we have a job to do now, check in within yourself + ask yourself how you would like to awaken to war, please say no to aggression..

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lets reach out to wherever we are linked + see how we can come aboard + resolve efficiently;


Syria via @peaceactionwest http://campaignwith.us/QV1C8L 

Just Foreign Policy
    Congress has responded. In the last few days, 162 Members of the House, including 64 Democrats, have publicly called for a debate and vote before any U.S. military strike.


our combined` effect feels;

    please note if the Congress was seeking to retaliate, I would immediately want Barack to use his executive powers to stop a strike.

+ share awareness including all to realize a war mode economy is a time of the past.

we have the ability now to help. Jon from Peace Action West says it best as he states we can be more sane, thoughtful + help with humanitarian, diplomatic + financial needs.

this was my letter to my legislators, Barack's entities + Sec Ban ki-moon, please read;

Gentlemen please contact your fellow legislators + share this,

I abhor the chemical weapons attacks in Syria and the loss of human life and support a strong
international response. But I am also very concerned that the US appears headed for military
strikes on Syria without a full debate of the alternatives to military force or a debate of the possible
negative repercussions of US strikes.

Instead, the US should use the urgency generated by this atrocity to call for an end to hostilities in
Syria and use diplomatic, economic, and humanitarian tools to end the bloodshed.

I urge you to speak out for a full debate in Congress + not use any US military force in
Syria. Please let the President know Congress must have a chance to weigh in on this kind of US
military action.

we all have a job to do, for is this network not to do just that?? bring our awareness together so we
can apply it eye to eye.

I am restructuring to fund raise as a non-profit to show that we are not utilizing the true natural
resources that mother earth gives us all.

we have a `plan + I welcome yours. to see how we can merge for the efficiency of building our
working communities without resistance. so the goodness of all can be manifested as well the
resistance from all calmed;

  we want all to understand what is being covered up by whom, the acts left unseen, the words left
not translated, the energy left within yet to be edited into ones center to ground fueling the rid of
baggage as each go figure.

  supporting each to build their path as they walk it into their opening, yet leave no footprint.. this is
what we can do with the many good solutions we have now + we can define who gains from

  lets lay these issues on the cloth/table as we put our heads together + focus on the subject of
peace, that has not been in the program all these years of the supposedly peace negotiations. as
we reflect with old/new people reestablishing mother earth`s natural limits, utilizing resources she
can afford to give to people now.

                    violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

  Barack, Jeff, Peter, Ban ki-moon + all your associates, have the ability to go figure now peacefully + please realize their is much more then what each is seeing, that can be fuel for all to get clear. talk to Assad, go direct with the rebels of
Syria + bring them together.

     it is our job to develop our communities to reach out to those yet to do this, locally + afar.
i`m happy to share in this discussion as I offer myself as we restructure our US non-profit to aid in
this networking, that is long over due.

Please write back and tell me how you plan to act on this issue.

we at http:i-come-to-talk-story.3220728.n2.nabble.com/

are restructuring as a non-profit to help people reflect the goodness they have + realize we can associate + apply, as we prioritize sharing solutions.

aggression is a time of the past, now we can communicate.

I told Barack Obama`s Foundation on LinkedIn the same, that wanting funding for education is real, as long as we are real with true education for our communities to link, vs. preparing students for a war mode or false green economy.

students can repair these worn torn links, so everyone understands the misuse/abuse. as we hold our self + others accountable locally + afar.

transparency + organization can simplify as we are in the process of linking an interactive tool to do just this amongst our communities. as we welcome students to come out + with all to restore the natural potential while addressing what sustains us, as we each self-develop, + give hands on to those unable. no longer build rehabs as I once thought, rather regain the functions of natural communities where people give hands on with early signs to help those with resistance, to calm within.

the world gives us a wealth of indigenous culture to apply. we just need to gain simple understanding to respect all life. + seeing the ethnic ways that work are a true joy to share.

we welcome you to come aboard + link. we will be fund raising to build this interactive software program to bring us eye to eye, so students can exponentially help us resolve these issues, as they walk along side our legislators filling in these worn torn links.

sincerely, kara j lincoln