we can target people in responsible roles + improve or rid our negative issues..

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I share what i offered on Idle No More;

   Hello folks,

   in thinking how best we can support all, i share this link to show how amongst you people in every community, you have great minds in each of you, especially when work together.

   so when we get raged over such negative effects we can use that fuel to redirect. i refuse to continue petitions or write legisltors vs getting real with people that can thru theri experiences help resolve negative issues.

   this link is an example how we can profit over good harmony with our natural world + make wrongs right putting us all to work do_in our homework as we work volunterring to aid those left behind to then work into good exchanges for self-satisfying life explorations.

   so please take a look within your qualities + share so together you can define your local areas. then together organize + reach out to the local legislators + vote them in or out + give them your fact in quanitities.

   if we don`t do this we then are defeated.



this helps me fine tune + hold people accountable in responsible roles, so we can target together as neighbors.

  our combined` effect makes a difference..