we have a way to heal, as we all share + hold our self accountable or do you want to contribute to the world`s atrocities against humanity + all life that supports us..

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  i want to thank those of you that have taken the time to be honest in your work as we piece together ways to act mindful.

    UN is clear w/logging that all govs are irresponsibly contributing to ex; purchasing wrongfully from the minds in the Congo. do you realize where your technical tools are coming from + the footprint left on the locals, + how we locally now can hold our self + all accountable, to support healing.

      ask yourself why their lessons + scars, as well the many that still continue to live in fear awaiting the dark, are not enough stories to want to make this madness stop. as we see all these middle east countries now continue in yet more conflict. yet US gov is just as bad, as they do not speak for many of us.

     i realize how many of us have been lost unable to know what to do, meanwhile their is so much more we can do to make a difference.

let me share some thoughts of mine with;


      that maybe some of you would enjoy;

       Hi Jessica + Lynn,

I thank you for offering this to me. I am in the middle of a lot of work + need to stay focused. but since you ladies have it all together, maybe you can help me share by taking a review of our petition to reach out, so we can gain support needed in a variety of ways as we share clarity + we ask for our US non profit, yet to fund raise also, to reach out, edit, cover expenses which we have paid out of pocket, etc...

your feedback for me to edit w/will be appreciated. for i wanted to see how i could calm Lynn for her to assert + connect, for she offers much. but Lynn i am still getting to know you, so perhaps the energy i felt from you can be better disbursed within yourself. as well i felt our medium of networking could get it out to others, if you could accept that we all need to bring mindful acts to our self. that means accepting our human potential to confront those that leave negative effects w/empathy as a human family member. + to do that their is no better way then to focus direct w/our students so the dissociated energy, that we all produce, can be harnessed. + efficiently organized. for i have seen no organization for those left behind, as in the Congo + other human/life right atrocities.

so this understanding to resolve has fueled my path + i am willing to merge along the way, if we share like thought. as well i am always ready to let it go if another is better prepared to do what i think i can. which i never would of worked this hard if UN would hole them self accountable, w/all their resources.. not to mention the markets you people speak of in your link, that if they would support our ideas, it would help all co_evolve. so i stay focused + appreciate your support to set me straight of another way, or help me complete this + share your link + feedback.

   for this way, local living can clear the air + transparency shared then shines a light that can lead all to find one`s path as they build it, walking it into one`s opening, without leaving a footprint. which has brought this petition to fruition to co_evolve, in the process.. as another way to network.

i have done them before, but then w/continuing my research i did not have energy to market it as any petition is required. so i try again + i do my best to get it out.

please note i have not organized my facebook this time, so few friends. i quit last time some nice groups due to Facebook`s footprint, then i came back to enroll in Ashevillage Institute conference which required it. so i yet to reconnect to the many i once worked with + will again once i finish what proposing now, w/docs + spreadsheet, so it gets uploaded + people start working it.

 i am a nuts + bolt girl + unless you share another way, i will stay on my tract for many for too long have been left behind + we need all to do what we can + i thank you for what you can do + share, for we are working on limited resources to work at our clarity of this. + w/your support we can reach out + clean up the editing, get paid a salary that is way over due for our hard work.

this is face books link suggested by Avaaz;


+ this is our link on Avaaz;


if i have the energy next week i will take a review of your offerings, for now i a have a full schedule.

thank you again for the offer + i`m sure their are many out their in need of such support. for my thoughts being worked w/Congo women/men being abused, asking what more they can do;

    which is we can help them understand how they them self can change the energy between those that perform atrocities w/them, as they both grip the moment w/what can truly resolve. as now over time several millions have been abused + many churches expect to edit the truth before one can speak as Lisa reported, not wanting the truth to be heard..

  + here i add to this message, life on earth requires us to maintain our disciple over our self sensory observation vs belief. it is the belief of many, even a few that have mislead many as many have simply rode on others wave, as many did in the Rwandan war, bringing forth all that energy that layed within disrupting one`s vital energy, as one was repressed, etc. not thinking for oneself, or being threatened or killed if not act. as many now are doing thruout the earth.

   which made me ill when i started our project- i come to talk story, over 30 years ago + still working at networking to resolve the fear many live in now. after regular routines of UN staff leaving + those that kill/rape know no other way. as all fear the night, having to watch a family member be raped + them self or they want the child to rape the mother or father or killed, a limb cut off + their child asked to eat it or killed/houses locked filled w/people then to burn them alive or if they came out got killed,/slaughtered in pieces after raped or killed, + this is from people controlling children to be soldiers to do this or die, + they then over last 4 years, becoming gov officials mixing w/Congolese gov. that know well after seeing maybe 3 thousand they participated in, that it is wrong + their thoughts keep coming they try to rid. + to have sex as they rape takes their mind off it. or they try to do good after getting released as a soldier as they are called. + it continues to happen. as Friends of the Congo know well or Lisa Shannon in her experiences + others continuing to stop it helping people become aware.

+ yet sadly how many of us are still using the technical equipment that all govs, says UN steal or enslave the locals further as others make billions. fueling yet these atrocities to continue.

our earth is filled w/scars + some can only get confused while yet others of us plug away knowing we have answers. so i ask for your support to help us share our work. contact your local schools, home schools so all students come together for your local community + you work w/them + let our work trigger yours.

sure a lot of info needs editing, + due to no funds we did our best to dig deep into humanity to resolve. + this is the best we have come up with. so share + i will review + reedit for simplicity + efficiency. + if i can get up drafts, then students can do this refinement.

 yet UN + gov officials has it`s comfort in their attempt to help.. + by going back w/as in logs of a few, clarity can adjust as each hold self accountable + make changes, as we suggest the students creating local tapering transitions, as we bring solutions to the moment, yes making past understood, yet resolving now, letting all come aboard to do simultaneously so no more war mode + false green economies fuel. so please review.

peace, kara

thank you for your patience,

    i`m studying Google, non profit/Ed Apps, working on draft form to soon upload for your input on categories + to link.
 i`m here for you if you want to help us reach out..

 come talk


   peace, kara + maurice