wooden boat industry is alive in back yards, port townsend, wa + spaulding's in san francisco..

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these photos are of wooden boats maintained well. it is such a bi`joy experience when we recycle, be efficient + carry forward old ways that work as we co_evolve with new. the port townsend, wa + spauldings in san francisco area, are unique wooden boat havens. good folks that love to sail due it regularly every week of the year. it is work boats + pleasure + our home as we exchange tools of what work. nothing better then to spend a walk in the boat yard watching the rehab work form old/new/students/people as lessons are lived every day. it is so wrong to choose to not have people live on their boats in marinas or on anchor. we are very valuable to the local community as we are on watch + we `boon with the sea so those that are irresponsible should be educated/enforced, so as not to spoil a life that has been here forever. it is a mangement problem that should be corrected. enjoy old boats maintained.