we can work for peace now + give hands on to those left behind..

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please note I share w/you my email to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon + ask for your participation + support;

Hello Ron,

i was looking forward to talking to you at the Coos Bay upcoming meet. but due to over working i don`t think i will make it.

please note i share my comment follow up to BOEM on proposed WindFloat + i am sorry i did not also early on say NO to the one placed on land in Oregon.

i feel gov is out of control w/not using sound science +  i was hoping you folks would rethink w/our proposed educational program we are restructuring, soon to upload few documents to explain, so as to link reaching out, gaining feedback to resolve more sensitively, working w/our students to use sound science + co_evolve them self as well community while restoring the ecological sustainable working community that gov is interfering in now as in TTP/Free trade that is not free as well not addressing the war mode + false green economies, not to mention what should be done first as in the refugee crises globally in result to the US gov + others childish undeveloped ways of doing business. vs. good sound science which should be the only rule of law, yet that is being manipulated for a variety of reasons.

   ex; the repository issues left yet you continue to produce it. not to mention not hold US people accountable locally + afar as w/follow up of Fukishima continued acts. this list can be resolved as each local community does it`s local `plan as we propose to trigger their thought as we share our `plan at - i come to talk story. where we propose tapering transitions w/sound science showing mother earth`s *enhanced limits it can handle, + create understanding so as wrongs are made right.

only then should new development w/low impact alternative thought be even considered. people are so confused over the resultant of misuse/abuse from Fossil fuel incorrect use that the divestment`s automatically ring bells + whistle toward large grid alternative energy farms, which is another hedge funding, etc. which the world market legally allows, which is immoral + unethical, + was originally designed as backup for our small farmers due to bad weather, etc.

the reality for those on an adrenaline surge to keep going, without sound science being prioritized to protect the natural world that sustains us all, must be brought to calm + our students can help all do this as we regain understanding to live local + share the process.

as gov folks are being puppets when yet you people have put yourself in these positions. + we ask you to come back as a local participant + listen to the misunderstandings, as our `plan is for students to break this up + bring it local. so we know exactly who, what, where + why should be, etc. as together we focus direct prioritizing the many left behind from the gov`s choices that are not representing conscious humane people. rather you folks are lost in oligarchy/corp take over + many trapped yet to realize it. + we cannot accept that as the only way.

for this world offers us many solution oriented options if we share sound science, not belief that people are enslaved w/rather we can gain discipline over our self sensory observation vs. belief.

it is bad enough that people now are enslaved by layers trapping them, thinking no jobs, when yet what we propose alone opens reality for self development w/collectively volunteer work into clarifying satisfied careers. from seeing what truly sustains us, as we focus direct w/students + harness this disassociated energy in bits by each local community becoming aware, networking from our many traditional engineers if fortunate to still have our ethnic bio cultural people respecting our need for biodiversity as they live in harmony w/the natural world that needs to balance + link globally. + will if you become a mindful local + come aboard + support us to resolve w/what we can do know.

    + network if locally unaware, to reach out where needed for locals to learn to maintain our local community. not people from afar doing it or interfering at their gain, etc.. nor not us going afar + interfere as presently being done w/the madness of the business allowed including the military industrialization killing millions as others gain w/puts + calls as weapons of war continue to be sold/traded/stolen/exchanged given to 1 hand as aid is given to the other from US. as well many other countries are equally guilty + we ask you to stop this wave of unnatural living that is not using sound science + can. vs. leaving more in warehouses as refugees, contributing to the local inabilities locally + afar, creating more disturbance for locals attempt to survive. to every local community, globally.

not to mention you people are putting resources thinking Hillary Clinton should be president, when yet we should have no controlling exclusionary structure, when we can co_evolve this dysfunction now. + do it w/transparency where students skilled networking w/skilled professionals responsibly using sound science that works for our earth + beyond to sustain our life now that sustains us, walking by each`s side can determine the worn torn missing links, as well the ill states of mindbody interfering in our gov now. as they are making decisions that are not the American peoples decision. nor are they humane conscious decisions for the life on earth that we require to sustain healthy life now.

not to mention care properly for all unable..

people like John McCain + others are programmed + ill, unable + should not be holding responsible positions, rather students can aid them to unwind the web they have weaved that propels the war mode + false green economies. so they are still respected as a human, yet their role has to be changed, + they can gain their self worth + build new neuro networks as we co_evolve making peace.

i cannot even imagine the civil war we will have if gov continues as is, even if Hillary, or republicans win.

sadly Barack, i ask you the same, how could you allow yourself to work building what you have so beautifully as you speak, then to not responsibly change this inhumane processes that gov is presently carrying forward from the past? when yet so many thought you had the potential to talk w/our human family locally + far as brothers + show them they are not using sound science + can.

when yet you are setting aside parks that should be worked sensitively, so as all humans can co_evolve as a human species once we `boon w/the natural world as our bio cultural family has done + if fortunate community, still is. vs. supporting EPA + regulatory boards as is not to instantly require tapering transitions as - i come to talk story proposes to do w/local students, sharing how to live local, globally. as we focus direct together not as you are giving speeches asking them to tell Congress what to do. come on.

sadly we must walk by their side, so they see our dysfunction + feel it, as they go within as well us in reflection + change it. so as to gain the self worth that many lack, due to so much being wrong when so many are do_in it right. + this is what we will network.

The US GOV is not working, refugees are warehoused + people are suffering as western medicine houses + misdiagnoses as pharmaceutical sales people continue to profit, until ones flesh falls apart, then dies.

