we can do so much more, please take a review to understand, then sign our petition to help sharing how we can live local now.. + help in sharing your participation.. i am happy to report Google/Nabble`s non profit support..

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    Lucky us! to have the internet w/such great tools to prefect + work.

             thank you Avaaz for giving us the opportunity to network this petition. 

please see our thoughts in full before signing + Global Community come take a review + let us in US working at go figuring, to trigger your thought to live local + share what works. For without you triggering our thought we never could of done this.

        We all are in this together + we all can share this earth + beyond in peace ASAP we organize linking our movements, as we get real w/ourself. please read our thoughts we are working at. + for our Friends of the Congo, they know well how the atrocities of genocide continues as a few other places + together we can go figure to end this madness as we share love + healing/heal our self.

  so lets just bring our self to the present + share in a thought as we use the Congo atrocities as just 1 of many examples on this planet now, which has the greatest numbers, yet every community has the same. please ask yourself where is your head at;

        are you like the child soldier enslaved, that had taken part/experienced in 3k brutal deaths of burning people alive + if they came out they shot them, or be killed them self.. how about to relieve this ongoing nightmare, to wait for dark when UN supposedly helpers are gone maybe in their comfort mode having a beer or 2 after work?? then the so called refugees that came to Congo + settled, yet Congo locals had no idea they where the killers of the Rwandan War. would you like 2 million people in your back yard thinking you are helping them, giving them bananas?? then to have them come at night + not just be settled w/rape, they have to make the child rape the mother, or father the daughter or kill, etc. or maybe cut off the mothers leg after rape then make children eat it. these stories are lengthy.

                meanwhile all ask what can we do, yet i hear stories continue of atrocities..

   who needs priority healing or education, they who have been enslaved to kill or those that have became savages or trying to simply live as the UN has documented the world govs stealing unethically/illegally from the Congo mines as most likely many of you have no clue of the technical products you buy having these mined goods in them. creating war lords gaining billions.

              oh + many facts are known for Friends of the Congo as well many in UN are great loggers, as time goes on, w/little good results. if you folks look into this you will see like Clinton`s son in laws family`s company private jet in line to buy such mined goods.

              meanwhile the rapes continue from the workers, the soldiers + those enslaved.

   so don`t you think it is time to heal + educate, for how can we hold them accountable when yet we don`t hold our self accountable as our strings create puppets + now we propose our students to help us untangle this web we all have taken part in blindly.

     we can focus direct w/our students, for many of them are also lost as many can feel our human family yet have not clue of how to decipher it. nor even how to define the worn torn threads needing to be replaced. but together we can seek these answers within our self + help those having difficulty misusing/abusing along the way.

     no matter what any of us have done wrong, we have the human right to understand how to make it right + do it. that is what we all should strive for, to stop this madness from continuing, so our children our students do not succumb to one of these roles, as this list is lengthy, yet as humans the students can walk by our side + reflect w/this stupidity that has created all of this + help us sort it out, as we use w/empathy give compassion + help each build one`s path as they walk into one`s opening, leaving no footprint.

    for we are fortunate to have sensitive skilled people to reflect with, so we feel our dullness + then go within + sharpen our sensors + learn to maintain self discipline over our self sensory observations vs the belief that keeps us misusing/abusing.

     we as humans can understand that religion is not number 1, rather our ability to `boon w/the natural world that sustains us all is. as many now are destroying the bio genetic diversity w/war mode or false green large solar/wave/wind farms, destroying what sustains our life. for no ecosystem can be isolated, rather we must balance our natural world + live local, for it to link our migratory species we all are interdependent on.

     so when you enlist or vote for military or blindly watch tv being programmed by unethical marketing or not even take part as irresponsible dysfunctional govs are making local + international decisions for us. when yet we have no transparency of what truly is happening. we only here what the next marketing scam promotes.

      we now feel w/all the support given to us as a US 501 c3 non profit yet to fund raise, we can go figure.

so please take a review, share w/your students so they reach out w/you for your community, as all are supported to do one`s walkabout. aiding those unable until able to do an exchange. meanwhile all come to the table + let our `plan trigger yours. as all do a land, fresh water flow to sea use review + rethink, working sensitively your entire biome(s), while you restore the natural ecological sustainable working community.

      that`s right! where no one is a refugee, rather the natural world becomes the rule of law, so now we share the natural awareness to simply be sensitive to the life that sustains us all. as we support those that where unaware that have allowed one`s sensors to become dull, to sharpen + feel this energy + redirect. prioritizing help for people safely to relocate to communities, so as not to destroy our natural world. where the natural world has space as an abundant positions open for us all, to build natural sustaining working communities + harmonize as we heal.

      if we go deep within our self + mindfully act on building a self volunteering, so all can work into fulfilling careers respecting all life. we will all awaken to the reality that no one has chosen their color or race, rather their is no better education then for the undeveloped student within us all to plug in + due their best. for no human that has dulled sensors can do good work, rather it takes us do_in our potential as we are best designed w/sharp sensors to act w/respect so as to explore this planet + beyond, as we live locally in harmony `boon w/our natural world in balance.

    that is what continues to give life giving qualities to build upon as the many bio cultural ethnic indigenous have. + we are fortunate to still have them to reflect w/so as to edit + create as traditional engineers + share this verbiage as we build sound science. so all gain the common sense to put religion on our bookshelf + attend to the nuts + bolts of our inner workings + community restoration within it`s *enhanced limits, as Prof Miguel Altieri speaks of respecting the life that fuels ours. + many know well it works.

          it is our human range of neuro networking that supports dysfunction as people become animals, when yet w/sharp sensors maintained, people become true spirits rising above what was to bring oneself consciously humane in the moment.

