we each can come together + define what we can do know, please take a review..

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Michelle + Barack Obama are reaching out, please take a review, although presently this web site has errors, but like all, in due time they will work again.

so take a review as well our comment to our offer that we welcome you to come focus direct with us, as we presently our restructuring.

thank you! kara

   our combined` effect`s comment;

        Michelle you said it w/your own experiences.

parts of you are special to me, i look forward to meeting you someday + working with both of you.

many living in dysfunctional communities are unable to process, due to being hungry, unsorted baggage, + this list goes on, yet schools in past + presently are without resources to address all these issues.

we would like to partner w/what we are restructuring now;

that is to let mother earth be the rule of law for every local community + let students come out of school, yet use schools + go into community + restore local bio cultural/diversity..

as together we reflect a friendly platform. to restore via like ecosystem/subject + season. + students as we focus direct help all understand we can not isolate our ecosystems. rather we can thru recycling work w/ planning + redo our local `plan.

as we share this local way, globally, now true story becomes transparent. students network via the worlds great alternative options as they become natural traditional engineers. working w/respect, w/in mother earths enhanced limits.

as they walk by the sides of all filling in the tallies, the worn torn links, they welcome those that have exceeded the limits, network helping them redirect as all understand local facts as we create a sound science that globally is understood by all tongues.

imagine Michelle + Barack, if we all would of had this hands on reflection when young?? well we did not, but our children can + all students in the undeveloped adult body can..

please see our thoughts + we welcome your support for w/ out ideas to trigger all, together we can build every local community. end the dysfunctions, restore/build natural simple communities where all has clean water, local grown natural food, bio-sanitation via composting + natural building/restoration converting what is. via a sound science tapering transition.

now students w/ teachers/community co_evolve the curriculum as they restore their natural potential.

our `plan from many already do_in thru out the world, is to reflect these sensitivities from locals to show yet another way.

for their is too much bad science allowing large alternative energy developments which are not suited for the natural world.

enough scars, enough whip lashing our students as they live w/out, yet expect to go to school + concentrate, meanwhile heads are full of baggage from parents + grandparents trying to survive, passing on this mode of behavior as normal.

it is these layers that produce dull sensors, when yet we can focus direct together + students can give hands on as they gain credit + co_evolve during their walkabout. meanwhile amazing curriculum gets created in real time, not some one else`s time for another environment.

we cannot just accept grants to give education from a school the only option, rather the entities them self need to ask what effects am i leaving on the local community?? + realize the students via networking w/ platform will be able to help each hold self + others accountable locally + afar.

incorporating what we can do now locally as well globally as w/ our present mid eastern Geneva talks is working w/ our human family.

we all our interdependent on this earth + many in responsible positions are financially pursuing for self or programmed for gain from this delusion, which we cannot hold them solely accountable when so many are dependent on them + support them. rather we need to share awareness of these missing hidden links.

we need to show the blood sugar levels that each self inflict w/ due to not knowing, producing their own misuse/abuse.

so w/ options that are organic, they intuitively reflect control over only oneself. + we can support for all to walk their path as they build it into their opening, yet leave no footprint.

Michelle, Barack himself has supported the TPP, Free Trade, the Bankers, EPA, etc. this list goes on, yet everyone is irresponsibly acting w/out ecological assessments locally being fulfilled, leaving great distress on our students + communities + in every community it produces people left behind.

this changes as we awaken to how we can build new neuro networks, new understanding for sound science to over ride that fragmenting that has been manipulated.

please see our ideas + realize monopolizing on global change is indecent. rather building networks so we all do what is energy inefficient w/our self, our community collectively, our neighbors locally + our human family. now we share this earth + beyond together.

