we have a `plan that can work now with your support, please take a review of our letter to our legislators in Oregon + Barack.

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
Ron, Peter, Jeff + Barack,

thank you for taking a review + i, speaking for many, would appreciate some
feedback to share with our grassroots project in the building..
 issues can be simplified if you would gather some space to hear me out;
    all that you say is policy based on fragmented science, when yet we can
engage + integrate good science to make this clear. as we transition into
Fair Trade, tapering out of Free Trade.

to understand what sustains us as a human species. how we are
interdependent on all life, locally + afar. + must balance our local
genetic bio-diversity + link it globally. we cannot just think our backyard
can self-sustain or not be subjected to disease easily carried.

we need to link with the global community, simple good science as common
sense where we live with local agro_ecology practices, which is the gauge
to be used for the ecological assessments needed for Free Trade MOU. as
well our local + afar so called green development, that is not green until
this assessment is completed. + i already know it will not support the
large development that Barack, you are supporting. You have had fragemented
science to guide you + it is leaving negative effects locally + afar.

Prof. Miguel Altieri can show you the global crises we are in, as well how
Bill Gates mode of investments is wrong, as well Barack, you + Bill Clinton
when it comes to Free Trade, as you both push Walmarts thruout the world.
Ron, Peter + Jeff i don't know where you stand on this, but it is wrong,
the way they are doing business. as a fundraiser for our new non-profit, i
offered to restructure Walmart so they would use local agro_ecology gauges,
buy local, sell local + even train in a tapering transition, anything else
is Fair Trade not Free.

please see this ex; of what folks are saying about Barack, your TPP;


i ask you gentlemen to please comment on this TPP as well Timothy`s Fair
Trade in action.

i ask you gentlemen to seriously act, + i can help structure a tapering
transiton as well Miguel can structure how his agro_ecology gauges can
totally turn around our economic issues locally as well globally. + you can
set this in motion. for US has ran on the wrong science. it has manipulated
you to use what is leaving negative effects on many as well our environment
which when balanced is our best medicine.

which i also would like you to take a review of how we can bring together
people very qualified to aid this decision if you do not believe me. we
have solutions + i will continue to work at project osic, which i feel
students can do this very well as we focus direct together. I saw in a port
meeting RARE which i had never experienced. if they can get funding to do
what they do, i say we can partner with the schools + totally change our
issues into solutions. with many positions as we restore ecological
sustainable working communites.

i yet to receive donations, for i'm targeting people that are leaving
negative effects, which i welcome them to transform, but no responses. so i
will continue to complete project for students to walk out of schoolroom +
into community as they help all understand these threads that produce

Jeff you are right + you guys never should of allowed a telephone call for
a decision on filibuster. rather i want transparency. for you guys are
getting paid for this, we are not. but i do see your good work, it is just
fragmented, when yet Fair Trade can put this into retrospect. to fuel all
to restore.
           we can recycle in local tapering transitions, that
use/developing plans, that has/is exceeding the natural limits, with gauges
as in Prof Miguel Altieir`s agro_ecology. where all products/services would
go into a local ecological assessment, as well all future `planing.
this is not happening with the Free Trade/TPP being negotiated locally +
afar. which is wrong. + i am contacting them. for unless i see you show an
interest in what i say, + join in a collaborative conference that i will be
holding. i see no point to furthering our communication. so i do need to
hear your response please.
for it appears over the time of my awareness as i co_evolve, you appear to
be fighting same battles. with no fueling clarity. i can understand how
this dissassociated energy which is real stagnates + steals one energy, as
it holds organs hostage. when yet we can harness this + get out of the fog
+ use this energy to do it. but we all need to understand.

Barack, here in oregon i watched how people allowed you to push them, rush
this + that for Free Trade, which is not free. rather people that where not
organized as with this planning for wave energy/marine reserve, yet
governor + you pushed to rush it. many of the commercial fisher folks have
no respect for any of you. their sustianble practices are not being
appreciated or even asked to come to the table for debate. rahter what i
saw with the PEW foundation was fragmented science in their quest. + same
that i tell to the next upcoming Maguson Stevens Act comment period in
response to the last, people are tired of over regulation from layers of
garbage, lack of clarity, meanwhile you leave more resisitence on these
folks that work the elements. even to the point where F+W won't even let
them decide when to fish, no matter how bad weather is, the day they pick
is the day they must comply.

you guys right now could invite them to the table here in Charleston,
oregon. eye to eye, bring the port, gove business people for both sides, 1
for fisher folks + 1 for F+W. then what they decide rules, + due it
regularly so it doesn't build up wrong, or they are not interfered with
when they need to fish. rather ask them when best to do what + together
define. then use this as a rolempodel for all states. not to mention
international exchange so they also can be triggered to do what works.

then all other folks in their once layered positons that regulated, please
put them to good use, oh how about the Congo, or Haiti or Middle East, they
all could use some support to put down their weapons, get rid of sarin gas
+ all WMD + start a good archive like our idea in project osic, so all can
come together + rebuild/restore working communities.