           for w/support

              everyone can sharpen one`s sensors giving great offerings to make this work. + when we allow conditions for others to dull, we our self must be equally held accountable.

      do you see how we all are responsible + we all can make this work now. so please let this trigger you to do your walkabout.  + do what you can to build your sharp sensors + maintain them. while yet you support others to do the same.

       please take a review + let this trigger you to act mindfully;


   + please come sign the petition, + share while you do your walkabout;


           lets all do what one can to regain one`s balance, for the middle east crises can have good peace negotiations as same in the Congo. so where are you + what resources do you have to do what w/whom?? please note i am happy to help one better understand for simplicity as we continue to work at this. for the planet has answers now if we cross the aisle + realize it is our balanced genetic diversity that sustains healthy living, not the greed people are thinking..

             another good example of how each of us can stop letting others think for us, especially if able to understand;


                                 i share with you our update;

          we are still working at some ideas, so please have patience + if unable to define what to do w/what we suggest to trigger your thought, then support us to continue this work..

               Hugo Teixeira, owner of Nabble has removed our ads in support of our non-profit, yahoo! thank you Hugo + Nabble team.. + Google team has just approved us for the Google Apps for non-profit (education) edition for our domain ictts.org which we created initials for i come to talk story to simplify. (please note we are not the IT company that also has same ictts.com)

   On Sunday, January 26, 2014 11:46 PM, "googlefornonprofits-support@google.com" <googlefornonprofits-support@google.com> wrote:

Hello Kara,

Thank you for the response.

Your application has been approved for the Google for Non-profits Program.

  Also, your enrollment for Google Apps for Non-profits is APPROVED with your domain "ictts.org" upgraded to Google Apps for Non-profit (Education) Edition.

  Further, we have increased the user cap of your domain to 2000.

  Please continue to enjoy our free Nonprofit services and we look forward to assist you further with any Google for Nonprofits applications/enrollments related queries.
Thank you,

The Google for Nonprofits Team

for further reading;

please see our response to Google + President Barack Obama, what we ask of them as well any of you that have these APPs or for business, to come talk;

thank you all so much Google team as well i share this w/President Barack Obama,

     Louis + Eric in El savador where such gentlemen to help me. it is so nice to have one on one feedback!

i am trying to study very hard, awaiting my daughters flu to end, then relocating from our small sailboat in Charleston, OR, which we are trying to sell so we can continue to network via sailboat but a larger one, as we work off of it. but for now we are going to a house sitting in port townsend, WA where i hope to collaborate/fund raise + study Google for 3 months to seriously get this project off the ground.

meanwhile Barack for tonight`s speech as well peace negotiations for our war conflicts, please review;

      please share w/ Sec Kerry for we can do so much more to share, + let them fine tune what works for them. for we are so fortunate to have such good tools as Googles to help us help people simply gain hands on understanding. + that Barack you should redirect Sec Kerry to do that by suggesting all come to table in Syria. so together we totally change the peace making fine tune hidden links. + see steady progress + in micro seconds see humanity at it`s finest. for too many are left behind + we need to cover priorities in succession for all. not just for those suffering in the cold w/out food, etc.. for many are just as imprisoned w/in their own head that dull people are not picking up on, as w/ US intervention, as well other govs..

if i had awareness now of your Google ideas, i would now. + w/a tech helping can do this, for they need our insight just to trigger them to live local. so if you rethink this + willing to have one help me ASAP, please let me know + we can suggest some pointers to sensitively give them respect + compassion for all the suffering they all have been thru, yet get students to do their walkabout + by their side fill int these worn torn links + i mean seriously sound science, ex; please see what i working on to start thinking of Google Ads, + if you have one to reach out to these Geneva/UN peace talks their, please put me in contact or lets collaborate thru Google IDEAs. I have some ideas..

see attachment as something that can trigger for everyone is pulling their own way, which is based on their experiences. not the reality of preserving what sustains us as w/mother earth enhanced limits.

take a look but what is most important is to answer each person, so each bring them self to the moment as they are supported to build their path as they walk it into their opening.

   i will share this w/Barack for tonight`s speech also. these negotiations are best when we all see the same shade of 1 color, so different frequency`s see the common denominator of what sustains us as a human family sharing this earth + beyond efficiently. we cannot generalize for, but we can listen + respond w/local data that is sound science that overrides all this bad science that has allowed weapons to be made/sold/traded/bought, meanwhile we have all these people w/inter/inner personal issues wanting what they know, when yet many behaviors passed on have been taken as normal. when they are not what we have to accept.

sure they survived, but we can go beyond, build our communities + harmonize, go beyond prevention, work our seasonal biome(s) + define whom has what neuro networks blocking what. same w/in US all the varieties of ill effects clouding ones decisons to act mindfully as in Ex; increased blood sugar levels keeping people in the fog.

    so each can choose as we give them the respect to heal/sort thru facts, realizing we all are needed + each has something good to offer, especially when support in place so those that have allowed their sensors to dull can now sharpen them.

vs. decide w/dulled sensors, not knowing their is another way.

ok enough on generalizing, + it is not wise to assume anything. so please let me help. + i will continue to seek a balancing agenda.

thank you Google team, + please yourself use what we are fortunate to share..

sincerely, kara j lincoln

  please see what we shared w/them, as we organize to start advertising + we share w/you for your feedback, so please come talk, for i have to study all this + making preparations as i state above. i add this link for you copy + share. we would like your feedback to make this a nice tool, so check in for updates;


our combined`effect makes a difference..

                         please let us know how this can trigger what works for you..