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 A Socialist Victory in the Venezuelan

*by Billy Wharton / October 8th, 2012*

*Long before Occupy Wall Street, long before the radical elements in Europe
coalesced after the 2008 economic crisis and long before the electoral rise
of mass democratic socialist parties in Germany, Sweden and the
Netherlands, a serious crack was made into the global capitalist system.
Not surprisingly, the new political space for socialism came from Latin
America, more specifically from Venezuela where former military officer
Hugo Chavez was democratically elected as President in 1999.  Chavez
represented more than just a protest against the worst features of
capitalism.  The Bolivarian Revolution promised to transform Venezuela and
provide a direct challenge to … *

*(Full article …)<http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/10/a-socialist-victory-in-the-venezuelan-elections/#more-46052>
  A Citizens’ Call to

*by Ron Jacobs / October 8th, 2012*

*Rumors of war become more frequent. Tel Aviv pushes harder and harder for
an attack on Iran while Iranian defense officials seem resigned to the fact
of an eventual war on their nation. Sanctions against the Iranian people
are tightening. Many regular citizens of the world expect some kind of
military attack on Iran either right before or not long after the US
elections in November. The thinking goes that no matter who wins, the
warmongers in Tel Aviv and Washington, DC will set such an attack in
motion. Once the first salvo is fired, it is unlikely there will … *

*(Full article …)<http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/10/a-citizens-call-to-act/#more-46035>
  Affordable Air <http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/10/affordable-air/>

*by Jonik / October 8th, 2012*

*When privatization has run its course, the possibility of a new campaign
“promise” will appear. *
Free Enterprise <http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/10/free-enterprise/>

*by Dan Lieberman / October 8th, 2012*

*There is a system called capitalism, and it is simple – increase capital
from constant reinvestment of capital, invest profits to regenerate more
profits. An outgrowth of the industrial revolution, a form of capitalism
promoted industrial progress and greatly increased the material wants of
much of the world. Too ideological and subject to criticisms due to its
association, real or exaggerated, with greed, financial manipulation, and
tendency to war, the term capitalism has been replaced by the more clever
sounding “free enterprise,” and identified closely with free markets. The
latter is an error. Free markets are driven by market dictates … *

*(Full article …)<http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/10/free-enterprise/#more-46047>
  Against Odds <http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/10/against-odds/>

*by David Smith-Ferri / October 8th, 2012*

*Here in Afghanistan, survival – physical, cultural, and psychosocial – is
a pressing and inescapable reality, a day-to-day struggle against odds for
many people, especially as the harsh Afghan winter arrives, and necessary
preparations for it are compromised by poverty, violence, and displacement.
Women and children are at the front lines of the struggle.*

*Every morning, at the Afghan Peace Volunteers’ (APVs) home in western
Kabul, sixteen women come to a tailoring class where they learn a valuable
skill and dream of forming a sewing cooperative. Most of these women are
mothers, coping with care of children and a household. Everyday, … *

*(Full article …)<http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/10/against-odds/#more-46046>
  Rumknee Plan to Privatize the Poor Gets Plaudits at Tea Party

*by David R. Yale / October 8th, 2012*

*Republican presidential candidate Omit Rumknee announced his newest
central campaign plank last night at a Tea Party meeting in Asinum, Arizona.
* “It’s time we privatized the poor,” Rumknee declared. “They are a drain
on the resources of our great nation, and cost thousands of dollars in
extra taxes foisted on the type of hard-working, industrious Americans who
have made this nation great.*

* “Rather than repair a safety net that can’t, by its very nature, work
well, I have already prepared senate and house bills for the Privatize the
… *
*(Full article …)<http://dissidentvoice.org/2012/10/rumknee-plan-to-privatize-the-poor-gets-plaudits-at-tea-party-palaver/#more-46050>
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