The US People have solutions + we will continue to network globally w/others to continue our exchange of awareness, to share this earth + beyond that we + all life require now.

for many diseases are out of control due to the Gov allowing bad science to fragment. we must reestablish sound science supporting all life that sustains ours + regain local balance to link our micro biomes, stabilizing the large browsers trans migration pathways, including us as humans to transverse + share this planet + beyond to continue our exploration + survival. as we share awareness to let the natural balanced world be the rule of law.

UN if it should continue to exist? could let this resolve peace now, we have answers + we will not accept anything else.

the large grid alternative energy farms you people propose everywhere interferes in all this. rather we can learn to downscale our footprint, understand our living earth as well our own ability to reflect once we simply focus direct prioritizing locally what sustains us. start w/a potluck + smell it, + taste it realizing how many are without.. this list can be resolved + we ask you to share w/Congress + associates to come aboard now + make the executive order to change the Constitution as it was designed for democracy in real time. not carry programmed thought from ill states from attempting to survive, when yet not had the chance to fully develop our human potential + can now w/all coming aboard.

so working w/our students of all schools + community representatives with no schools, we can be on the same page as we each do our local `plan. so please let ours trigger yours. we soon will be releasing some simple documents that require serious thought to focus direct together. so each community can network defining via like ecosystem/season + subject what can be done now.

not what is on the schedule to sell weapons of war, or contract more refugees or give false aid to set the false money we don`t have, when yet those few think the presses of printing are endless, etc.

we refuse to allow our children, our elders that died unable, as well the many still left unable, to think this is real, when yet we have so much goodness in every person that is trapped, then can be restored. this is the energy we need now. as people gain understanding to rid their bagge, be respected w/empathy + compassion to do a self review as they reflect, stating perhaps your right, i'm not able to do this but while i heal + sharpen my dull sensors that i was unaware of, realizing only i could allow it to happen, will step down + listen as i work at this.

do you get the drift of my flow. we want everyone to heal, can't send them to the moon nor will i use any aggressive act anywhere. + be as bad as what is happening now everywhere + many more in some communities, that our gov is triggering, etc.

this students can + will define as they link what you do, vs where weapons came in + how, so we show some real transparency on the planet, knowing well whom is ill doing aggressive acts + whom is helping us reflect + understanding giving us the human dignity to heal + be supported until we heal.

this is the true energy that all resources should be directed to define + do now. not windmill farm projections as in scientist stated, if Dept of Energy had it`s way as in WindFoat`s proposal off coast of Oregon, they would have 200. well folks divers have told us stories as well fisher folks to back our work we share everywhere, + it does not work as efficiently as what we propose.

for our ability to have real balanced genetic biodiversity for pollinating our food, stopping the GMO that we know know harms us, as well grow our local natural wild fish (not farmed) + food w/smalll farms as w/Miguel Altieri`s awareness of global food crises + his agroecology solutions. as well link w/many more that live simply in respect for the natural world`s *enhanced limits to be worked with. will then balance our ability to eliminate pests that are abundant now out of balance, leaving many diseases locally + afar as they come in thru variety of means.

our migration should be in results of our awareness to sense what the natural world tells us. so we can respect it + settle where we are part of the community, not warehoused as US gov does now + many govs globally, if fortunate to survive.

today we are a host + tomorrow we could be on the list, so please rethink + do what you can to go within + rethink how you can develop yourself + work collaboratively w/your community locally + afar. we look forward to your feedback + linking once we upload.

for we all can become a local, global + beyond mindful person, respecting all life as we network + share, not want to control or lead in an ill state that over powers, rather lets simply share what works + remain open as our local representatives do their homework, + i mean students doing a walkabout with you, are you ready? for their feedback as we focus direct together? please let us know what school you start with as you reach out + do your walkabout along side as together we become aware to live local + share the many bi`jy experiences that many are fortunate to have + had as one lives w/respect that built into sound science as we ride on this natural flow that prioritizes function, energy efficiently yet has space for creative offerings.

Barack, you are in a better position to run again if Gov continues, but only if you admit how you have taken part wrongly, being a puppet, led by those gaining in puts + calls, not to mention the mental programming run by adrenaline into diseased states, as in any aggressive act, or take over of natural resources, when yet the earth shares w/all life + no ecosystem can be isolated. we all are interdependent on each other. + all life to be in balance. for it is us that creates this out of balance state that then produces pest mode. for their is no natural pest if live in balance w/the natural world.

sound science working w/students using their local community as an extended classroom working w/all, will prove this as well go beyond prevention, rather simultaneously can give hands on until natural functionality is restored in every local biome as we sensitively learn from our ethnic locals everywhere + network to trigger each local `plan + restore. so locals sustain + no one invests that can over power that. rather world markets become ethical again protecting our bio cultural + biodiverse balance of species.

now real energy exchanges are felt as we technologically redo what never should of been + now as natural traditional engineers we recreate locally + beyond to our potential to explore + survive + just having earth thinking w/all these scars it will continue for ever, fat chance, so please lets make space to think on. but only once present ill toxic effects are brought into a tapering transition, making it right for mother earth, then simultaneously w/sound science a real energy flow of creative energy will naturally want to explore. + the many good minds put on hold will now be able to continue their good work but only once they also come back as a local participant, do_in your walkabout, your part locally as a community, so we share this awareness + hold our self accountable + help others understand. so locals are held accountable locally + afar. no more misuse/abuse allowed as in present everywhere.

thank you for what you can do now to reach across the isle. + lets use all resources now to support this to trigger your acts to responsibly think of yourself as well all in this together.

peace is our option now w/this transparency. i look forward to your response to share;

please email; kareje@ictts.org

sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined` effect.