yourself where are you, are you part in work - left in files. Maybe the computer + when it breaks what happens to you. these fine threads that separate our mindbody can be really hard to locate. patches` + pockets` of good + bad interfering in our ability to do for our self. as we spread our self to thin, thinking we are do_in, when yet still doing.

How many are programmed to believe we should follow doctor`s orders once we become ill. yet don`t. what do we do to maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. belief
                      who do you listen to.
here we need to concentrate + focus. So we invited patches`, whom has been with us to help us remember our self  thru all the resistance we experience building this network. patches` keep us laughing at our human ways that get in the way, if we are honest to our self

When yet so many fail to see the fine cues, nor know how to listen + respond. As sensors become dull. when yet we can maintain sharp + learn how to do this. Then we get ill as cues escalate when left undressed. leaving mixed signals harder to decipher. Then with wrong guidance we end up loosing our focus, because we yet to responsibly know what we doing wrong.

                   you have the control to prevent these layers now.

here we reflect along the way`don`t stay so focused you fail to be sensitive to your self 1st. we know a lot of you are sensitive to others + failed to tune into self. as we have.. but until we truly care for our self, we  cannot give anything to another, without interfering in their ability to do for themselves.  it is along the path you build as you walk it into your opening that we can share helping us each to make good choices for our self, leaving no footprint on other life..

Once already out of sorts, it is more difficult to see our own misuse. so we invite all to join in + explore what can be, what is + what to do to get there, that is in patches` + pockets that we want to link with as we share this walkabout energy efficiently
please prioritize function that fuels you to add your creative expression. inviting all to do same.

 as together we live local. no more supporting producing ecological whores, rather invite them as a friend to come back into our local community.. as together we resolve negative + redirect/rid/recycle into positive only sharing afar what works for all to live local. no more products being manipulated back + forth across the planet consuming wasteful pollutions, unfair trades + producing suffering..

                                a`way do_in
 put into action, so as to truly be one with the motion of life`s issues.  gather friends, neighbors in a local grown natural fresh potluck in the wild. Let it be your best indicator as we reflect + rethink as we self-observe + define together.  participate in discussions – following with resolutions. as we prioritize life right issues + give reflection from our honest feelings. so those in need are supported to join in with those do_in. as we focus together + co_evolve along the way`.

                          pri`performance do_in
with in human + alternative measures for those times when we fail to come up with the right question to resolve, we add mime, motion + music to give us yet another way to laugh + view ourselves. Then sleep on it, as we define the real issue we failed to uncover, + questions appear, producing peaceful options.
we simply share in celebration our ability to simply be one with life + share our abundance.

For those of us, that are unable to fit into these schedules locally or need a little extra understanding for follow up;
                       we use a bio`planer/logger to log for folks to catch up + patches`virtual forum to bring us eye to eye. to post + share like thought both locally on a patches` message board maintained by students building community as the best classroom. use this tool to build a local medium that works + then as a community participant, have 1 person or interchangeable role come + post what your community offers in exchange as well reflect with posts in ridding needs. to see what works via like ecosystem. make this walkabout a good working tool for all to reflect with like how tos to turn negative into positive. human exchanges we all have experienced at 1 time or another in various amounts. Don`t reinvent the wheel. Rather respect all the good folks on this planet + beyond as we build on the positive + co_evolve.

together we can decipher the disassociated energy many programmed to live with as normal. we all are an open book to sensitive folks that know how to read human life.

Every day, life offers unique experiences to `boon with, if in tune with self, maintaining sharp sensors to perceive it. Other wise it will just go right by us, without us knowing it.

                            rejoin` the define of i do_in
is an ongoing process to know our self, making it easier to restore our dull sensors. keeping us mentally clear + physically with energy. we self-register our needs + offerings for our self, as we reflect with others simply do_in, living natural lives as we focus on our do_in`s building a community.  to self-empower by interrelating.. explore like subject matter/place of interest + part time co-operative focus.

we can make a difference in our/other life`s ability to restore our harmony.

what better feeling then to bring the depths of our long over do yearnings to fruition, either rid or act on it, fueling new ideals, make new friends + along the way do an exchange. + in return truly get the full experience of knowing local unique offerings, interrelating living as a local, as together we do what works. networking as we carry our awareness back home to apply locally or on to the next adventure.

              we build our path as we walk it into our opening..

                           plan` do_in
we gather sensitive folks to help us decipher what our ecosystem speaks as natural limits are redefined.. as we restore/recycle/rebuild/redirect our energy. as we express that which has bothered us with those we have supported unknowingly, leaving negative effects.

in a `tapering transition, we come together in support. sharing options for us all to rethink.
increasing our volts to reduce the amperage. As we together stop excessive waste consumption. prioritizing our wild to ecologically sustain our local sustainability, managing wildlife from plant succession. Sharing with our neighbors as we all become a responsible local, global + beyond participant.

                          the next` move do_in
the other do_in`s fuel us to come together cooperatively part time giving focus with those folks unable to do. we review, define, do, then understand the good + bad done for lessons to carry to next review + continue on to next. as we gather + share awareness in this walkabout as we reach out to more in attempts for folks to self-sustain + over come  resistance. As we address our own/others misuse + self-satisfy. as we leave no footprints, as we continue our explorations.

                we welcome you to - i come to talk story  

 join in this unique bi`joy experience to awaken to our human species.

             thank you, our combined effect makes a difference..

                       planning can become a normal insight. when we focus + build mindbody. Only then comes an outhouse before building or buildings recycled. As we lay out our biome`s layout. prioritize your plan` to work within what natures speak. As sensitive decipher + reflect what is, for all life to share our earth, as ecosystems are restored + all gain awareness to not interfere + respect nature. including your self as natural organisms dependent on natures balance. fueling your space to rid your misuse + harmonize.

Be clear, where is your position needed  when you are do_in for an able/unable person. Rethink, step down or together cooperatively – efficiently, rid those positions/policies no longer needed once we become aware + break our codependency. No longer leaving fragmented threads worn + torn from misuse, accepting it as normal..

      This is how together we co_evolve democracy, anything else is a false sense of security.

                                    Peace is not here until we communicate it -
                       to our self, our loved ones + our neighbors locally + afar.

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