  most importantly don`t tell these young people to follow our democratic
ways as Hillary does, rather tell them the truth of this as i state what we need to
work at, + tell them we can do this together.

then that would be closer to being democratic, for our people are left without
as well as theirs, + they can also come to the table + talk, vs. support
investors to gain miliatarily as you people think our military is doing so well.

excuse me, with this budget + the truth of whom is doing what in the world
with what intentions, supported by what interests, will make a difference.

so please ask yourself, do you want to continue to be part of this problem or
part of this solution??

yes with clean space/air/water/earth. take a look here what some can do
now, when i'm ashamed of myself, i don't know about you guys to allow this
to happen with your resources, but to see in Haiti where students are
standing in water to sleep, or how long it took to bury the dead held
hostage in cold storage, when people could not afford to pay, this list
goes on. or Congo with US puppet govs/ + how we abuse by hiring human righ
violaters as with rhwandan officials to then use their military in exchange
for their freedom, yet they abuse as they do, i can't believe how this
genocide has continued as US gains from the mines. UN last resolution
special report was supposedly hidden from US, why? it appears you did not
have papaer work done right their either. i know how long it took me to get
my non-profit, not to mention how bad the communication was with the
USAID/Bill Gates WASH Grant i never got, nor did i get answered as i was
told to do.

so you people seem to have a problem as you say Jeff, it is quite
dysfunctional. but to push people, rush them, sure it is not as bad as
chasing people into the jungle in the Congo as they fear gang
rape/death/starvation, have you not looked at their faces. we are an open
book, you can see the horror in their face. yet you have the desire to keep
using thier goods for areospace + minerals for technology, even at this
expense, that is very ill. that is your Free Trade. which we cannot support nor

rather with Fair Trade Africa would help themself 1st, then their
neighbors. not Barack, as you told Ghana in your speech when their, to export to us,
etc. rather local to their neighbor, then to next neighbor a bit farther, do you
see my idea.

nor the weapons exchange in one hand + support in another. you guys are
lucky i don't write the checks for you guys would not get paid until we had
a good green economy with small energy alternatives prioritized as we
simoultaneously do a `plan for every local community for local
food/fish/medicine sovereignhty. + locals would work + control this as well
the lands that have been set aside for wild. indigenous/locals as with
Miguel`s agro_ecology gauges can guide to do this.

i can show you patches` of successful simple living for everyone of these
thoughts.+ we intend to do our archive + share these with pockets without. so people
say no to your Free Trade. rather we would liek to tell all that you guys are
partnering, for this to happen faster. + simply admit wrong doing, that you ran on bad
science. just like the Fracking scientist mistake. for we will debate + show good

+ once people gain hands on support from our idea with students, as they
aid those unable to do basic chores, they will awaken to the truth + come aboard with
an abundance of energy to see this exchange take place, of Fair Trade tapered
from Free.

may i remind you Ron, Peter, + Jeff, the middle school, locally here, kids
are coming hungry making it hard to learn + hard for teachers. same other schools not
able to go 5 days do to no funds. i can't tell you how incompatent the health care
system is,+ i think it is very wrong to support the financial investments of
pharmaceuticals when such unhealthy side effects are left for many. when yet herbal formulas from
skilled doctors could be part of every insurance plan + formulary so now, as with many
doctors saying no other means to treat. others casn say they just do not want to complete
their studies + others will then treat simply with dehavioral understandings, diet change,
exercise + taper into herbal formulas then off them.

as new rehabs are made to house ill + unjust. you guys do i need to remind
you here locally the psyche ward + jail are letting people out due to no room.
+ now i see many on street continue to be unhealed + illegally doing wrong.

we all can work into good simple natural living, so communities make it work
as they reflect with as in our ex; archive, not settling for anything less than
harmony. + not using weapons to support the war mode greed. rather peace
negotiations with our human potential that are children will learn in school +
thruout our natural communities. where good science fills the air with music,
+ the smell of potlucks from natual local grown food, which is rare with all
the food deserts here in US.

sadly yous have not listened to my suggestions in past + i will ask again.
 for Shore Acres here in Charleston could set the path;
         as it is turned into a permacultured base to set the local `plans land/freshwater use
review to sea, with agro-ecology gauges in place, for every community to restore it`s
natural enhanced potential. where no natural gas is exported until we locally do this
review + supply locals with energy within these natural enhanced gauges of what nature
can withstand. not manipulated archiotects/engineers comforming to corporate investors, etc.
as they follow even your Free trade policy`s which are wrong + i ask for them to be updated
with good science ecological gauges in place as i suggest above..

people do not deserve this. this restoration we speak of builds tons of
jobs, ehals people, awakens real fuel to create.

