we welcome links as we restructure to create a platform that allows us to reflect..

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this is where we are at;

my computer has been down, as well Nabble`s link here to - i come to talk story, which you can always Google..

but i wanted to add, those that have contacted me, i will look into your sites more, thank you!

    we are restructuring a global project to ecologically build local sustainable working communites for all to harmonize + simply reflect. when in need to be triggered to fine tune ones natural restoration of ones local community, so as to co_evolve oneself, as well students giving aid to those unable, to reflect in the transitions. their is no better education then to witness peoples reality + realize how important each is.

    so all are brought to the table as a local `plan land freshwater flow to sea use review is accomplished. so natural functionality of ones local community is restored or for first time, + students work with community to co_evolve the curriculum to restore + maintain good science.

so in saying that we think their is great people in every community once healed, supported until they themself can do an exchange, as all innerpersonally collectively build good working communites.

our presnt step is to reach out to define how efficient to link with students/communites + those with no schools + no community. so i though maybe you could suggest international school/community stockholders so as to reach out thru email inviting all to link as each fine tune with what they have. vs. interfering taking one away + starting a whole new project. this way students + staff can work with community to efficientfly co_evolve as we focus direct sharing priorities, for each to further define for self + ones community.

i appreciate hearing from you + merging.

our combined` effect makes a difference.

sincerly, kara
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email; ppt@ictts.org