we reach out in a a walkabout as we define our transition, asking for your participation...

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we can share our truth + listen to what others reflect, giving us yet another `way to rethink..

 for most people, but a lot not so fortunate to figure out due to the neuro processing we each build as baggage. but this can be harnessed + redirected into good fuel.

     to make this short we are working on a proposal for a global org or merge? so we are investigating/researching how best to do it efficiently;
     to inner personally give support, we are an open book, look at those lines between the eyes for one. so we have a `plan.

  as a US non -profit, we yet to fundraise.

 my last few years focus with Barack`s entities, is not organized enough for me + gov is to wasteful, etc.

    so we have decided to parallel OFA until they decide to include our way, talk to me directly for efficiency for us all to simplify.

    so I propose to you;

   I would like to raise funds for our project osic to reach out + we would network via our small sailboat until we can sell + get another larger to better travel/network.  so we now focusing to move our boat to gulf then we continue to play, adapt, as we enjoy simple life, catching a fish, trying to connect with people keeping waters clean to have a fish, etc. + living on a boat is best in warm weather for me, as we continue to plug into communities/schools + gather folks to come build this platform, sharing good solutions that many in patches do already, so those pockets without can reflect.

   we are not religious, so if you are, please let this trigger you to heal + fine tune your needs + continue to help out building good working communities.

       our objective is to gather some students aware with soft ware programming/computer/teleconference/live streaming, etc. + do an exchange as educational credits/self-development, co_evolve exisiting curriculum to restore the local community. so all can become a responsible local, global + beyond participant.

  this is what I shared with Kim Jong-Un.

      to restructure the forum we have been active in + simplify + come together as a human family. so the globe can reflect their truth, get feedback for other ideas to go figure, post their own good work, so collectively our gentle bell alarms in place, once they go off, we all do what we can + do it long before the war mode;

    + stop the war mode + false green economies leaving such destruction. as we supply solutions for locals to prioritize their local food/medicine sovereignty, as it will fuel all to restore their ecological sustainable working community to harmonize. as we show applications to reflect, on ex; small to medium size energy alternatives collectively.

        so now people focus direct + share basic simple survival comforts to help people self-develop, end all suffering, heal even those scars that keep awakening years after, etc. support good rehabs to be created, give hands on to those until, + invite those leaving negative effects into a tapering transition while students do this as homework, where all focus direct + co_evolve their curriculum as local community comes alive, giving them fuel to explore the world + enjoy as they continue to restore part time as they now have reflected enough to build their path as they walk it into their opening.

  by simply understanding how to live as a local. + where ever fortunate plug in, so collectively we all can have this opportunity to make ourself aware, + equally share this planet + beyond within it`s natural limits. they will be our only boundaries that will stop us, not the delusional lost people that have been destructive, yes this is true sorrow for life on our planet. but it is not power as I tell Kim Jong, it is only when we gain simple respect for all life do we gain real power.

   the natural world fuels if we `boon with it. + as we work with our students in every community we can break down all the disassociated energy a piece at a time, thru numbers working together in respect for all life.

   now we gain different tools to review negative issues, as we welcome folks into a local tapering transition where natures laws of the land reflect clearly in as we propose this platform to do, as we all unite + have a rep share for our local communities. + make it interchangeable so all have the opportunity to feel how important each is to do their part.

    so we suggest start with local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) check link below, so can go to farms when they invite folks in to plan their season, have a potluck of this fresh local food to give real nuts + bolts of how together we are, especially with so many food deserts, + allow this thought to trigger what you have available/or make it, etc;


   ex; Paul + Julie at Ocean Air Farm are great community builders in Fort Dix + their organic farm is unique as they train/learn with community on Ca border, Sarah`s family at Growing Crazy Farm that delivers at Coos Bay their weekly orders has get togethers + fun for family, up to Florence, OR with Coop folks/Whiskey Run Farm (may say this wrong, been awhile but great folks at every farmers market + this was our coop when their that I loved the best. why because we tried to recycle + support the farmers, not get lost in all the packaging which misses my point of bulk sharing, etc.) + depend how far you want to go?? wendy my daughter will be do_in in San Juan island, connecting with school that cooks own food, as her mate Daniel will be working as captain on a tour/traditional sharing schooner, playing music, eating local grown food, sharing good fortunes as we then fine tune issues.

