what we can do now to rethink, Barack where is your head, you still are not redirecting, what am i missing??

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I am writing to urge you to protect our nation's lands, air, and water when the Congress debates the budget this month. If implemented, sequestration would make deep cuts to programs that protect America's special places, stimulate billions in revenue every year, and support millions of jobs.

i feel we can work these wild lands sensitively with agro_ecology gauges in place, opeing doors to our self-development. + still protect them as we make them flourish with our wild biomes balanced with genetic bio-diversity. so as for each to understand it is this balance we must link globally to sustain our earth to better sustain all life.

for the alternative energy large developments are not the way, even if wind or solar. only small developements should be created + maintained by locals, to prioritize local food/fish/medicine sovereignty.

+ this is what investors should support as they each come into a local tapering transition to then become aware how they left negative effects + how we need them to rethink + show them tallies. as with our proposed project osic in the building with students working by our side as we admit our faults together, as they come into + with the community + restore our ecological sustainable working community to harmonize.

this is our human life right that is being now abused locally + afar with our shallowness + bickering, lack of organization + structure failing to prioritize our enhanced natural limits, as with agro_ecology gauges.

Instead of cutting almost one billion dollars from land management agencies, I urge you to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent.  Repealing those tax cuts would generate nearly $1 trillion over the next ten years, revenue that could be used to help working families, support vital services for the poor and programs that protect our air, land and water, and give every citizen a fair chance at the American dream.

this dream is no longer a material reality, it has become distorted, where many care only for their back yard without caring for our human family afar, + effects left on them. rather it has co_evolved to the quality of self-development  for all.

        as we cooperatively build natural communites within our potential, that many in patches` are do_in, that we all in pockets` without can come aboard, in as our proposed archive, + share this reflection, for many now locally + afar are left without basics to do daily chores, students here locally go hungry making it difficult for teachers + the student to concentrate. not to mention school in this area cannot even go 5 days a week due to no funds. psych wards + jails are letting out ill/illegal people due to no space. i watch them on the streets repeat unable to rehab themself. we need good rehabs across the board to stop waste of funding + heal, leaving us with much more economically as then our communites can flourish without the theft, illness expense, etc.

yet you people are flinging billions of useless papers as you whip them out at your disposal, as you interfere afar, not to mention support waste in Free trade unethical practices + other fragmented lack of prioritization for local good practices to be supported.

           plus get your wages on top of it. while yet you interfere in locals abilities to have to try to aid this bickering, to gain vs loose more.

you guys are lucky for i would stop your pay until business had it's homework done.

thank you Sierra Club for bringing tthese details into perspective + i appreciate the ability to add my own. for we need to bring to date the realtiy of what we can do now, that many do in patches` successfully, without leaving any pocket without. as we simply live with common sense that is respect for all life, for we are fortunate to have many reflect this `way for us to become aware + share.

Ending the Bush tax cuts is an important first step to level the playing field and tackle the deficit.  Other reforms that Congress should enact include ending the subsidies and tax breaks for the oil and gas industry and the timber industry and taxing polluters who spew global warming pollution into our air.

I urge you to consider these alternative strategies -- by cutting harmful fossil fuel subsidies to generate revenue -- so that we can preserve critical government programs that protect + together rethink our nation's landscape and environment, support jobs across the country, and stimulate billions in economic activity for local economies to be preserved.

          + restored with tapering transitions from all the new large developments done/being worked on that do not have good ecological environmental overviews completed, as with agro_ecology gauges included. + must do it now, so as to stop the waste of doing then going backward to redo, or to have to then deal with the negative resultant, of more people becomeing ill, prematurely dieing as they are now locally + afar.

we have good science that knows the `way, can engage + integrate that fragmented science that was/is being manipulated.

please listen to Prof Miguel Altieri`s work on agro_ecology, he will tell you of our global food crises + how Bill Gates mode is part of the problem.

this is crazy why you people should requires our attention, when yet you can come back into your local community + become a responsible participant so we all can work efficiently to become responsible local, global + beyond participants.