Barack i've shared my ideas with you for the last few years yet i don't
even have a clue if my letters where even read, especially when i get the
same generalized copy 6 months later from the whitehouse for my different request.

sorry guys this is not yesterday when people entrusted or did not have the
tools. we have the tools.

we require transparency to co_evolve with. + i cannot see a better `way for
all to learn then to admit truth as you walk side by side with students.

    as together we
now heal + organize. building sharp sensors, while those dull step aside + heal.
so as to allow students to help, + as they reflect with wrongs/rights making
solutions as we network, peace will be restored, as they give exponential
help as we all focus direct together.

mental clarity will stop misuse/abuse, while physical strength will build
new rehabs + our working communities.

as a human species to `boon with our wild + co_evolve. we can
sensitively develop, by working them as we stop our misuse/abuse. that
comes from isolating ourselves from the natural enhanced limits, that
Miguel can show us.

not to mention it will reform FEMA`s education awareness to the public for
people to work their seasonal offereings thruout their entire biomes. which builds shelter to
protect them when have to run from earthly changes. we don't have to use fear tactics,
it is natural cycles.

yet if you would use these agro_ecology gauges + demand a reivew with all,
you would see that all our old policy protecting the set aside wild + those
new that many want to develop + is, has/is being fragmented, exceeding the natural
this gives us the missing link for all to then fall into place as we shift
+ redirect with good science locally + afar. + it is this understanding
that will stop the war mode economy, no longer needing those financial
manipulations as people gain on puts + calls as they control businesses to
survive or not. these unethical ways will stop + the students can have
modes of good investmenst on the cloth/table, so now the world market can
still invest yet have a conscious where they can rethin
          we need to `boon with our wild with real priority of maintaining
local food/fish/medicine sovereignty to co_evolve as a human species. to
set the path. so all gain support to build theirs as they walk it into
their opening.
           we have genes of hunter - gathers + with agro_ecology gauges we
gain the grace of sensitivity to flow in a motion of life in harmony with
the natural world, as we `boon with it, not fragment from it. which leaves
us in misuse/abuse lost, with many unaware we can obtain our natural center
as they leave negative effects along their path.
but we first must come to an understanding of what sustains us. + if we
reflect this, it will trigger all to then see that the war mode + false
green economies do not fit into these gauges of agro_ecology + you will
clearly see the solutions as we thread the reality of each local community
as students come into + with + restore it`s natural enhanced potential.

Jeff, Ron + Peter, maybe you can make sense to Barack, for it appears it
still is missing the point.
you people have become entrenched which has dulled your human capability to
sharpen your sensors + i`m happy to help, for i`m humnan + guilty as well
in my past + in my awakening. we are now all in this together.

i will be leaving oregon for 3 months while i work on projects in
washington, but you have my contacts + i`m willing to set up a tele conference, with
notice. with people giving fine detail of all that i say.
you will see many more positions open up to work these priorities that will
fuel us for peace, if we share what works + priortize for each local
community.. + i ask you to partner vs getting negatively rejected as
people become aware of how we have supported such abuse locally + afar,
once we show threads of the who, what + when + where locally + afar.
  for it is this lack of truth, that produces our misuse/abuse that
then makes us ill,+ then others as in the pharmaceuticals/western medical
practices/consumers,etc. have yet to be efficient in helping all regain a natural existence,
rather they exploit on it. look at the HIV/AIDS meds for Ex, how expensive
+ still Hillary is wrong, when we can have locals growing herbal gardens as
the kids help set up temporary solutions as they work into permanent foundations
of intuitive instinct with an organic center;


people deserve community building support, not just vaccines as investments.
i`m giving those that leave negsative effects, the benefit of doubt for
human nature is brutal if we do not discipline ourself + share this process. so
we have compassion + people get soaked up in this + ride on waves for their
survival without thinking from a centered intuitive organic foundation that requires new
neuro networks, + can happen in microseconds for some, when we give local community suppport
in this tapering transition.
  so we cannot just attack without reflecting what is in patches` as people
cooperativly build simple natural sustainable communities as they have
their hands on daily with what sustains them. it is this reflection we will
share with all pockets` without to be in exchange, leaving no one left
   as well the capitalistic industrial developments in all facets of life
locally + traded afar. which every one of them could go thru a tapering
transition, rethink with talleis from local community facts of real needs +
offerings. ending up as a healthier, happier more productive human being,
that then comes back into local community, working together for all to
become a responsible local, global + beyond participant.
  as we eliminate waste of our good energy + redirect it now into
prioritizing those suffering that have been the resultant of these/our
negative acts. + use the tools such as;
   + we can harness + understand this dissassociated energy + utilize the
fuel to understand early signs we all can learn to responsibly act with, as
we focus direct + share this archive we propose to build to make this
process friendlier. as we rid our baggage + build new neuro networks each
night we sleep, as daily we assert understanding of how we can bring our
self to the moment + maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation
vs, this fragmented belief that has/is destroying many.
we have just recently become a non-profit + propose students to help us in
project osic, in the building. we welcome you to share + partner with us at
- i come to talk story.

it would of been a lot easier if you would of given us
the respect to give us the WASH Grant. the staff informed me that i could
get more assisitance in completing, yet never did get it, nor did they call
me as they said they would.

so we will continue on our own, unless you can influence them differenctly.

please take a review of ideas that we will use to trigger students to put
this archive together + network;

sincerely we hope you give this good thought + please give us feedbaback.

good day, kara j lincoln