when get a chance please check in + lets do a reality check, as we hold ourself + others accountable..

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Hello All!

i`ve had special moments with you all + i appreciate your good work, thank

i`m sorry to hear of Europe + many more having the problem, says Dr. Helen
Caldicott in her recent message to us, that the Japan Fukushima radiation
has contaminated your food. she will be having a symposium in march;


i know clay putting on body + taken internally has been suggested, + we are
studying some herbal formulas as we have appreciated Dr. Yun Wang from
Seattle, WA, whom has helped us work with many ill suffering from many
preventable diseases. as western medicine left them suffering, stating
nothing else could be done. meanwhile we suggested to them, to say that
they did not want to continue to study, for we have solutions. even those
as flesh is falling apart we can make them more comfortable then what
presently is happening.

every day i am fortunate to use toilet paper + i only use it for a bowel
movement + use cloth to pea + wash it, because i`m fortunate now to have
clean water. but to think of the Congolease women still being raped + men,
children, from 3 months to 90, + to think that when they where shot in
their vagina + lost control of their fecal matter + bladder, yet many
without even proper medical support as well water to clean up after all
these daily is something i refuse to just get sick over. rather we continue
to co_evolve to make our energy more efficiently directed. so we welcome
your feedback + will merge where best. or we will continue to work with
Nabble`s exisiting forum, with our project osic in the building which we
feel can trigger great work with all of you.

UN is the most appropriate entity to do this, but they yet to answer, so we
ask again. as well sadly if UN is true in recent study of Congo, US tried
to hide the report about US gov not complying to efficently see that all
buy directly from the legal entity for the Congolease people to get out of
this long genocide, due to weapons of war being given, puppet govs put in
place from US gov, not to mention even Goldman Sax i saw had private plane
flying in to buy the mined minerals from the illegal people, vs the
Congolease people, + then to see Barack that you allowed one from that
entity to be in a responsible role, really pisses me off.

so the lack of transparency with all this is not something we care to see
continue. so we continue to unite + welcome all to join + add input so we
can go figure + not get lost in all this continually.. for i refuse to
allow my children or myself to be subjected to such irresponsible acts.

rather ASAP we need to reach out in every local community, for every one i
have seen still has ill left behind. + hungry children unable to get to school
+ no full week as in Charleston, Or.

 all people with different issues, still suffering one way or the other, that
can stop ASAP as we reach out with strong students/community to help
restore, so no one interferes in others ability to self-sustain, with good
rehabs in place. not to mention the natural communities that many are do_in

Jenny Pell i thank you for your reflection, for your energy does not need
words, as you do your work in permaculture now, as well Miguel Altieri whom
both of your goodness has fueled me to go figure, as well each one of you
that are trapped in such dysfunction, when yet others of you have great

so it is organization that we need now, to reach out exponentially, for we
have the answers.. so i welcome each of you to offer your guidence, as we
all rethink with our present resources, for we are limited + i`m awaiting
Hugo to define if Nabble can handle us all coming together on our present


as well see our suggestions in document to rise up + what we are asking all
to help with as we go figure, + if we continue, help us collect global community rep
+ school emails to further reach out;


+ we personally plan to network along our path we build locally + afar, +
suggest you to do the same + share this.

for it is no fun living with one dying of cancer as they had to choke on
 breath`s several times a day, (i`ve changed this due to correcting original mailout),
 then to spit up several inches of flesh thread before they
could breath, these stories are abundant.

+ Wendy worked with mycelium to clean up stuff in Hurricane Katrina in
gulf, but as far as nuclear waste/radiation, what do you think??

where are you getting your food from if radiated?? please tell us how we
can help from afar?? when yet we are still working at local issues yet to
be resolved..

so we have co_evolved our work to try to see how efficent we can merge,
hold ourself/US + UN accountable, so we did this work, it is lengthy over
view but do your chores first + please come take part, your feedback will
be appreciated for all, for i speak for our combined` effect..

+ way too many new entities are being formed that take more energy from
all, when we can be do_in much more efficiently to reach out to all that
are still in genocides, not to mention with radiation problem that happend
due to irresponsible people hiding the truth, as well continuing to allow
such toxic high risk implementation/products/services, when we can do so
much better then this.

do you not see how all this energy put into each entity, just to maintain + learn it, can better go elsewhere, on serious issues as we come together in local communites + each entity can be merged efficiently in stories with curriculum to co_evolve with each local community + the people in it, so no one is left behind suffering..

many have such a huge footprint that you have lost prospective of what you are wasting in your available resources now, not to mention the gov`s deficit + that money has no real backing any more, etc.. so Barack i`m addressing the entities you keep creating should all be combined + gov should be made much more simple. + i know you wanted to do that in MyGov Fellowship + more, but then you create OFAction, then now your volunteer idea stemming from Martin Luther Kings`s Day, this is very inefficient, so please rethink all of this + cut way back, as you open transparency + let all help go figure...

peace to you all!  

our combined` effect makes a difference...

Sincerely, kara j lincoln