Sierra Club i ask you to do your assessment over view for the many protected lands set aside need to be rethought so we as the humane species can co_evolve with them as we gain the sensitivity the native/indigenous always have. their is no isolated ecological categorie. it is time to see how the falseness of tourism undermines our true ability to `boon with our wild when we work with agro_ecology gauges. now our entire communities become a bi`joy experience to be part of. this goes far beyond the so called American Dream, that many abused + still are. that has built upon unethically interfereing in others ability to simply live as Free Trade continues  which is not Free, rather Fair Trade needs to replace it.

i'm ashamed to see how Barack + Bill Clinton push exports of Walmarts, etc. as they continue as is, without restructuring local practices which could be done + io have proposed assisting as a fund raiser. for to see the turmoil as in the Congo, then to see that US tried to hide the last Un resolution special report is unacceptable. for we refuse to want products/services that have taken from others , leaving them in genocide.

when with local agro_ecology local practices tapered into, all can then locally become self-reliant + then we reach out to our neighbor. ex; Ghana then would share with Congo + the rest of Africa before giving to the US as Barack suggests.

you legislators have dulled your sensors, please allow us to aid your resharpening or please step down from your responsible positions.
let us all come together in a tapering transition + restructure so our balanced environments can be sustainable, which only then will be our best medicine. not shortsighted environmentalist interfering in as our local commercial fisheries, not even inviting them to the table, yet marine reserves where pushed by governor + Barack.

 as well we don`t need pharmaceutical companies gaining at the expense of peoples inability to have access to become aware to self-heal, or use natural herbal formulas to lessen side effects or to reach out to more, as they are tapered into + then tapered off. our environments can include these foods/fish/medicne without the toxics you people allow as in the fertilizers/pesticides + GMOs, not to mention your waste in processing not realizing the negative health effects they produce.

why is it you cannot see how by stopping all of them that leave toxic effects on opur bodies, our air, our water, our earth, our space, that you cannot see how we can then restore ethical awarenness given to all. which will end the war mode + false green economies.

this is the time for us to come together + no longer allow you people to fuel 1 hand with support, while you gain with the other hand as you support the resistance, vice versa.

you have gotten away with that thruout the world as mnay never expected this wrong doing or even had the virtual tools to realize it was happening. now we have the same good minds that are now incorporating these good tools for the truth of threading these worn torn connections, to clearly give us the reality.

please allow yourself to go within + self-observe + ask if your participation can be rethought or your position + policies.

thank you for what you can do now. for as you detain your decisons, you also prevent those that are without locally + afar to suffer that much longer as your actions act as a domino effect.

which i'm ashamed Barack, Jeff, Ron, Peter of all of you to allow this to continue. for i thought you all would listen to us + yet you haven't as you continue to push Free Trade which is the culprit here + you can now make it Fair Trade, + around the table all then will gain your respect + realize they where also unaware, etc. which we give all the benefit of the doubt to do what is possible now. for all to simply live local, buy local, sell local + then only then when left over we share afar with good exchanges as we all take a look at priority areas that seriously are in need.

  Hillary Clinton is wrong to listen to you people + support pharmaceutical companies, when yet this long left genocide in the Congo for 1, + their are many places of conflict leaving microbs to resist, etc. where stoppeing bad practices, stopping war can then heal faster then genocide so as to have some gain. meanwhile many more HIV/Aids can be healed from herbal formulas if we stop the falseness as in Bill Gates supporting vaccinations as good investments, or GMOS, etc. that is fragmented science.

when yet we can have herbal medicine gardens locally to aid, as well an abundant of food + fish + grown with agro_ecology gauges.

anything else is putting money in the wrong pockets furthering illness to many when we can be sharing awareness within our human potentiial to communicate calmly, to maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. this belief that many chase, leaving themself ill in misuse/abuse, as they leave negative effects along their path.

good day + i ask you please to rethink to stop being part of the problem + step into part of the solution.

sincerely, kara j lincoln