+ each no longer competes being lost in the disassociated energy, rather now we gain our center + w/ simple respect harness this energy + understand our early signs as we open many positions.

so no more does one just chase a job, now they build a meaningful life while restoring the natural functionality of the local community, giving it an identity. a uniqueness as they live the arts.

i was shocked to see how US is so wasteful in our foreign affairs, giving aid when locals need to help their neighbors, not carry weapons as Israels do to Palestine, or the mess people live in Lebanon/ Haiti/Congo/Burma + this list goes on.

i may not know the science yet of why we consciously pursue clarity w/our global family, but i do know we have a mind that shares this humane consciousness. + if sharp + maybe even if altered to an extent we pick up these perceptions at a very young age.

imagine your children processing the world news, meanwhile you think they still want to have a new dress or play another game, etc.

well many live in nightmares, many in layers + many creating whole new neuro networks from the negative experiences they perceive, not knowing how to process them. i work w/many continually, that then go to war + now the layers really get piled up. or the child has a child as a mother trying to develop the child undeveloped w/in.

i don`t have to waste time here, for you all know the statistics of the US medical status of many, not to mention the use of weapons of war.

rather here we each have + piece to the puzzle for each to obtain peace, heal, find their place in the collective community, restore the communities to link the genetic bio diversity we all our interdependent on.

the reflection as music fills the air in celebration w/ fresh local grown natural food as people now know they are building their equality, knowing they want to respect all life, because they have had a student share this understanding, giving them relief from their own self imprisonment from their misuse/abuse.

giving them yet another chance to sharpen their dull sensors created from simply trying to survive.

you people all have establishment + means. while i just now am working w/ Google apps as non profit whom wants to give me 10000./month in ads to reach out for support to make this happen, as i study + gain understanding how best to do this platform to pursue our research that we know works.

so we don`t need to work against each other inefficiently. rather Barack + Michelle we ask you to create a space to collaborate so this proposed mother earth rule of law + our discoveries create your legislative policies to responsibly act now locally + afar. as w/ Geneva tomorrow.

the world has a wealth of knowledge for us to learn from, so please want to have an exchange + rid this continued dysfunction of being the best or ruling others as it has interfered, this list is lengthy + our students will network all these local tallies showing whom, how + why.

i have nothing against any person, but a responsible position as w/ presidency + first lady, has great executive power + i ask you to rule in real time + rethink + let what we do trigger your thought.

for never before has a leader, nor do i see, w/my review as in Clinton`s Foundation + others, are they prepared to do what you can do now. to change your directions Barack + let sound science lead as you support all to live local.

that means w/ our `plan advanced students will create modes of collective collaboration for locals to maintain energy efficiency, that is no where near the billion Al Gore made off his exploitation of Global change, nor will we even get into all the science yet is wrong to stop more bad investors riding on this wave.

rather we will deal w/ real conscious humane energy + i know Michelle + Barack you have that too. i suggested before to put the whitehouse into a museum part + the rest a permacultured garden/school for your local community, vs. you guys work at the food kitchen for the many without.

look at the great ruins in Turkey that has done just that. that is now true transformation. not leave the house for a private family when it can be used for sharing awareness + healing. same with the US gov.

you don`t deserve to live in ancient times, rather technologically if done right, if done right i repeat you can go to your local community of choice + thru virtual tools harmonize w/ locals + afar.

it is so premature to try to do a program housing everyone`s data when their are so many hackers knowing the language, rather say enough is enough scars + we, i speak for many, want to build a quality live for our self. we want to share how others can do the same + free yourself from the paranoia of profiting as previous people have done as they built the Homeland Security, + foreign relations on delusions. when know our platform can hear real story + we can transform, etc.

their is much work to do + everyone should share/volunteer but if that is all you do then the feel good mode is wrong. rather we can do that as people sharpen + now handle them self + w/ solidarity we share what works + locals help their local community + neighbors so we stop the US aid as is.

we have a `plan + welcome yours to unite, as well i offered to FEMA but you people can better rethink now to reach out for the many left behind that also deserve to build their own path.

please see; http://i-come-to-talk-story.3220728.n2.nabble.com/

+ as we utilize Google Apps for Education + co_evolve the forms for our `plan we hope they harmonize w/ yours.

peace is our option now if you are indicative + not allow anyone w/in your reach to be subjunctive.

thank you Michelle + Barack, I do hope to take part in a virtual collaboration, but please realize i'm still working on broken tools, yet to make a salary for many years due to the research we have put into this. especially after our downfall in 2008, which as i write this i have 196th call from creditors that bought loans from US Bank + others. which none would let me negotiate a plan until i could not pay, which was wrong.

