we can go beyond ER + prevention, producing true harmony..

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
 please post for all to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant that harmonizes:.

           please leave space to be aware, in many local communites, for many of us are paralleling the dysfunctional gov/businesses/people abusing/ourself`s misusing;

      that still build weapons of war in a war mode economy.. as well the false green development that exceeds our natural enhanced limits.. + use toxic substances/behaviors yet to understand..  

     we must walk gently + remain calm, for this is how we remain mentally clear + physically strong;

     so as to respect all life, listen carefully within as well without + edit, then apply. + welcome all to understand, as together we co_evolve as we support all to speak..

     so we may taper wrongs into right, as those sensitive to read the natural limits can reflect this path, as we then go within + adjust..
     so those unaware can have the respect to understand, as you/us organize + show them yet another `way, as well them us..

     so together we then fuel our paths to be efficient as one..

     so each then can be supported to build own, as each walk it into one`s opening, leaving no footprints behind..

           please come share what you + your community are do_in, tell us your story in appropriate sub categorie for easy research to trigger solutions for yourself + all. + remember the other subcategories thruout the forum, for they may satisfy your desire to understand or share better then in this `plan..