`water, to live is to enhance fresh water to flow:.

we can develop systems to share for all.. we may need to relocate some things or our self, but priorities are clear when we reflect with those that maintain sharp sensors for mental clarity + physical strength. only then can we respect all life:.

let our core root wilderness areas determine the trans-boundary migration + the flow of water that fuels it. these large browsers can lead our way if we allow them to regain their own seasonal path.
            next we allow our plant succession to guide our locations of wild foraged + small farms.. this supports our bio-waste fuel recycling for our livelihood. while we build accordingly as we manage our natural resources wisely:.

                          inter-relating in our balanced bio-region is our only medicine..

folks if you have ever seen such a place like san felipe in Baja, the Sea of Cortez – the negative effect from no longer having the Colorado river flowing, it is a sight to experience. hot stagnated water as the tide comes + goes.

The list of damage from dams on this planet is too long for here. But folks share your story of how you resolved + opened the creeks + let the fresh water flow, cleanse for drinkable water, turn sea water into fresh with desalinization, make ponds with species to prevent mosquito issue with malaria. Natural filters, etc.

                   thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference..


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please note we have taken this article from the Rio + 20 dialogue link; https://www.riodialogues.org/comment/reply/219145 Sun, June 3, 2012 at 03.22 am When considering the welfare of life on Earth and all Sustainable Development it is essential to understand the nature of the fresh w... read more
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