so w/ few more bad losses from others not paying us, Maurice has supported me on his now 700. plus social security check. + believe me did many exchanges out in the world to define our `plan, so we plan to continue. for not everyone is so lucky to survive so many downfalls as well so much suffering + wrongful deaths as we have.

their is no reason Barack why you cannot pick up the phone right now + call the countries that give free health care + turn US around. it is inhumane to profit from a medical health care system.

i know you people also experienced tragic stories w/ family suffering, but my experience in the ER intensive care w/now over several people, the equipment is not sensitive to prevent further suffering + can be. as i wrote in an article, we should not have to wait to die until our flesh falls apart + that is what i watched several times, due to insensitive people that failed to maintain their own discipline over their self sensory observation, rather they continue to chase belief of another time, another person, yet to define their own center, `boon w/ the natural world that gives us our fuel as a human species.

please take part in Geneva + other UN events + stop unfair practices, rather lets develop equality + in our `plan, we would see that US has much to learn if we would equate how insensitive people are to them self, as well, as well unaware of misuse/abuse. + we have no corner on the market for every country has different %s, but we can learn from each other + US must rid the weapons of war equally to others.

we know too much w/ sound science, so please do not allow those w/ out dated neuro networks to lead, as they presently are. rather join w/ your brothers/sisters + create a responsible UN or rid it as well your own positions. + co_evolve w/ our human potential now.

Michelle + Barack`s;

  Hello, all --

Today, I met a young man named Troy.

Troy comes from New Orleans, where his family lived through the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. He couldn't read until he was twelve, and would regularly cut school because the other students would tease him. When he did attend, he'd shove desks, start fights -- anything to get him out of class.

But then Troy saw his younger siblings start down a similar path. And he decided to make a change. He connected with his fifth-grade teacher, and enrolled in a program called the Urban League College Track. With the support of College Track and his teachers, he worked hard and made his way into high school -- and today, he's a sophomore at Bard College, studying American Literature.

There are a lot of kids like Troy out there -- kids with all the potential in the world -- but far too many of them are slipping through the cracks. They're not making their way to college -- maybe because their parents never went, or because they've never been encouraged to believe they could succeed there.

It's on all of us to help change that.

That's why today, Barack and I hosted college and university presidents, business leaders, philanthropists, and representatives from organizations around the country who are helping more of our kids see their potential and pursue their education. They're helping them navigate the financial aid and college admissions process. They're working with them to find schools that match their ability and interests. And they've made real, concrete commitments to help make college a reality for more kids.

And here's the thing: You don't have to be a university president or an executive to do that. There is something that each and every one of us can do in our communities to help make sure our kids realize their potential and make their way into higher education. That could mean having a conversation with a young neighbor or a relative, serving as a mentor, or volunteering at a local high school to help students fill out their college applications.

So I'm asking you today to make a commitment of your own -- and learn more about the commitments that universities and organizations from around the country are making, too.

I'm passionate about helping our young people because I see my story in theirs.

Neither of my parents graduated from college, but they always encouraged me to pursue my education and told me that college was possible. And I know that there are so many kids out there just like me: kids who have a world of potential but need some encouragement and support to make it through college.

That's why I was so inspired by some of the commitments I learned about today.

Universities are taking steps like helping underserved students with financial literacy, or finding innovative ways for academic advisors to better support students who could use a helping hand. And many colleges are working with organizations like the Posse Foundation to give kids the social and academic support they'll need to graduate.

These kinds of programs aren't just good for these young people. They're good for all of us. Because after everything these kids will have overcome to get to college -- and get through college -- they'll have all the skills they need to thrive in our businesses, and law firms, and labs. And that's not just good for them and their families, it's good for their communities and our country. That's why Barack is working every single day to expand opportunities to every single young person in America. And that's why we're working to rally the country around his "North Star" goal – that by 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.

Reaching that goal begins with each of us doing our part as parents, students, educators, and citizens.

We can all help a young person realize his or her potential, so I hope you'll learn more about the commitments that organizations and schools around the country are making -- and then make a commitment of your own:


Thanks in advance for everything you will do on behalf of America's young people.

First Lady Michelle Obama