     their are many networks her you could connect with for community potlucks from people already do_in some thing good + if we share this platform as each do a walkabout, then peace is our option now for all to fill in the missing links to aid the social/political/educational/medical/judicial/scientific, this list goes on of community dysfunction.

  not to mention do a self-review + ask what effect we leave on ourself + others, for many misuse/abuse, yet trapped unknowingly. but we are a open book + we are fortunate to have greatness within all, so what we feel please take a review + define if it is baggage that triggers you or your center that you will continue to support. as we all can rid our baggage + all are fortunate to continue living as a child as we play + not let this baggage consume us.

  rather as you post + review others, we hope to collect solutions for you to see as common sense + do you homework, settle for nothing less then harmony.

    we can share simple natural solutions that many now are fortunate to live, as they raise their children speaking to them, not at them, care for those in need, as each participate in responsible community building. organize + be able to have a rep post what works, as we gather/focus direct with our students to reach out as yet the world is filled with pockets of sorrow in need of such simple offerings. not to mention people in every local community are left behind in need of care.

       not to mention students as we focus direct together will gain the tools to always have economic good modes of sustainable investments to continue this restoration to be in real time as it co_evolves. leaving people do the same. as we heal we go beyond without a job/clarity or physical strength into self-satisfaction without leaving a footprint.

   something money cannot buy. but as we start to fundraise we can channel this efficiently.

                   the world offers us a wealth of bi`joy experiences to explore.

legislators are lost in their layers of dysfunction consuming, unable to reach out as a human family, rather their manipulation for funding made by the war mode + false green economies have preoccupied them + blinded their humane consciousness, leaving their sensors dull to a simple pot luck as in our `way do_in. where we can in every local community share what works via a platform as we suggest or end up merging with that best simplifies technical stability.

  Nabble whom gives us freely this forum, gives to all, + in exchange sells advertising, that each then can choose to pay to remove. which if we remain will do some day. for we want to reflect with people that come into our local tapering transitions + rethink, as they become whole, make wrongs right. as together students show the natural perimeters + what should of been done + still can over ride this wave of consumption without the respect for life.

 no way will we accept this to continue. for those of us that do `boom with the natural world know well the sensitive boundaries + the respect we must maintain for mother earth sustains our livelihood.

+ if we work within it`s enhanced limits, as Miguel Altieri`s agro-ecology gauges, we then gain the fuel to collectively restore our own natural limits, heal + self-develop.

    the more we share this simplicity the more harmony we gain as we share our tools.

 please take a review of our work in the building;

        i come to talk story`s project osic will be updating soon..

   i personally will be leaving within a time period, that depends on weather, getting quotes, etc.

 so i continue to put out this word + if i can help from afar i will. i presently am connecting with a few groups thru live streaming as they network in their areas as we continue to share in the moment our simple truths that continue to co_evolve.

    as far as in person i`m not interested in driving far, spending more fuel supporting this war economy.  but perhaps depending on your plans, we could connect, in this fund raising. but you people seem very capable once you define if this would interest you. + if I can help, please ask, same we ask you to help us do this or give us a suggestion of a better entity that is already set up. as we state we are do_in our home work, awaiting a few proposals put out, before we define all our options

           meanwhile enjoy + build your path as you walk it into your opening, + please don`t leave a footprint. we appreciate you sharing with us along the way.

we can work for music to fill the air, not drones..

 our combined` effect makes a difference..
    may peace be your choice, kara

   please note; i will update when domain + email changes from this one presently posted on forum.